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Anyway, puking at on our last date pretty much turned me off from ever having a date again.   Also I really like snuggling with my MacBook at night.
So we made dinner reservations and then canceled them because our sitter fell through and actually I was kind of relieved because I love  being in my jammies by 7pm and truthfully in the three years since I last ate at a fancy restaurant with dim lighting  – my eyes have been failing and I now wear.
So I guess my marriage is kind of like the Hunger Games while we just wait to be the last one standing.   Hopefully the restaurant is serving a nice wild berry torte. Raising hand, yes, the iPhone is right on my night table charging happily for tomorrow…and in case I need to check FB or something while I sleep. I got down here to answer your questions, and then I forgot what they were and had to scroll back up.
The nice thing about the bookstore date is that you find yourselves in separate sections the whole time. We so rarely feel we can justify a sitter (usually my brother, but I insist on paying his unemployed ass, so it ain’t cheap), so we hardly ever go out. We are older, and boring, and well, broke because of daycare and a house that needs new stucco.
You have no idea how many Hail Marys I said when Eloise was born and thank god she looked JUST LIKE JED. I so relate to this post…we were married 14 years on April 17th but just figured it out when we sent away for our marriage license only to find out that we never signed it!!!
September 30, 2010 By Denise Brienne Leave a Comment With each anniversary that ticks by, it can be more and more difficult to be creative. Roses are always romantic and therefore a rose made from paper for your 1st anniversary has to be the most romantic flower there is! If you love your wedding photos so much you could have your favorite printed onto canvas, a reminder of your special day. You could also have a sketch or painting from your wedding day, a popular trend at the moment is to have your wedding dress sketched or you could have your bouquet or an original painting of the two of you.Or you could have this fun caricature of the two of you. Crazy as that may sound, paper jewelry makes a great 1st anniversary gift for your wife.We have discovered gorgeous paper anniversary jewelry designed by Anna V. How about this for super romantic?Write your very own personalised message to your gorgeous wife.If you wanted you could then put it out to sea and see if it comes back to you.
You will want to throw your bottle when you are both together as the chances of it coming back to you are slim! This is kind of like sending a message in a bottle but instead you let your messages float away, up into the sky.We sent our balloon message from the UK and it landed in a farm in Holland, very kindly they sent the note back to us (via airmail) and added their own Happy Anniversary message, which made it even more perfect.If you don't fancy sending your message up and away, how about tying your own love notes to lots of helium balloons and have them above your bed?

Tickets are a great way to enjoy a romantic anniversary, enjoying spending time together and having fun seeing what you want to see.Tickets to a concert you have both wanted to seeTickets for an anniversary cruise!! Add an announcement in your local paper or if you are feeling extravagant how about adding it to one of the big national papers?You will find the announcements normally in the back of the paper and there will be the contact details too.This would be a sweet addition to cut out and add to your anniversary memory book. Get ready with your post it notes and cover your home and maybe even their car with 365 reasons why you love being Mr and Mrs.365 is one for every day you have been married. Did you know you can apply to have your very own day registered?You could have your wedding anniversary as your official day, registered in the United States. Start a lovely 1st anniversary tradition by having a photo of the two of you holding your wedding photo.Then next year you could have the two of you holding your 1st anniversary photo and so on.Or you could theme your photo each year, this is us acting out one of our favorite paintings!
Now we know this could be a tough one, writing poetry is not everyone's strong point!Thankfully we have a number of anniversary poems that have been sent in by our visitors and they are very talented. Don't worry if you are not musical you can still have a song written about the two of you.There are a number of musicians that offer this and you can find them on twitter or fiverr. Wood Anniversary Gifts For Your 5th Anniversary Mar 10, 16 06:11 PMA big selection of wooden anniversary gifts, perfect for your 5th anniversary and with a romantic twist. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (September 9): Just a year after they married, Ryan and Blake spent a romantic weekend in South Carolina before heading to Savannah, Georgia for a southern feast of fried chicken, homemade biscuits, macaroni and cheese, cabbage, meatloaf, and butter beans. And my iPhone and my iPad.  It makes me wonder how many people can now blame the end of their marriages on Apple. And if I lived closer I’d totally babysit those gorgeous girls of yours while you and hubby went out on the town. Well, maybe last month when we went to Seattle to look for a house and left the kids with my MIL.
Yes planning ahead is key when you don’t want to out yourself and your reading glasses. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships. All you need to do is email them a photo that you would like to have turned into a photo.Available from Personal Creations.
It could be filled with your memories from your 1st year of marriage or you could look at adding a new page each year with the highlights from the past year.
They may not be the best song you have ever heard, but in a way that kind of makes it more romantic as you know that you will both love it! Made from solid Oak there is space for four large photos and lots of space inside for treats and keepsakes.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The joke is getting old.  But the gist of the story is that sometime in the next three days is our 10th wedding anniversary.
But it was one of those, OMG the jetlag-different-time-zone-passed-out-asleep-by-7 kinds of things.
These romantic anniversary ideas are unusual enough to make your partner happy, but frugal enough to avoid breaking your budget. Fly to a city your partner has always wanted to see, or simply take a ride in a sight-seeing plane for a different look at your beloved hometown.
When you have secured your date you will receive your certificate, which would make a pretty unique gift.Find out how to apply for your day here.
I am an ex-corporate ladder climber turned freelance writer, social media manager, world traveler, and marathon runner. Sounds like you have a great plan for the ordering & I am sure you will not look geriatric, but awesomely hot on your date!
This year, though, as we hit 10 years married as well (wonder when the 11 yr old will figure out that math too) in June, we are going to do something. Whether you choose to have dinner on the beach or in your own backyard after the kids are asleep, the combination of a starlit night, a few glasses of wine, and the togetherness on your anniversary can lead to major sparks – and a night to remember! Visit the place where you had your first date, the place where you first met, and other places that mean a great deal to you. The photographs will show your love through the years, and you will have a romantic keepsake that is not only special to the two of you, but that will be cherished by your family as well. Make each coupon something you will both enjoy, and resolve to share them on a regular basis. Now that would be a romantic anniversary gift.More gorgeous chocolate gift ideas from Hotel Chocolat.Did we mention how absolutely gorgeous these chocolates are? If you can enjoy the same food and recall your conversation from that night, reminisce like crazy. They are the kind that melt in the mouth mmmm and we have no photos to share of us enjoying them as they never last long enough.

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