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In addition to getting more restful sleep, the following steps can help increase your energy. Increase Magnesium Intake – Magnesium is essential for many body functions and a slight deficiency can cause you to feel sluggish and lose focus on tasks.  A handful of nuts or eating whole grains will help replenish your magnesium levels. Take a Nap – Studies show that a quick nap of at least 20 minutes, but no more than 60 minutes, is enough to recharge your batteries. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. When the level of this mineral is even a little low, energy level of the body can go down, for this mineral is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions, including breaking down glucose into energy. Reach for a healthy snack with protein and fiber to help you pull through the rest of the day. Something as simple as stepping outside for a quick walk can do wonders for your mood and energy levels. Get up and do some stretches or yoga to help clear your head and freshen up your whole mood. Be careful with this one, because sleeping for too long will only make you even more groggy and can also affect your nighttime sleep; so keep that nap short and sweet at 10-20 minutes for best results. One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a delicious green smoothie that’s loaded with fruits, leafy greens, and healthy fats. I know some people swear by these types of supplements, but I’ve never felt comfortable with them as most of them are highly processed and filled with preservatives, soy, artificial flavors and sweeteners. If you’re looking into protein powders and similar supplements, you want to look for something that is whole food-based, organic, and contains none of the artificial stuff. I recently discovered the Daily Green Energy from Kaeng Raeng, and I must say I am loving this all natural, organic superfood and protein powder mix that’s loaded with probiotics and energizing B-vitamins!
You can add the Daily Green Energy packets to your green smoothies, or mix it into some juice or plain water. Probably the best part about Daily Green Energy from Kaeng Raeng is the fact that it’s safe for pregnant and nursing mamas – score!
You can learn more about Kaeng Raeng and their Daily Green Energy at their website, and stay in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Sarah UmmYusuf is a former school teacher turned stay-at-home wife and mama with a passion for all things simple, natural, and homemade. If you’re anything like me, most days you need a little boost to get your day started and something for that mid-afternoon slump. Beauty in the Mess reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post. Most of us live busy lives and, as a result, we often complain about not having enough energy. Do this: Practices such as yoga and meditation teach techniques that help you become more aware of your breath. You’ll find that a quick workout – as short as 5 or 10 minutes – can provide an immediate energy boost. Do this: Rapidly increasing your heart rate for a short period of time (a set of star jumps or squats, for example) will get your heart pumping, increasing blood oxygenation and flow to your muscles and major organs.
Sometimes we experience dips in energy because we’ve been consumed by one task for a prolonged period of time.
Kathleen Murphy is a Sydney naturopath, practicing out of a large integrative medicine centre in Surry Hills. Outside of practice, Kathleen is involved in industry education, works with community and corporate healthcare programs, writes for the media on health and wellbeing, contributes to academic texts and journals… and also posts regularly on her health and lifestyle blog.
ProfileAmelia Phillips Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV presenter, blogger, and Co-Founder of the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation.
Then add remaining ingredients, reserving ? cup shredded coconut for later and mix until combined. Divide the mixture into 14 balls, it helps to have a little bowl of water to wet your hands in so it doesn't get too sticky.
Roll into balls (if you wet your hands, it helps stop the paste sticking as much) and keep in a jar in the fridge. If you’ve ever experienced sleep deprivation then you surely know how important it is to improve the quality of your sleep.
Sleep deprivation doesn’t just make you feel crazy, lack of sleep is also linked to weight gain.
Most people who wake up in the middle of the night have a difficult time falling back to sleep. If the word meditation scares you then just call it something else – call it quite time or sitting still for a few moments to observe your breath and your thoughts.

