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My husband has taken up backpacking as a hobby.  Little did I know the extent of gear needed for such a minimalist activity!
This has been a learning experience for me as I’ve watched my husband start out with basic gear like a backpack, sleeping bag, first aid kit, tent etc.
One aspect of backpacking that cannot be overlooked, even on the shortest trips, is a way to have clean, fresh drinking water.  It is not always possible or practical to bring all of the drinking water needed with you from home. The Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets – Drop specialized tablets into your water source to purifier it before drinking.
Sawyer SP161 – Water Filtration System – This allows you to put contaminated water into a 2 liter bag, and then filter it out through a tube.
With its minimalist design and extra interior space, the MSR Twin Sisters Shelter offers ample room for two plus gear without weighing down your pack.
I never gave much thought to specific gear that is needed to ensure safety while out in the wilderness.  Whether on an overnight trip or a longer, extended trip, having the proper gear can literally be the difference between comfort and misery or even life and death. While the water flowing down a mountain stream may look pure and refreshing, it is likely full of bacteria, parasites and other contaminates.  Drinking contaminated water can lead to a host of problems, least of which can include nausea, fever, diarrhea, vomiting and intense abdominal cramping. Pitch the Twin using the two included lightweight poles, or save even more weight by using your own trekking poles to support the twin-peak roof.
But this answer to this question a work of multi-functional form of a chair that can be used for sleeping. A steep roof pitch sheds snow, and flaps at the base block out whipping winds and spindrift. You just need to get yourself a decent White Mountain National Forest Map to find them.First come, first serve.
This chair is very comfortable because the foam option like in bed, It is intended to be consistent with its function.

Most of them already have fire rings, so you can built a small fire to relax by without having to worry about leave no trace impacts. The framework is made of steel so that when you occupy or you will fuck feel good about the strength of this steel framework.
Plenty of water nearby and no need for a bear bag: just put all your food and smellables in the car and lock it up for the night!Car CampingCome spring, I load up my trunk with firewood, a lawn chair, a freestanding tent (which is super fast to set up), sleeping bag, pad, a Jetboil, and a couple of backpacking dinners and breakfasts. I fill a couple of gallon jugs with tap water, so I always have plenty of clean water on hand too.Having everything pre-packed in my car gives me a lot of flexibility to drive up the night before a hike and camp out or stay an extra day, without any preparation and hassle. If I wasn’t spending the weekend at the beach, I would hitch out to the desert and camp near a lake.
It was a massive jumble of granite boulders several hundred feet in an egg shaped formation that rose several hundred feet into the desert air from the scrub and tumbleweed around it. What no one else knew was that on top of the boulders was a spot large enough for a sleeping, cooking and sitting area with a beautifully flat sandy and all important, level space. The view was 360 degrees and even had a large granite overhang to lay in the shade if it got too hot.
I eventually spent just about every other weekend for nearly a year camping in that spot just to get out of the city.
Late Sunday afternoons, I would pack it up and hitch back to the megalopolis with a much lighter pack.
I live in a totally different area now but I still look back at that year of desert camping with much fondness. Reply Marco April 28, 2015 at 6:47 am # Yeah, I use a packing crate with a divider for food.
It takes about 10-15 minutes to pack this stuff in the car in the morning(and maybe another 10 minutes to pack my pack.) Then I am free to hike or canoe.

Just curious since NH advises that firewood should be bought and used locally to prevent the spread of pests within the state.
So I am able at a moments notice to set up camp by just Parking, walking around to the back and climbing in…When I bought a new Refrigerator I found that the shipping box was the perfect size to line the Truck Bed with so I keep that in the truck and load all my loads onto that, Lumber, Gardening Soil, etc.
When it gets dirty I just removed the Cardboard and shake it out or use a Broom to sweep it with.
10 years Later while driving down a forest path to a Deer Stand I got hung up on a hidden tree stump and was able to pull myself off the Stump. The first one the forest leaves and duff are not cleared away enough and the second appears to be a non-approved type and that Pink Chair frightens me more than anything…. I use a much smaller lower to the Ground folding chair, developed for the Beach but now being adapted for Turkey hunters.
Reply Dave May 15, 2015 at 2:59 am # In Banff, Jasper and Kluane, when we went on a road-trip, all the rangers said to store food in the cars instead of using a canister, bear-bagging it or putting it into a locker. The provincial administrators near Radium Hot Spring solicited the same advice too.If one is a carless hiker, then, yes, canister is best followed by bagging it, but every single employee said to store food in the car when possible. Reply John Joyner April 28, 2015 at 9:01 am # Carrying wood in the car and storing food in the car sound like great ideas for the region where you are, but campers in the Sierra Nevada and other mountains of the West need to be sure to follow the rules against transporting firewood (spreads tree diseases) and keeping food in car (spreads the food all around the interior when the bear enters by ripping the window out). I already keep gear in my car, I like the idea of adding water, freeze dried meals and some sort of heat source to make spur of the moment get aways easier and cheaper.

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