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During pregnancy, a woman goes through many hormonal changes, and as the stages of the development of the baby inside the womb advance, the expectant mother is bound to become anxious, nervous and worried. While some amount of worry is normal with all women, there are some women who go a little overboard, as a result of which they start feeling depressed. This is the reason why it is always advisable to keep the expectant mother happy at all times.
For instance, if someone close to the expectant mother passes away, or there are some family tensions going on during the initial months of a woman’s pregnancy, then chances are that this depression could stay throughout the pregnancy, and even after that. The aim should be to keep the expectant mother happy by keeping her involved in activities that she enjoys, and activities that generate happiness and are meant for good entertainment. Some women like cooking, so they can experiment with a lot of new dishes while they are pregnant. If the depression blues start to go further than what is normal, then it is also a good idea to consult a psychiatrist for further help and guidance.
It is important to talk with your doctor whenever you feel anxious, sad or stressed out during pregnancy.
Rib pain happens when intercoastal muscles located within rib  tightens and get inflamed, causing forced expiration similar to as it occurs during laboured exercise or sneezing. Women can keep themselves comfortable by wearing lose fitted clothes and bras that suits them the most. From research and even mere observation, teenage depression actually manifests itself differently from adult or childhood depression as during this age, teens want to start to mark their territorial signs of independence and the last thing a teen may want to do is admit they need help for depression.
Though the signs of teenage depression may vary in both sexes, here are some symptoms that are common to both male and female teens battling with depression. Although this is not a conclusive list of the signs of teenage depression one should look out for in teens, the ones listed above are the most common ones. It indeed may be challenging to cope with as an adult to deal with a depressed teenager as it’s a catch 22 situation, they want to be independent as teens, yet they need your help. Well, this may be a good time to simply take charge, albeit with care and caution as we are dealing with delicate and sensitive emotions here and reach out to help. Teenage depression may wear a different mask from all other types, but it is essentially the same and with the proper steps taken can be overcome. This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods.
What people are sayingPerry on All About Disease Forming and Body Healing Foodssalvador on How To Avoid Binges, Cravings and Cheating On A New Diet. The e-book, Fitness: Inside and Out-A guide to Improved Health, Vigor and Vitality is a lifestyle changing program that helps motivated individuals make the necessary changes to get long-term results in not only weight loss, but improved fitness, health and an overall well being. Please Note: After purchasing the e-book, remember to click on the “RETURN TO MERCHANT ICON” to get the link from which your copy shall be downloaded. I read the Book 'Fitness: Inside and Out' and must admit I was impressed with the author's impeccable attention to detail and information. Get your copy of "Fitness: Inside and Out" and be well on your way to a newer and improved you in a matter of days!!! The responsibility of your use of any suggestions or procedures lies not with the author, publisher or any other party affiliated with this program. Several studies show that nowadays approximately 10% of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression. Thoughts of sadness and loneliness then start erupting in the woman’s mind, and even small arguments on petty issues with near and dear ones can make her feel that she is not loved. It is very important that the family members, and close friends play an important role in this.

