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WELCOME TO THE MINDFULNESS MEDITATION ZONEStruggling with Anxiety, Stress, Mild Depression, Emotional Blockages, Sleep Problems, or Life-Pressure, then our Integrated Mindfulness Meditation sessions and solutions give you the help and support you need to Create Space… Discover Presence… And Live More Mindfully.
Firstly, what is Mindfulness?Mindfulness is simply moment-to-moment awareness, so any activity is an occasion for practising being more present and more aware of your thoughts, feelings and reactions.
Private Mindfulness SessionsMake it Pesonal!Our private Mindfulness studio in Selsey, Chichester is the perfect place to discover how Mindfulness can work for you and help you eliminate the stress and struggles from your life.
Mindfulness Skype CoachingAll the benefits - none of the hasslesOur Mindfulness Skype Coaching sessions are ideal when you want all the amazing benefits Mindfulness has to offer, but don’t want the hassle of travel and wish to save time. Our Mindfulness GalleryHere are some pics of our workshop, sessions and  images to create a state of presence. I found the workshop useful and calming, the exercises are simple yet effective and well delivered. Get Mindfulness Tips on Facebook Please like the Mindfulness Meditation Zone page on Facebook and get our latest updates, thoughts and Mindful ideas! In our modern lives the readily available distractions of the digital age mean that many of us supress our emotions and thoughts.
It’s this lack of control that can send us into stress overload, resulting in panic attacks and causing depression. Our days are occupied by a series of moments, but in our current society, these moments are filled with things other than our focus.
Thoughts of fear, anxiety, heart-ache and loneliness affect every single one of us, and sometimes can become too much to handle. The most popular and successful ways to achieve mindfulness are through yoga and meditation. Our Travel Specialists have years of experience in finding the perfect healthy holiday to match your needs. To fully benefit from the program you must be willing to make a commitment to attend all classes and practise daily for the eight weeks. The course has been running since 2008 and is taught by two highly experienced facilitators with over 55 years of meditation practice between them. As an initial step toward enrolment in the MBSR course, an individual session is conducted for prospective participants. Explore mindfulness, Tai Chi, and teachings from the Zen and the contemplative traditions in a quiet natural setting. In 2016, Anja will again be offering regular Mindfulness Nature retreats at Clearview Retreat Centre, overlooking the beautiful King Parrot valley.

The retreats will include mindful nature walks, Tai Chi, mindfulness meditations and discussions, as well as times to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
This is a residential retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh and the monks and nuns from Plum Village.
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We offer regular retreat days, these are designed for people who have done some mindfulness practice. The day is structured to allow time in nature, time for silence, time to connect with like minded people and plenty of mindfulness and compassion practices led by Tina and Barb. My BalmI close my eyes and sigh, and here I am lying in the hammock in my heart.Moving gently, with the soft air of my breath.
No place to goNothing to doNobody to please It is my altar, my blessing, my balm, here in the hammock of my heart. Planning for our 2016 retreats has already begun, with retreats being held in Costa Rica and Sicily, Italy! Beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, excellent food, and warm, friendly people are the norm in Sicily.
Our Integrated approach to Mindfulness is the ultimate solution to living a happier, healthier and more rewarding life.
When we are forced to face the inner-working of our own minds, many of us lack the clarity and ability to control our thoughts productively. Teaching the skills needed to live in the present, a mindfulness retreat works to harness control over our thoughts and emotions.
It is the ability to dictate which thoughts we listen to, and which to dismiss as useless and irrational. We’re constantly refreshing emails, social medias and every other online platform that we live our lives from. On a mindfulness retreat, you can experience anything from Pranayama breathing lessons to stress-management classes, and anti-stress facials to private yoga sessions. It is suitable for beginners, as well as for more experienced meditators who would like to deepen their meditation practice. Mindfulness practice programmes led by monks, nuns and lay practitioners (with help from parents of the younger children) will be offered for children and teenagers (5-18) and for young adults (age 16-32).

When I fall from my head past my words,I’m caught lovingly by the hammock of my heart and rocked to its rhythmic beat. Our Costa Rica retreat will again be held in the magical Osa Peninsula, from January 23-30, 2016 with Dr. You can use Mindfulness to make better decisions, solve problems quickly, replace stress with relaxation, and feel more calm, and peaceful no matter what is going on around you. Cannot wait for my next session, thoroughly enjoyed every moment and will practice what I’ve learnt at home.
Jumping from thought to thought and raising our stress levels as we re-live the past or panic about the future, we’re in the moment, but not the right one. It’s the power to engage with the present to prevent worrying about the future or stressing over the past. We spend so much time unengaged with the present, focusing on anxieties about the past and fears towards the future, that we’re never really living in the present. On a mindfulness retreat, you will learn how to relieve your mind from anxiety as you learn to choose which of these thoughts to act on, and which to let go of. In the calming environment of a mindfulness retreat, you’ll learn to process your thoughts manageably, so that you can focus on the important moments, rather than dwell on the irrelevant ones.
The retreat will provide ideas and resources for integrating mindfulness into daily life, to develop resilience and learn how to deal more effectively with stress.
We will learn to breathe, walk and perform daily tasks aware of each moment, so that we can touch the refreshing and healing elements within and around us.  Learning to relax and release tensions within us, to take care of ourselves, our families.
Under 5s are welcome to join the retreat under the care of a parent or guardian, a Children and Parents Room will be available for their use. On a mindfulness retreat, you’ll learn to slow everything down, notice your surroundings and focus on the now. Nourishing peace, joy, love and understanding in our individual and collective consciousness.

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