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Recently, it got me thinking that I should start listening to my body instead of following prescribed guidelines.
Choose food that you want to eat (with the caveat that it’s nourishing for your body). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Coltivare la consapevolezza e un modo per accettare le nostre esperienze sia interne che esterne nel qui ed ora.
E necessario instaurare un buon dialogo con voi stessi, comprendere i bisogni del vostro corpo e della vostra mente. Orientate la vostra attenzione verso l’interno Prestate attenzione alle vostre sensazioni gustative e come cambiano nel tempo. Praticate la gratitudine e onorate il vostro corpo Il primo passo per sperimentare la vera soddisfazione e rendersi conto di quanto sia ricca la vostra vita.
Cucinate a casa Cucinare a casa puo essere una delle cose piu nutrienti che potete fare per voi stessi e per chi amate!
Il programma della Nutrizione Consapevole non insegna alle persone ad evitare i cibi, ma ad assaporarli, a gustare i loro cibi preferiti, ad aiutare le persone ad onorare le loro preferenze alimentari. Mi sono laureata con Lode in Psicologia Clinica e della Salute, indirizzo Sessuologia, presso L'Universita degli Studi dell'Aquila, con la tesi dal titolo "La sessualita ed il ruolo della donna in Medio Oriente: cambiare e possibile?". Da sempre appassionata di Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologia - la disciplina che supporta scientificamente l'antica concezione olistica dell'uomo, in cui mente-e-corpo sono inscindibilmente connessi - ho approfondito lo studio e la pratica della Meditazione di Consapevolezza o Mindfulness presso il Centro Italiano Studi Mindfulness di Roma, in un'ottica sia di ben-essere che di recupero della salute. Ho svolto attivita di volontariato presso il Centro di Riferimento Regionale di Fisiopatologia della Nutrizione di Giulianova. Eidosnews e distribuito con Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Italia. Way back in 1999, (funny how old that seems now!) a dude called Professor Baba Shiv and his buddy (co-author) Alex Fedorikhin conducted a very interesting, although simple experiment. The students that had to remember the seven-digit number were nearly 50% more likely than the other group to choose chocolate cake over fruit. Now don’t start thinking that you can just use a long day at work as an excuse to eat poorly! Great post (all of them on this topic), particularly the idea of not planning treat meals around stressful times – indeed it IS a bad habit! You may have heard we are what we eat.  To an extent this is true, however I could also say we are what we think, what we do and why we do things.
And food is often at the heart of our social and family occasions.  It is interwoven into so many elements of our rituals and celebrations.
Our bodies run 24hrs, 365 days a year, they are amazing and they need our time and attention to keep them being amazing. Did you know, research indicates those who focus on what they eat in a meal are less likely to overeat. Did you chewing your food gives you the best opportunity for digesting your food and extracting all the nutrients you need from it? The food choices we make have implications beyond our health, they also impact our environment and this wonderful planet we inhabit. For example a simple decision to reduce your meat intake can help reduce green house gases and the bonus is you may improve your health. A decision to buy fresh fruit and veg from a farmers market, enables the markets to thrive and grow.  To ensure they are available as an option to access quality fruit and veg. I seek to support health promotions that I believe promote long term healthy eating habits.  One of these is Meat Free Week. For this reason, I have devised a holiday stress survival guide to help you not only survive the holidays but thrive through them! No party or holiday is worth throwing off your health completely… I’m not saying boycott happy events or office parties. Be especially careful at holiday events and dinners as these foods will exaggerate the way stress impacts your body.
If it is YOUR birthday, your moms home-made favorite, your wedding… ok make an exception. Only eat grass-fed, and organic meat to avoid hormones and toxins which could throw your digestive system out of whack and trigger inflammation. Try and stick with carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and quinoa as your only grains, limiting to 1 cup a day. During stressful seasons or those you want your skin in tip-top shape… definitely tea!!
Coffee fatigues the adrenals (pushing them to the limit to spit out high amounts of stress hormones), messes with our sleep- wake cycle, predisposes us to acne and weight gain and makes us moody! The only sensible thing to do is replace your daily coffee fix with some energizing cardio or yoga and follow with refreshing green tea.
Not only does green tea provide us with a bit of energy but its potent in antioxidants, most notably ECGC, and is a vasodilator, feeding our tissues and skin with rich nourishment. Try Organic Matcha tea for the am… a bit more potent in both energizing capacity and polyphenol richness (ECGC).
Try Organic Decaf Green tea pre-party for some warming and skin brightening before an event. Do not sacrifice sleep, it will be especially important for metabolism and stress capacity to get as much rest as possible. Studies have shown sleep deprived and stressed people accumulate more fat, especially around the waistline… not sexy!! Make excuses not to go to any event that seems will throw off your health… I know it seems rude but really its self-care and, therefore, quite generous to anyone directly affected by your health.