Thos women who have had a family history of people going into serious depression are more likely to have this problem. Whether it is a financial problem which is making the woman think how she is going to raise her baby, or whether it is the fights between the husband and the wife, all kinds of tensions need to be reduced and avoided. He or she will be able to identify if you are going towards depression, and suggest you how to deal with these emotional surges. But little exercise will definitely help in improving your mood and health during perinatal period. They will be able to understand your condition in a better way, and talk about topics on similar interests. Here, you will be able to find other women who are also pregnant and are dealing with pregnancy related issues. Enjoy the bubbles caused by tiny kicks of your baby, look forward to your life after having a baby, and plan for it in a positive manner. Also, use cushions while lying down, to overcome undue pressure over the ribs. Try sitting straight, while supporting the back and never bend to pick up things, but instead sit down slowly, over the knees. But, make sure it is bearable and avoid direct contact with skin. Use it by wrapping in soft cloth.
Then lean the crossed arms on the wall, slowly sliding the arms upwards, raising them above the head and stretching up as far as possible and comfortable. If really feel the need for medicines, consult the doctor, who may suggest panadeine, but still, avoid them as far as possible as it can increase constipation troubles, already faced by women, during pregnancy. Just remember, something beautiful and life changing parcel is coming your way and as it is said, something special and precious can only be attained with some amount of pain, making even the pain looks worthwhile. Teenagers tend not to display gloom, self-depreciation, or talk about feeling hopeless like adults do during this stage of their lives if they are depressed, so as a parent or adult role-model you may need to watch for other signs of depression in the teenager you are dealing with.
In addition to these depression symptoms in regards to teenager, other ones may include a lower self-esteem than average, referrals to suicide (in extreme cases) and a general negative outlook on life. Talk to your teen’s friends and or their parents, although this approach requires care, remember, they are starting to declare independence and ‘snooping’ around on them may be defeating the purpose of reaching them, so do this with care and tact.
Ask if there is anything they’d like to discuss and this will be a great time to be more of the listener and less of the talker as soon as they start to open up. Don’t be what you’ve not always been to your teen, in other words being overly nice or “Bill Cosby-ish” (no pun intended Mr. Watch for signs of suicide (in extreme cases) and if there is the slightest indication, double up your efforts to reach your teen.
In the hopes things are not as extreme, soon as they manifest signs of reaching out, help, be there. Do not panic, however, be strong and there for your teen and in applying the steps above with other suggestions or creative ideas you deem right as an adult dealing with a depressed teen, you will be able to steer him or her back to a positive outlook on life. Being into fitness and an overall improvement of my health, I will say with confidence that I was truly edified with the information in this text.
Postpartum depression should not be confused with the feeling of anxiety or mood swings experienced by most new mothers. It is very important to express what you are going through in order to avoid postpartum depression. In this period, the woman also goes through the experience of giving birth, and she has to adjust suddenly to motherhood.
Joining a water aerobics class or taking your dog for a walk will help in keeping you in good emotional condition during and also after pregnancy. You can talk freely to them about what you feel, and what suggestions you need during perinatal period. Even if you just join support group for pregnant women, you may find other women with similar issues there.

Buy new things for your baby and his or her room, buy new clothes and toiletries and keep the room decorated before the new family member arrives. The pain will subside when baby droops down into the pelvic cavity, getting ready for the birth. Some women, feel better with use of cold packs, but again avoid putting it directly over the skin.
This aids in lifting the rib cage and diaphragm off the uterus and offers a big temporary relief from rib pain. It is more relaxing to those, who have severe pain due to breech baby’s head that is wedged under the ribcage. I lean more towards drug-free alternatives so meetings with competent Pastors, guidance counselors, teachers and therapists may suffice to at least get a diagnosis…if you need one. Incorporate such limbs of a natural treatment for depression as exercise, proper diet and positive thoughts and affirmations. If you are spiritual, pray and it doesn’t hurt and can help immensely to ask your depressed teen to join. For example you can ask a friend to watch your baby for sometime while you take a relaxing warm bath.
If you are also conscious about facing emotional and mental problems during this period, these tips will help you in dealing with them easily and more efficiently.
Call your friends every now and then, go out for shopping with them and plan a lunch sometimes.
This will lead to you feeling less isolated and alone, and will help in dealing with the feelings of being depressed. Alternatively, one can have a relaxing hot shower bath in the morning and at the end of the day.
Swimming is also a good exercise option as it stretches you out and supports the body, providing relief from rib pain. Women can consult chiropractor, osteopath or acupuncturist to help you get relief from rib pain.
Bundle of joy is all set to arrive safely in this world and rib pain is one of the signals for it.
There are several causes of postpartum depression like financial worries, insufficient family support, a history of depression running in the family or high risk pregnancy. So it is very important to take adequate precautions to avoid going into postpartum depression. For example, instead of thinking that you have become very fat, think that your body is working perfectly to nurture the life inside you. In addition to all these, use the boon of Internet and surf through the resources available for pregnant women and postpartum moms. They will analyze all possible factors leading to rib pain and help to ease the pain, which may be arising due to other pregnancy problems too.
It will give you a chance to socialize and also give your baby a change in the environment. Chat rooms and bulletin boards exist, which can help you in different stages of your pregnancy and also after birth.
So if you are having trouble breast feeding, the baby is not latching, you forgot to change the diaper last night, sleepless nights are driving you crazy or you cannot bathe the newborn properly – do not feel guilty about it.
Not eating properly can cause deficiency of vital nutrients increasing the risk of postpartum depression.
You will be surprised to see that most of them are actually more than happy to help.  You are not expected to be a perfect mother.

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