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The intention is to help participants feel more resourced, whole and protected, both within themselves and when with others. This course is appropriate for people interested in training to be Core Process Psychotherapists, existing therapists, mindfulness and complementary health practitioners looking to learn new skills. I always felt overwhelmed, during my trips to India, by the number of people who were begging in the streets. As such, time and space is given for cultivating personal wellbeing and resiliency through reflective exercises, mindfulness practices and enquiry into what supports and hinders their wellbeing.

We welcome people from all spiritual traditions or none, and individuals interested in cultivating greater interpersonal skills, as well as exploring the link between psychological and spiritual wellbeing. There were children and old people, some who had a disability and others who were missing limbs.
When we first hear them, we might find them a bit obvious, or a voice in our head might say, ‘that’s all very well and good, but…’ There may be any number of reasons why it might be difficult for us to imagine a life of happiness, health and peace, but this doesn’t mean we cannot wish for it.
Participants often find that the course helps them to deepen into a state of presence and learn to bring this state of awareness into relationship.

Mothers with tiny infants in their arms, young men with legs grotesquely swollen with elephantiasis, children without legs pushing themselves through the dust by their arms, beggars with missing fingers and noses due to leprosy.
There were people who grabbed at you and shouted and followed you down the street for ten minutes, and others who sat patiently by the roadside and folded their hands in thanks when you gave them a coin.

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