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Macalla Farm (formerly Clare Island Retreat Centre) is a small, family run retreat centre and working organic farm situated on Clare Island off the west coast of Ireland. Kalyana Centre for Mindfulness is a small residential Meditation Centre located in the town of Dingle, on the Dingle Peninsula, in the south west of Ireland.
The teaching and practice of Mindfulness Meditation is open to anyone interested in exploring themselves and the deeper meaning of life, to anyone who wants to transform suffering and develop peace of mind. In order to practice Mindfulness Meditation it is not necessary to define yourself in a religious belief. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)If you would like to see how Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) can help bring peace to your hectic schedule - click here to read more.
Mindfulness for children and teens - Silke Michels is offering sessions and courses for young people in schools. These beautiful poems by Rachel Holstead are a wonderful support and inspiration for your meditation or teaching practice. Brian is a very humane, supportive, patient expert – and the Lujong yoga was a lovely, active addition. As a Buddhist Mediation teacher and decades of studies in mindfulness based traditions, the importance of developing awareness and compassion is central in my clinical work.
After receiving a masters in clinical psychology I have had further training in body-oriented mindfulness techniques including Somatic experiencing to work with trauma as well as body centered inquiry informed by the Diamond Approach work. I see my work as helping people develop mindful awareness, self-compassion and insight into themselves and the challenges life brings.

I endeavor to support people live to their full potential in a life that brings happiness and fulfillment and at the same time understand and transform whatever is interfering with that process.
My mindfulness-based counseling practice is based on an Integral model of counseling that I trained in at New Ventures West. In my counseling practice I help you to live your potential, to optimize your ability to manifest your deepest intentions, and to live a satisfying and fulfilling life. The Mindfulness Institute provides personal coaching, private mindfulness training and spiritual guidance to individuals, corporate teams, and executives. These retreats are supported by mindful movements based on Kum Nye and some retreats are combined with Voice Awareness to help focus the mind and shift the energies of the body. Anybody, regardless of age, gender and religious affiliation is welcome to practice and will greatly benefit from it.
She is practicing Mindfulness Meditation since 25 years and has been learning under the guidance of very well known teachers in Europe, the U.S. I am able to draw from a wealth of practices, techniques and perspectives that have been designed to help people awaken from suffering for millennia.
My practice is inspired by my love of nature and my nature based meditation work as well as my studies in yoga, dance and integral coaching. I also help others build essential life skills and the ability to work with and hold any emotional experience with clarity and kindness. Our work together will empower you to transform old negative beliefs and patterns and grow into living with presence, integrity, self-love and joy.

This approach takes into account the whole person and helps people find their true potential in their lives and exploring what hinders that potential.
Awareness is the key to self-knowledge, transformation and effective functioning in the world. The wide range of residential courses on offer for 2015 reflects our diverse interests and areas of expertise: yoga retreats which integrate a deep awareness of both body and mind, mindfulness and cooking retreats which explore our relationship to food as well as one-of-a-kind courses combining yoga and mindfulness with horsemanship. My counseling practice draws on over 15 years of experience as a Buddhist meditation teacher, an MA in clinical psychology, my experience of counseling people for the past 12 years, as well as my 25 years of meditation practice and studies in the Diamond Heart school. I simply help you to discover what’s important and support you living in harmony with your deepest values. Because of that, helping people develop and deepen the practice of mindfulness is central to the counseling work that I do as it provides the basis for awareness in all aspects of our life.
She is teaching Mindfulness Meditation since over 10 years and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses since 8 years.
I also assist you in exploring what interferes with you manifesting the life and purpose you envision – what unconscious blocks, patterns, habits and beliefs distract you from your goal.

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