Laura Dawn, Author of Unhooked: A Holistic Approach to Ending Your Struggle with Food as well as Mindful Eating for Dummies.
Here are some indoor exercises for when the weather is bad and tips for fitting exercise into a busy schedule. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
I want to share five very powerful (and natural!) ways you can increase your energy and feel good again.
Even if you’re trying to lose weight, never forget that calories aren’t just something to be counted and cut out – they’re actually energy. If you want to feel energetic, EAT!
Magnesium plays a vital role in our body’s ability to break down glucose and transform it into energy.
You don’t even have to do it rigorously to feel the effects; just a quick walk around the block or a bike ride through the park will do it! You really have to blend it up or shake it in a covered bottle (Kaeng Raeng also sells a separate blender bottle), because this stuff will NOT dissolve by simple stirring.
Sign up to our weekly newsletter to get the latest tips, tricks, and DIYs straight to your inbox! She started Nature's Nurture as a way to document her family’s journey to a greener home, and it's become a thriving community and resource for those wishing to take small steps towards a more eco-friendly, natural and sustainable lifestyle. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. While my first instinct is to reach for a soda or coffee, I’ve been trying to find more natural ways to get me through the day. You can diffuse En-R-Gee, apply it to the back of your neck or ears, I’ve even put two drops in my hands, rubbed them together, and placed them over my kidneys. Many of us, without realising it, tend to take in short shallow breaths, particularly if we’re stressed, distracted or fatigued. There are also numerous apps available for download – such as Breathing Zone – that are designed to help you establish healthy breathing habits.
Many foods can also contribute to your hydration, especially smoothies, soups, fresh fruit, and salads full of leafy greens. And if you do this regularly, particularly during those periods when energy slumps are most common (such as, mid-afternoon commonly known as 3:30itis) you’ll begin to notice consistent energy improvements. However, when your energy’s flat, you’ll often find yourself craving simple sugars – an easy way for junk foods to creep into your diet!
This is particularly apparent for those with a sedentary job that requires sitting at a desk all day. Moreover, taking repeated breaks, at regular intervals (every hour, for example) can sustain your energy levels for a longer term and improve overall productivity.
Her work focuses on optimising day-to-day living through diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine. Being organised is such s great feeling, things don't always go to plan but at least we can try! Getting good night’s sleep is one of the top ten things that healthy people do on a consistent basis. Each sleep cycle is made up of five stages, with each stage playing an important role in our health and wellbeing. This may be to do incessant, repetitive thoughts – you know, the hamster caught in the thought-wheel that goes round and round. Some people may find listening to something too distracting, and others  like to listen to the sound of nature, or binaural rhythms or even interviews on podcasts or the radio.
Regular exercise is a great way to contribute to good quality sleep however, vigorous exercise too late in the day may be too stimulating. Meditation has innumerable health benefits and one of them is helping you to relax which is ideal before sleeping. Each day record when you get up, when you go to bed, when you fall asleep, your exercise, caffeine consumed, and your mood. Before I began a Paleo lifestyle, started working out and lost 75 pounds, I was feeling terrible. If you don’t get enough in your diet, it can start to affect your energy and activity levels almost immediately. Other ideas include mixed nuts, nut butters, smoothies, fruit and yogurt, and granola bars. I usually can’t get all those servings in of fruits and veggies everyday though, so to fill in the gaps I take Juice Plus. When you breathe like this, your body goes into a mildly hypoxic (low oxygen) state, which can impair blood flow, mood and cognition, exacerbate inflammation, interfere with immune function… and many other unwanted health effects. And when you’re dehydrated, your body doesn’t work as well as it should and symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, irritability, and hunger are all exacerbated.
Although she consults with all sorts of patients in clinic, the majority of Kathleen’s practice is in women’s health, particularly stress management, fertility and pregnancy support.

Anyone who’s gone through a period of poor sleep or not enough sleep, will tell you the terrible impact is has on daily living – it’s enough to make you feel downright crazy! Follow these helpful tips to improve the quality of your sleep and start sleeping like a baby. One hour prior to going to bed, avoid using any electronics that create light, as well as your TV.
Research shows that the best way to feel rested in the morning is to wake up at the end of a 90 minute sleep cycle. One way to stop this cycle is to come up with a sleep mantra – a short phrase that you repeat to yourself that replaces the circle of thoughts. Review after a month to see if there are any patterns that you can identify that will help you improve the quality of your sleep. I personally don’t recommend decaf coffee simply because they use chemicals to extract the caffeine. Typically, foods high in protein will do the best, so when it comes to between-meal snacking, natural peanut or almond butter on half an apple, a slice of chicken or some almonds are a great choice. To fix this, start eating more foods that are magnesium-rich like: raw spinach, bananas, brown rice, avocado, fish, and almonds. If, after a few minutes together you feel like you want to take a nap, or if your energy suddenly bottoms out, that’s a telling sign.
Let me tell you, I can tell a huge difference in my energy level and how I feel in general when I forget to take Juice Plus. Try drinking half of your body’s weight in ounces of water for a couple of days and tell me how you feel. There are number of things you can do to fit into your daily routine that will naturally boost energy and leave you feeling significantly better.
Particularly focus on foods that are high in protein and good fat, and easy to digest, as these will give you a sustained energy boost. Going to bed and getting up at the roughly the same time helps to cultivate routine sleep habits and conditions your mind and body to sleep, even on weekends. Drinking green tea (that contains caffeine) in the morning may be okay but may start to affect your sleep if you drink it after lunch. If you’re interested in learning more about our Juice Plus journey, check out my Juice Plus tab at the top. Snacks such as, veggie sticks with nut butter, tub of natural yoghurt, chia seed pudding, green smoothie, 1-2 boiled eggs, leafy salad with tuna or sardines, etc. If you wake up during the night to use the bathroom, try not to turn on the light and instead keep a small night light on in the bathroom. Similar to a sleep mantra, you might want to find some kind of audio that is enjoyable to listen to. One of my surefire ways to remedy this is by listening to one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Pema Chodron. Chocolate, in any form, as well as tea, sodas (hope you aren’t drinking those any more), are stimulants that may be keeping you awake.
Another wonderful audio series by Pema is How to Meditate with Pema Chodron: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind.
Yes I sell it, but I sell it because I believe in the product and have seen results, as well as the discount. It’s made up of rosemary, juniper, lemongrass, nutmeg, Idaho balsam fir, clove, and black pepper. Simple count back 90 minute segments from the time you want to wake up to figure out when is the best time to fall asleep. It’s so much better than that cup of coffee in the morning that would usually leave me feeling jittery.
If you do wake up during the night, it’s quite normal, and it’s almost always at the end of the 90 minute sleep cycle. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the midwife told me that some people took vitamin B and half of a brand name sleeping pill to help with morning sickness.
While I never did that, or would take a sleeping pill while pregnant, the B vitamins sounded like a great option.
If the Lord blesses us with more children though, I will definitely take Super B to see if it helps with morning sickness.

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