You know your limitations so try and remember my tips when peer pressure starts to kick in! Visioning helps to regulate breath, improves sleep, digestion, heals trauma, and temperature regulation.
What actions must you take to maintain or become more inline with your vision? Think sleep, relaxation, communication, movement, meditation, organization, your community, your support group, a coach (:  I now offer one day intensives in Miami. Use Pinterest, a journal or a picture of yourself when you were behaving as you wish to in the vision to help you remember the vision and stay on the path to health, success and happiness.
The relaxation response includes stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system and vagal nerve to help the body utilize energy in the most efficient manner. Imagine the breath entering your body as a cool, blue, energetic light (like a ill defined star). On the exhalation imagine the breath looping from the low belly back up through the chest , the throat and finally out of nose. Try and make as slow of an inhalation you are comfortable with and as slow of an exhalation as possible. Some mantras that may be helpful in time of stress include “soft” on the inhalation filling your belly and “belly” on the exhalation letting all the air out of your belly and all discomfort out with it. Most famously Transcendental Meditation (TM) instructors teach individual their own secret mantra which helps transcend the mind into consciousness and beyond thought.
To practice TM, one is most often required to  invest up to $1500 to a certified facility for initiation into a formal practice, which you can look into further here. Alternatively, the MindValley Academy has developed a way for you to choose a mantra which best syncs with your energy at Omharmonics. You can practice a concentrative form of meditation from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on your comfort level and experience.

Rry putting on some music that is not too familiar, maybe ethnic and instrumental, and let your body get very loose like Jell-O and move to the beat. This meditation has three parts: 1) Shaking, 2) Stopping and remaining still for a minute, and then 3) Dancing.
Begin by planting your feet shoulder-width a part, bend you knees slightly, relax your shoulders, breath deeply.
Stop for a minute or 2 and notice the physical sensations, breathing and emotions that arise. Finally turn on maybe a different music for another 2-5 minutes that is more upbeat, familiar and exhilarating… dance in your authentic way, letting you body move you in a spontaneous and free way.
The trick is NOT to judge your movements, just let your body go, loosening each area of the body, joints and letting your creative self go. Make sure you do this in a safe place where you both have free space to move and where you are out of sight of anyone you may feel inhibited by. Lay comfortably on the floor or bed facing up towards the celling with the back on the floor. Start by concentrating on the muscles on in your feet- contract and tighten with the inhalation then hold contraction and breath for three seconds, releasing  dramatically along with your breath.
Repetitive exercise means incorporating a daily exercise which helps stimulate healthy neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, and stress-relieving  processes. Do the same exercise everyday for 15min to an 1 hr., helping your brain rest, and thoughts run free.
Give thanks to your food before eating and ask what benefits each food on your plate will do for you? Incorporate olive oil and coconut oil to your breakfast if you can to give your body the healthy fuel and metabolism kick it needs to fight cravings and stay full.
Strive chew each bite 40 times, allowing all digestive enzymes to best break down food for optimal absorption and minimal bloating.
When eating a fruit snack… try slicing fruit on a plate, eating with fork and knife and sipping on herbal tea between bites.
Studies have proven that the less you put in front of you, the more you will value the food you eat as your meal and less likely you will over eat.
Avoid the sweet table or go to the other room if there is any temptation that you wish to avoid. Keep all unhealthy treats meant for guests or holiday event in the back of the pantry so that you will not be tempted to have a go at it when in times of high stress. Buy an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in your home at all times and use them as your go-to emergency hunger relief foods. I know this post has a lot of information but I hope you found something useful, allowing you to stay true to you, stay healthy, confident, and even keep your waistline, despite all odds!! Cheers to rejoicing the simplicities of your holiday season, without getting drowned into unnecessary noise and drama!
I could eat whatever I want (within the paleo limits) and know that it’s nutritious for my body. But at the same time, I realised I was becoming obsessed with food and thinking constantly about my next meal.
This means no more cream or butter in my coffee, even though all the healthy fats are supposed to be good for me.
Concentrate on what you’re eating and the flavours in your mouth rather than eating and watching TV at the same time. This will enable greater enjoyment of food and also gives your stomach time to process that it’s full. Here is a raw fish bowl from #rollieolie, consisting of salmon and tuna sashimi, avocado, sliced oranges, tea infused rice on a bed of lettuce. This nearly brought tears to my eyes but I'm looking forward to the day I can fully flip the toes and take my weight fully on the metatarsals of the feet. La MINDFUL EATING e un approccio nutrizionale basato sulla Consapevolezza o Mindfulness: insegna alle persone come gustare il loro cibo, a riconoscere i loro livelli di fame e di pienezza, e ad accettare maggiormente le loro scelte alimentari. Si tratta di riconoscere le vostre risposte al cibo (positive, negative o neutre) senza giudizio.Accade comunemente di mangiare senza esser presenti nel qui ed ora, tanto da non avere idea di cosa si e appena ingerito come fosse una sorta di “amnesia”. Pronunciate una parola di ringraziamento verso qualcuno o qualcosa – non importa che sia Dio, vostra madre, il contadino o l’impiegato al supermercato. Quando si toccano, si annusano e si manipolano tutti gli ingredienti necessari per creare una pietanza con amore si crea un’energia di guarigione unica proprio nella vostra casa.
Nel frattempo, conseguivo la Specializzazione in Sessuologia Clinica presso l'Istituto Italiano di Sessuologia Scientifica di Roma, diretta dal Prof.Fabrizio Quattrini, Sessuologo della trasmissione televisiva SEX Therapy e Autore del libro NON SMETTERE di GIOCARE 2013 ed. Attualmente svolgo attivita libero professionale come Sessuologa e incontri di counseling individuale e di gruppo sulla Nutrizione Consapevole.
I have been researching around the psychology of emotional eating and discovered some very fascinating things! They asked half of 165 grad students to memorise a seven-digit number and the other half a two-digit number. One group of dogs had to just sit, nothing else, for a few minutes before they were then allowed to play with their favorite treat “puzzle” toy that required them to figure out how to shake the treats out of it.
Use the knowledge to be aware of when you are going to be more vulnerable to reach for the ice cream tub. Mindful eating means creating an awareness of your eating habits and taking in all the sensations you experience when you eat. Edward Abramson, professor of psychology at California State University, teaches mindful eating in his emotional eating workshops. Holidays leave us overcommitted, financially pressured, emotionally drained, digestively challenged, overweight and, quite frankly, not very jolly! What I am saying is that it is  a good idea to go into them aware you will be faced with temptation to engage with unhealthy foods, people, and situations.
Tell others you know how food affects your mood and belly and that you just need to stay at the top of your game during this time where you will be challenged by stress, lack of sleep, excess emotions, and endless parties.
Create your optimal vision of your holiday season and anchor your self to the image whenever you are about to sabotage your ideal self.
By using visioning you can induce healthy physiological effects which help you gain calm and confidence in times of stress, helping you achieve your goals despite challenges. If anything else try to consciously induce slow breaths throughout the day as you start to feel tension in your body. Mindfulness help induce a state of calm by accepting reality without allowing ruminating thoughts of past, future and emotions from swaying you to do things not in line with your values.
This meditation uses mantras specifically formulated based on the students age, sex and matching a specific vibrational quality to balance our energy.
James Gordon, a Harvard trained psychiatrist and founder of the Center of Mind-Body Medicine learned this from a Eastern Medicine healer and now helps people across the world suffering from anxiety, depression, and fear with this method.
You will know when you hear it; the ones I listed above were suggested to me in my Mind-Body Medicine training but you can pick something that resonates better with you. Take a few breath taking note of that area you have just consciously tensed and released… how is its position? Dedicate your actions of each day to a beautiful mission, a person who you love or inspires you, or to your own health. Pick a article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, or a scent to represent your dedication and when you put it on in the morning remind your self that today you will take note of this every-time you are in need to calm, love, hope, and comfort. Practicing mindful eating means eating with purpose and not out of emotion, avoiding overeating and eating in a way not in-line with your desires of a healthy body and mind.

We can change our own holiday dynamic and not let others issue and perceptions pull us into a toxic cloud. So I started gorging on pork belly, which I love, and it wasn’t enough to have just one portion. In addition, I was adding unnecessary calories to my diet by eating things that I didn’t like (but was told it was good for me), such as heavy cream and butter in my coffee (a la bulletproof coffee).
Cosi come ci si avvicina alla pratica dello yoga per essere attenti e ascoltare il proprio corpo, cosi attraverso un approccio basato sulla consapevolezza possiamo osservare le sensazioni corporee e i nostri pensieri rispetto a determinati cibi e al nostro modo di alimentarci.
Tu hai il diritto di godere del tuo cibo, di mangiare cibi che ti sembrano buoni, di buon gusto e che ti fanno stare bene, anche se una persona cara ti pone delle regole alimentari. Essere grati ci fa sentire connessi con Dio, la natura e il cosmo.Il vostro corpo e un tempio.
Il vostro stomaco brontola, e pieno, vuoto o che altro?Sentite cosa provate nei confronti di quel cibo: che significato ha per voi? The researchers discovered that willpower and cognitive processing essentially draw from the same pool of resources. So since your willpower (or self-control) is from the same fuel tank as cognitive thinking, you can see how this directly effects your emotional eating habits too.
