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If you are trying to feel less stressed out, these mindfulness techniques could make a big difference. Mindful breathing (where you focus on a single aspect of your breath) can occur in any down time location, from the subway to the shower or even preparing meals. Depression feeds upon itself and by it’s very nature creates even more negative thought patterns that increase the depression. When we practice being mindful we redirect our thoughts and become intensely aware of where we are and what we’re doing, while we’re doing it.  These practices, as obvious as they seem, are something we must consciously train ourselves to do.
Another powerful mindfulness exercise is to become acutely aware of the sensations and feelings in our bodies.  The body and not the mind keeps you in and experiencing the “present moment”. When we’re practicing being mindful we become aware of our thoughts.  Through this observation we become less identified with the thoughts themselves, more objective, and have the power to choose which thoughts to believe and which thoughts are pure nonsense. Yes, that’s it, just quiet your mind and listen with awareness for the first 5 things you hear. I have and give many Present Moment Awareness exercises that accomplish the same peaceful and aware feeling.
Personally speaking that book changed my life and shifted the focus of my life’s work from teaching people how to “get stuff” to teaching people how to be happy.  Happily enough being happy also works in the “getting of stuff” too, only in a much, much easier way than the exhausting “reeling in a big fish” approach I used to take.
Try my 4×4 breath as another mindfulness exercise to bring yourself into a mindful state. Breathe in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, breathe out for the count of 4 and hold for the count of 4.
If you are struggling with depression and need some support to learn mindfulness exercises and present moment awareness techniques, then let me help you! Go to the bottom of this page: Lorane’s Coaching- FREE initial Consultation  or click on the “Need Help” tab and fill in your details. You’ll immediately get my 5 minute Guided Meditation for Peace and Clarity and my Visualization Book.
Be Coached by Lorane"I have taught thousands of people to live their life with happiness, health, love, inner peace and wealth.
Another helpful mindfulness trick is simply to notice what you are experiencing right now through three senses – sound, sight, touch. CLICK the image to open the brochure of mindfulness exercises that my colleague Andy and I created. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is considered to be one of the most effective and most researched methods of treatment for stress related disorders. According to Jon Kabat-Zinn2, mindfulness can be defined as paying attention in a particular way on purpose in a present moment and non-judgmentally.
To cope with negative popping throughs, you can use meditation to train yourself to become aware of your wondering thoughts and bring back your attention to the present moment.

MBCT was originally developed as a relapse prevention program to help people stay free of depression once they have fully recovered from an episode. To achieve significant positive results with the treatment of depression it is recommended to practice daily meditation for at least eight weeks. Self-Compassion means acceptance of thoughts without judgement and softening of self-criticism. In the study about depression treatment methods, many more people who were treated with MBCT have stayed free of depression (about twice as many). Although, MBCT requires training and time to achieve significant results, this intervention is much cheaper than antidepressants in the long-term.
Over the past decades there has been a lot of effort done towards educating people about the importance of physical exercise. This short article outlines the role of self-monitoring and self-awareness training in cognitive-behavioural approaches to relaxation training, such as Progressive Relaxation and Appliedd Relaxation. Chi running marries method and mindfulnessReuters"My goal is to turn running into a mindful practice, like tai chi or yoga" said Danny Dreyer, the runner and coach who developed Chi Running and wrote the "Chi Running" book.
Human Givens College offers a range of training courses that are essential to anyone whose job involves working to increase psychological wellbeing in patients, clients, colleagues and service users. The funny thing is that mindfulness is something we are born with but lose later on in life as we become adults. If you are a Nail Salon owner, or a work at home Nail Technician-you too are an entrepreneur! I don’t think I need to give examples of common negative thoughts because if you’re reading this you may be intimately familiar with them.  Even if you’re not depressed we all have the occasional thoughts of “why me” or memories of a past hurt, or fears of a future rejection or happening of some kind. The mind drags you back to a past occurrence or a future worry or expectation.  The body lives in the present moment. These mindfulness exercises are focusing our minds in a peaceful and positive manner creating a barrier against the black dog of depressive thinking. She is also a contributing author to the best seller, "Conversations That Make a Difference".
It really helps us to realize that anybody can suffer from depression at some point in their life.
You'll learn to manifest with her proven inspirational coaching and teachings to create a more fulfilling life utilizing present moment awareness, manifestation ann the Law of Attraction techniques. After experiencing a devastating life changing event, I had to learn a new way, an even better way.
However, a meditation approach called mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is quickly gaining more popularity in treatment of various disorders including depression.
Mindfulness is not a state of doing but a state of being in which you are fully aware of the present moment and do not evaluate your inner or outer environment.

In the study about depression treatment methods, many more people people who were treated with MBCT have stayed free of depression (about twice as many).
Mindfulness based meditation includes body scanning, mindfulness stretching, some elements of yoga, mindful breathing, [mindful eating][Eating a Raisin, and other daily mindful practices. Unlike medication, MBCT does not have any negative side-effects and helps people improve the quality of their life, increase concentration and awareness, and respond to negative thoughts and experiences more skillfully. Are you or your players afraid other athletes will see you as weak if you have to do mental training or work with a sports psychologist? In addition to bringing stress levels down, these exercises could improve concentration and make you less likely to react overly emotionally.
When we’re mindfully doing whatever we’re doing we are no longer feeding the unhappy though patterns; our mood improves and eventually those thoughts rear their ugly heads less frequently. MBCT has the potential to improve onea€™s well-being, mindfulness, emotional regulation, positive mood, and spiritual experience while reducing stress, anxiety, and other problems. Mindfulness is a state of self-regulation of your attention and the ability to direct it towards breathing, eating, or something else. Eisendrath suggests that people experience popping thoughts on the daily basis and many of these thoughts can be negative depending on the your level of stress.
A combination of mindfulness based stress reduction and cognitive therapy has been shown to be very effective for treatment of depression. Other studies have showed that the results achieved by MBCT were equivalent to the results achieved by antidepressants. The world is getting more complex and people need portable, cheap, and effective methods of stress management and coping. As I've mentioned in previous posts I don't handle mid-race surprises terribly well, so I had to prepare to encounter and defeat running-related adversity.
Moreover, people who have been trained in MBCT experienced less depression and significantly improved their quality of life. MBCT can be one of these methods as long as people are taught how to use mindfulness in their daily life. Problem prevention is cheaper and better than spending time and energy trying to find solutions to complex problems like depression and psychosomatic problems.

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