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I was dreading the fact that I was gonna have to train at a "normal gym" and leave Diamond Gym behind.
I had been training at Diamond Gym for about 7 years and it was looking like the end of the straw for me. Traffic wasn't moving and I inched my way across the highway as I stressed out and felt my heart beat racing. I went home and mapped out a training routine to fit my insane schedule of teaching, finishing Grad school & coaching Wrestling.
I was heavily influenced by Dorian Yates' style of HIT (High Intensity Training), aka Heavy Duty. I had always responded well to training every other day while others were training 2 - 4 days in a row so I wasn't overly concerned with training less than what the magazines said you should be doing. My other days were spent working as a teacher, coaching wrestling and studying my ass off for Grad school. This was the only way I would be able to make my training work with my busy schedule and to my shock, it worked very well. I still got stronger, still got bigger and contrary to what many would assume, my metabolism didn't slow down. Above, The Photos of Dorian that inspired me to cut back my training volume and embrace recovery.
1) Maximum Recovery - As much as I encourage you to kick ass and take names in training, not enough of you do the right things outside the training to ensure you reap the rewards of hard work.

2) Laser Like Focus - When you know you're only training 2 or 3 x week you are less likely to allow that workout to slip into becoming a mediocre workout.
3) Time Is Of The Essence - Remember when Mom did your laundry and cooked dinner every night and you took a daily nap?
Get exclusive training advice from me, Zach Even-Esh, and I'll also send you these FREE gifts.
Toss n Westsde prncples n relaton to accessory exercses and GPP everythng s gong well and gettng stronger. I have an old photo of me shakng Doran’s hand on the streets of NYC n the summer of 95′! Although I was natural, I followed Doran’s approach to gettng n and gettng out of the gym and t always worked great wth respect to strength and addng muscle mass. Brandon I see you’ve adapted to all ths hgh volume tranng where as for me that would count as a workout.
I have been usng mnmalst tranng for a whle now by usng kettlebells and stckng to crcut workouts. For the third installment of our minimalist workout series, I wanted to give you an effective workout that requires no equipment and can be done almost anywhere in the world at any time. Stay inspired, productive, and on track with our exclusive weekly emails -- naturally sweet and loaded with exactly what your body and mind need. It was just past 5 PM and I was sitting in a boat load of traffic, literally, moving nowhere.

I cut off my fair share of cars, took the nearest exit, turned around and went home, defeated, stressed and depressed. My rest days are getting this attention at home, using various methods to improve health, mobility and recovery. Rght now I am on mltary orders and the body bulder n my unt s surprsed by my sze and defnton wth only usng my 50 pound kettlebell. He helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food, functional movement, and psychology. I was stressed out of my mind, up to my ears in work for Grad School, teaching, coaching wrestling and trying to manage it all.
I enjoy the mnmalst approach because I am too busy to be sttng n the gym for such a long tme and I lke the dea of lookng lke a monster wth only dong 20-30 mn workouts. Please do, I’d love to hear them and you might really inspire some other readers of this blog.

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