The second group of dogs were allowed to just do what they wanted before being given the toy. In my option, it is NEVER ok to binge and indulge in unhealthy excess, especially if you are over the age of 30! Have a BIG green apple or pear before walking in any party without eating… this will help curb your hunger and not pig out on unhealthy appetizers. Here are some breathing practices you can incorporate 90 minutes after waking in the morning and then as needed throughout the day. I thank my teachers at the Center of Mind-Body Medicine for introducing me to this technique… I even get my kids to do the dance variety it when the house hold environment gets especially tense. As your body moves you to the music for 7-8 minutes, loosening all body parts, joints and even head. You can also practice this in a chair if lying down not possible, making sure your feet are flat on the ground, back supported and hands relaxed on thighs. What happens is that I ended up eating things that do not satiate me because they were things I didn’t like. Trattate il vostro corpo come trattereste il vostro bene piu prezioso – con cura, rispetto, riverenza. Nella vostra cucina potete creare il vostro gourmet interiore guidato da consapevolezza, amore, luce e gioia! Spostando la vostra saggezza ad un livello piu profondo, tramite l’ascolto delle vostre sensazioni ed emozioni, sarete in grado di allineare mente e corpo con le vostre scelte alimentari, senza dogmatismi, rigide restrizioni o sensi di colpa. So you ate a tub of ice cream (who, me?!), get over it, move on and eat something nourishing for your next meal. Take a few deep breathes before you start eating and just be a bit thankful for your delicious meal! I hope the A-G guide below equips you with some tools to make this ideal holiday vision a reality.
Feel yourself liberate energy from feet, to knees, to hips, to shoulders, to arms and to neck and head. I also ate all the cheese and nuts I wanted and polished off a few ounces of cheese every day. I was never interested in travelling all over Singapore for the best roti prata or trying out a different restaurant each week. Se vi accorgete di essere distratti, nessun problema; si puo scegliere di mangiare consapevolmente in qualsiasi momento, ripartendo dal presente.
Ascoltate e rispettate i segnali che il vostro corpo vi invia, quando non avete piu fame smettete semplicemente di mangiare. This is what has worked for me, but I would love to hear any other strategies from your own experience too as I do believe we will all have different triggers and things that work better for different personality types.
Restricting, forbidding and banning particular foods only leads to those crazy thoughts about it and often results in binge eating it. When we are more deliberate about how we eat, we increase our awareness and decrease our consumption,” says Abramson. Below, I have listed some of my favorite strategies to help keep your mind sharp, your mood stable, and your productivity high! In addition to expanding your waistline, not paying attention during this unhealthy time will cost you creativity and productivity, and maybe some good relationships, while you trying to get your **** together again.
Tu hai il diritto di assaporare il tuo pasto senza contare le calorie e senza rimuginare sulla quantita di esercizio fisico necessario a bruciare tali calorie. Masticate adeguatamente, affinche il vostro corpo possa assimilare meglio cio di cui lo state nutrendo.
Although I know implementing all at once will not be easy, I challenge you to experiment with all and start to use the ones which resonate with you most to start. Do not try and change any sensation you take note of… just be aware of it and then move to the next area. Tu hai il diritto di onorare il tuo senso di sazieta interno, anche se cio comporta dire “No, grazie.
Schedule in some more interesting foods and treats each week, have a rough idea of what you will have but don’t over plan it either – I personally find working out all the calories and macro nutrients of a treat meal takes away some of the enjoyment of it! Everyone will slip up at some point guaranteed, so just accept that it happened and focus on getting back to nourishing your body.
As you start to reap the benefits, slowly add others and take note how great you feel when you take responsibility for your well-being! Rallentate, prendete un boccone per volta, masticatelo, godetene prima di ingoiarlo e di prendere un altro boccone. Also spend some time considering the trigger and why it happened – learn from you experience to help equip yourself in the future. Non e tua responsabilita rendere felice qualcuno ingerendo eccessive quantita di cibo, anche se ci sono volute ore nella sua preparazione. Prendetevi il tempo per sentire la texture, la temperatura e la consistenza del vostro cibo. Have a small amount of whatever it is you are feeling you want to eat, enjoy it mindfully and then stop). Mindful eating is something you have to work at, particularly with our busy, on-the-go lifestyles.
Si tratta di essere consapevoli e di mantenere la vostra attenzione in cio che state facendo. I find that this is really helpful and not only makes eating far more pleasant, but you consciously become aware of the process. I have literally had people accuse me of being a recovering alcoholic when I said I don’t drink! Despite your body thinking that it’s going to now starve to death, the likelihood of that happening is pretty much zero. No need to restrict your food to make your tummy grumble and start feeling light headed, but become comfortable with being hungry and don’t eat just for the sake of it.

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