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What is the most important question you need to answer for the target audiences for your positioning? 4 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Self Motivation 973-900-1129 One on One: I would like to receive 1 complimentary fitness and nutrition consultation and 25% off my first purchase. This is an excerpt from an email I got from a reader earlier this week… Have you ever felt this way before?
So the next time you’re lacking motivation to exercise try one or two or ten of these tips!
The idea for this presentation came from a conversation with a friend who works for one of the largest companies and best-known brands in the world.
You may think that you need to be with a large and well-known organization to have a distinctive positioning or that you need to spend a lot of money promoting yourself. Obviously regular exercise is important; I can quote countless studies and research trials concluding the health benefits of working out regularly.
I promise that you will find the motivation and inspiration you need to make your next workout legendary! We may struggle to reacquaint ourselves with that burning desire to ride at the crack of dawn. While you are all savvy law firm marketers, you may not have spent the necessary time to work on your positioning and networking plans.
You know them already – lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, better lung function, less chronic disease, etc, etc, etc. Often times people are intimidated by the gym or simply don’t like running and therefore lack the desire to exercise. One of the absolute best motivators out there is to find a buddy with whom you share a common goal. If you do the same exercises as part of the same workout at the same time most days of every week, you’re going to get burnt out.
When we’ve hit this plateau in our training, there are a few ways to change the monotony of our routine.
If they haven’t got it figured out, then heaven’s knows many other companies are still in the dark, too, about what kinds of things motivate employees and lead to employee satisfaction and retention. So, get ready for a mental workout – because when you leave here this evening you’ll have your own personal positioning statement.
OK, so what kinds of credentials, skills and experience are necessary for your positioning? So sponsor a competition for new ideas within a profit center and reward the winner with a prize.
For me, the biggest key to staying motivated is to find something that you really LOVE and then go do it!
Set up dates and times with this person that you will exercise and then do all that you can to stick with it!

The fresh air, the ever-changing scenery, and just the sheer variety of exercise available outdoors is enough to keep workouts varied, interesting, and exciting.
It seems like I can usually get an additional rep or two per set or pick up my pace while running for that 3-4 minutes.
We’re all about praises for a job well-done and being showered with rewards any time we succeed. But did you know that your attitude and thinking before a workout can actually have a huge effect on how successful it is?
Here are five tips that will reignite the passion for cycling again!Time of DayPerhaps we’re losing motivation to ride because we’re too tired to wake up early in the morning due to overtraining or life’s general responsibilities.
What happens when working out for the sake of working out just isn’t enough of a push to get you to do it?
Trust me – you will be a lot more motivated to go if you know that someone is going to be there waiting for you.
Overcoming monotony is key to motivating workouts – take things outdoors and identify the things you love about being out there! Keeping your music fresh is an excellent way to stay motivated and energized throughout your workout.
This perceived lack of progress is one of the main reasons people become disinterested and ultimately give up.
Although riding early in the morning does have its benefits, it doesn’t mean we are bound to riding as the sun rises. Now let’s take a look at another real example that I also saw on Broadway, not far from this unfriendly one. This is hard, and I’m tired, and the sun is hot, and my feet hurt, and I would just rather be home right now,” how long do you really think that run will last? Taking a before picture (and putting it somewhere you can see it!) provides you with an accurate baseline that you can refer to often and see what kind of improvement you’re making.
Yet, the budget didn’t include money for lunch, which had to come out of the pockets of the attendees. Today I am sharing my top 10 tips to motivate and inspire you to complete your next workout. From the 50 Best Running Songs to the Best Workout Songs of the 2000’s, Tone and Tighten has you covered! And when you get back home how likely are you going to be to get back out and run in the next day or two? If you’re bored and lacking motivation to workout, try doing something you’ve never done before! The advertised “atta-boy” program devolved into here are your numbers for next year, with the implied threat that you won’t be at next year’s pep rally or even the company if you don’t come up big.
By riding in the afternoon we have time to sleep in and get all our work done, rather than rushing to arrive to work on time post ride in the mornings.

The other advantage of a late afternoon ride is being able to de-stress after a long day’s work.
If you enjoy doing an activity you will find yourself looking forward to it and making time for it instead of dreading it! It all comes down to employee communication: saying what you mean and meaning what you say in clear, concise language. Also, having someone who you can compete with when riding can not only push you to improve, but make you motivated to ride more. In riding with a group you can take turns being the leader or drafting, both of which have benefits in increasing self-confidence when riding.
Riding with a group is also a way to build camaraderie with others who are just as passionate about the sport as you are.
Another advantage of group rides, is they usually have set times and days when they ride, forcing you to be held accountable!New RouteDepending on where you live cycling routes may be limited, forcing you to use the same path constantly.
However, in cities where cycling is highly supported there are several bike paths for cyclists throughout the city.
Regardless of the circumstances, if you’ve been using the same route continuously it may kill your drive to go out and ride. It’s highly motivational when you’re seeing new sights, smelling different air (ocean side vs farm land), and feeling diverse wind patterns. Immediately you want to investigate how responsive the bike is, its comfort level, or how smooth the gear shifting can be. Even if you’ve only bought new clothing gear, there’s always an itch to go and show it off.
This can also relate to buying new cycling shoes, where you can assess the difference between triathlon shoes versus road shoes. Although there are certain workouts, which act as staples and deliver results, it doesn’t hurt to try out a new regimen occasionally.
Also, Joe Friel’s book “The Triathlete’s Training Bible” and “The Cyclist’s Training Bible” both have great workout routines.
Friel does a great job on breaking down different types of workouts, providing drills to address weaknesses, differentiating speed work vs endurance work and when to do either one. By completing a new workout, it helps us feel as though we’re progressing towards our goal, and provides us with some confidence when we complete them successfully.In trying any one of these 5 motivators we will certainly see a surge in our eagerness to ride and consequently in our efforts.

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