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We all know about coffee and green tea, but here are seven natural energy boosters you might not have heard of. Rhodiola is considered one of nature's most resilient herbals and it works to help multiply energy molecules. Available in three flavors, just pour the powder into a glass with water and ice and the mix of minerals, natural caffeine (from green tea), resveratrol and the mega doses of vitamins B, C and D will work to give you an instant boost of energy without a crash.
Go above and beyond your traditional green tea with Boost's combination of green, mate and spices. Fruits like apples are full of simple sugars, which boost energy, while their high fiber content works to curb appetite (there's nothing like hunger to dampen your energy level). Ashwagandha Extract, an herb widely used in ayurvedic medicine, has not only been shown to boost energy, it can help boost immunity, memory and stabilize blood sugar.
TheFashionSpot's Lifestyle Editor, Sharon Feiereisen, is a freelance lifestyle writer based in New York City. 8, Drink waterIf you are looking for the most effective and simplest way to improve your energy level then simply drink water and stay hydrated. It has no sugar or caffeine and research showed that it can help expand the arteries in the brain, allowing more blood to pump through, therefore boosting brain function. Her work has been published in Newsday, The Knot, AM New York, WHERE New York, Dan's Papers, and Hamptons Magazine, among many other print and online outlets. Moreover in the worst cases, some people also opt for drugs that are being advertized as energy boosters. However above given options might enhance your energy initially, later on they can lead to several serious health problems. Therefore, to remain energized and healthy, make sure that you intake at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.
If you are willing to feel energetic throughout the day without any type of side effects then go for natural methods. There are several natural and healthy ways that can boost your energy level quickly and easily.
Moreover, dehydration decreases the blood volume due to which person will have the feeling of exhaustion. Instead, try out some natural energy boosters given below that are hundred percent safe and effective.1, Get Some SunshineThe Sun is one of the most effective natural energy boosters. For preventing the problem of dehydration, one should not wait to become thirsty to drink water.
The sunshine helps in producing vitamin D, which is very essential for our body to maintain good health. Just drink plenty of water and live a energetic life.9, Always sit straightGood posture indeed improves the energy levels in our body. The mood and energy level of a person is greatly influenced by a chemical called serotonin.

If you sit with a poor posture, it puts uneven pressure on the spinal chord which will make some muscles tight & tensed and this end up in using extra energy to hold your body. Serotonin also called the "happy" hormone and it is produced by the pituitary gland when it reacts to sunlight. On the other hand, good posture opens up the chest cavity and this can increase the oxygen intake by as much as thirty percent. Hence, the Sun exposure greatly increases the level of serotonin which in turn triggers the secretion of hormones called endorphins that give the feeling of "natural high". So, take out at least 10 to 15 minutes to step outside for some sunshine and to feel energetic and fresh for whole day. In addition, the good sitting posture can keep your joints and bones in correct alignment, preventing strain and back & neck pain. Early morning after sunrise is the perfect time for getting soaked under the sun as you will get some fresh air to breathe in.2, Tap Your ThymusThymus gland plays a very important role in providing energy to our body. It also improves breathing and proper breathing allows the blood to carry sufficient oxygen to organs, nervous systems, and tissues for their functioning. Thymus gland is one of the points of body where energy is concentrated and the energy flows through these channels to all parts of the body.
Above all, proper posture can make you look more attractive and smart.10, SocializeTake out some free time from your busy life and surround yourself with people who can energize your body and mind. The thymus is situated at center top of the chest, between the breasts, and below the collar bone. By having some leisure time with others, your brain can release some hormones called oxytocin and opioid peptides. Tapping on this thymus gland results in production of T-cells that boost the energy level and relieves the stress. To get instant boost of energy, it is recommended to tap your thymus with the fingertips for at least 20 seconds. Plus, while you tap, make sure that you are breathing slowly and deeply.3, Stand Up OftenEven standing for few minutes can work wonders for you to feel energetic and good. So, next time you feel low, make sure to give a call to your high energy friends.11, Give Your Brain A Mini-VacationJust like our body, our brain also requires some rest.
Stretching will improve the flow of blood in the body which ultimately makes you feel more energetic. Frequently standing and moving around can also improve the working of whole circulatory system which helps in delivering oxygen and glucose to all parts of your body. Considering this, you should take short breaks from whatever you are performing in order to improve the body's energy level. Hence, get up on your feet for few minutes and you will be surprised to feel the improvement in mental as well as physical strength.4, Drink Green TeaHaving green tea is very easy and healthy way to improve the energy level in a body naturally. Try to take out five to ten minutes from every hour and give your eyes and brain a break to take rest.

It contains lots of energizing herbs & extracts along with antioxidants and phytochemicals. It is recommended to blink at least ten to twenty times in every minute to rejuvenate your eyes, brain, and whole body. You can also remain protected from several serious health problems like high cholesterol levels, cancer, and heart diseases.
If you want instant energy, then add approximately one quarter teaspoon of fresh honey in the cup of green tea.
Drink 2-3 cups of green tea per day to feel fully energized throughout the day without any side effects.5, Breathe DeeplyDeep breathing is the simplest method to boost the energy level at anytime and anywhere. Deep breathing also results in improved flow of oxygen which eventually helps in relieving muscle tension and general stress.
Whenever you feel energy-deprived, sit in a straight position and take a deep breath slowly till you count 4. Try to incorporate this deep breathing exercise in your daily routine to feel revitalized.6, Drink Green MonsterGreen Monster is a very nutritious energy drink. Spinach is mixed with other regular smoothie ingredients like banana, any type of liquid, and ice. Additional ingredients such as honey, pumpkin, cinnamon, and agave nectar can enhance the taste of the natural energy drink even more.
It is highly recommended to prepare the drink everyday with varieties of green vegetables so that you get wide range of nutrients and minerals.
Moreover, it's very easy to prepare, just blend some fresh vegetables & fruits in a blender, and yet it provides excellent benefits. It has the capability to boost up your energy, mood, and ability to concentrate and think.7, Eat An AppleApple is one of the most nutritious fruits that are loaded with lots of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. The main factor that contributes in boosting the energy level is the sugar content of apple. Hence, such sugar enters the bloodstream and gets converted into glucose in a very short span of time which eventually provides energy to the body also fruits are easily digestible compared to other foods. The fiber and antioxidant content of apple also aids in making apple a natural energy booster. Apple also contains various antioxidants and vitamins like C, B1, B2, and B6 that are essential for energy conversion.

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