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Affirmations are positive sentences that are used to feed into the subconscious mind by freezing or neutralizing the critical faculty of the conscious mind. Use active voice and powerful words-Never use the passive and probable words like maybe, might, perhaps, possibly etc. Repeat your affirmations-Use your affirmations after you get up in the morning and before going to bed in the night. Feel your emotions-As you repeat your affirmations, feel the effect of powerful and energetic words. Mirror Technique-Stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and use your affirmations. Affirmation Software-Use the computer technology to make your affirmations more powerful and organized.
Don’t Quit-In the starting, you may have some problems as you change your original map of reality [belief system], but after sometime you will enjoy every part of it.
We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation. Affirmations are statements going beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words you use in the now.-Louise L. I always spent my half an hour to read this website's posts everyday along with a mug of coffee. Brain is the busiest part of a human body and is active right from the moment a baby is born. A person can be physically fit and is able to lift heavy equipments because the muscles respond to the weight put on them. The layer of mind power lies quietly inside everybody, it is only a matter of realisation which leads a person to unlock it and put into an effective use. Unveiling the secrets of mind and using it to one’s own advantage leads to the fruitful output. After realising the significance of mind power the next step would be to enhance it to the utmost. The mind should be kept decluttered in order to encourage the attribute of rationale in a person. Various causes can generate angst and panic attack in a person which blocks the smooth functioning of brain whereas a routine life kills the agility of his mind. People can exploit the potential of the brain to its fullest by training the brain which has an intrinsic quality to develop. Increasing mind power is essential for the people of all ages but it is an absolute necessity for the brain development of a child. The brain of a human being is a knowledge bank where lots of information is kept which aids in recognising things and memorising them.
The Misguided Virtues of Humility and Pride: Contrary to mainstream advice, humility and pride are two of the most misguided virtues that human beings can aspire to possess. Effective Mental Focus - When Not to Focus on What You Want: To consciously create your reality in the face of a negative belief, mentally focus on something that is a by-product of what you want but not specifically what you want. The Incredibly Important Role of Your Conscious Mind: Your conscious mind is your the seat of reason. Thought Power - Your Thoughts Create Your Reality: Everything you perceive in the outside world has its origin in the inner world of your thoughts.
You are One With the Universal Mind: There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe - all knowing, all powerful, all creative and always present. Brain Waves and the Deeper States of Consciousness: Every part of your body vibrates to its own rhythm.
The Essence of Mind Power"We do not have to wait for future discoveries in connection with the powers of the human mind for evidence that the mind is the greatest force known to mankind.

Upon subscription you will receive a gift of THREE all-time classic, mind power e-books by Charles F. Along with physical strength the psychological strength helps a sports personality to get success. Thank you for the post - interesting facts about all these great athletes and how they used the Power of the mind to accomplish their goals. It is a prevailing and easy way to reprogram the mind and change the existing belief system.
Whatever you create within yourself and in outside world is the result of four fundamental events: Thoughts, Images, Emotions and Actions. