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Workout Motivation Pinterest Pictures, Workout Motivation Facebook Images, Workout Motivation Photos for Tumblr. And I’m not the only one: Olympians use them to push through the pain, athletes use them to stay on their game and gym rats use them to push through another pushup. Time and time again it seems like I start from scratch because I screw up, and like I talked about before – I fall off the wagon. All I have to do is read a few inspiring words and I’m raring to go to the gym… or go for a run… or get out on the sand volleyball court.

A lot of people want to lose weight but some of them do it for the sake of fitting in to society’s concept of beauty, not for the improvement of their health. Get your workout over with – Before any thing else takes over your day, work out either in the early morning before work (or RIGHT after) or before the kids get up (or home from school).
Tell Yourself – Have  music to wake you up prior to your workout , or have it going on your way to the gym. Write it Out  – Write down your goal and put it up in your bedroom, your bathroom, your desk, or heck, even your frig.

I have fast         upbeat songs for when I’m running, and more toned down songs for my warm up , and my cool down. Change up the workout by adding weights, calisthenics, new exercises, new cardio options over a  2-3 weeks.

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