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Since 1978, Gelb has conducted seminars around the world for such companies as British Petroleum, IBM, DuPont, Microsoft, Merck, and Nike. We simply cannot access our mind powers fully when we indulge in non-stop thoughts and negative self-talk. Thanks to breakthroughs in brain research and technology, it has never been easier to change your brain waves and reach heightened mind states to improve your overall well being.
Brain Power: Boost Your Health, Happiness and Spiritual Growth With Practical Tools That Supercharge Your Mind Powers is available on Amazon Kindle. Gelb, a renowned innovator in the field of creative thinking and leadership development, is the bestselling author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, Body Learning, Samurai Chess, and Present Yourself!. The knowledge I share is not commonly found in mainstream self-help books or in the classic mind power books. Goi about this book: This book is an invaluable resource for learning how to attract money using mind power. We can gain life-transforming insights, grow our intuitive powers, heal ourselves emotionally and physically, delay aging, achieve greater happiness and inner peace as well as spiritual growth when we use our inner power.

Written in a concise manual style, it contains quotes from 160 other books as well as 120 "simple steps" which help the reader to get a running start towards more abundant financial circumstances.
In other words, this is a serious, practical, metaphysical text which provides a clear step-by-step approach to becoming wealthy in a way in which anyone of average intelligence can understand, apply and benefit from.
Are you hoping that someone will develop the mental equivalent of Viagra?In the last 30 years the scientific evidence supporting the notion that your mind can improve through the years has become overwhelming. Though it can be read in just one or two sittings, this amazing little book has the power to utterly transform a person's financial life. Clearly, the question is no longer whether your mind can improve with age, but rather how you can optimize your mental powers as you get older.Brain Power presents practical, evidence-based information on improving your mind throughout life. I hope everyone will read this wonderful resource, which can help us all to not just survive but thrive.
In this new life of yours, money will flow to you not so much as a result of what you do, but more as a result of what and how you think. Gelb and Kelly Howell present an accessible and fun-to-read survey of the leading experts in the field of healthy aging, including physicians, gerontologists and neuroscientists.

They've also studied the habits and practices of men and women who are paragons of healthy aging.
Of course, it’s important not to lose the 1% that you actually use!)The brain is not, as was once thought, a compartmentalized, hardwired static machine whose parts eventually wear out.
You will activate unused areas of your brain, tone your mental muscles, and enliven all your faculties. Included with this book are downloadable Brain Sync®, Brain Wave Training audio files designed to dissolve accumulated stress and optimize your mental performance.
This easy-to-use audio technology is clinically proven to balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain, creating states of deep calm and high coherence - the same kind of coherence associated with the creativity of great minds like Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison.You are about to discover that the power of your brain is greater than anything you may have previously imagined. You possess an astounding instrument of intelligence, and you are on the verge of learning how to unleash its vast potential.

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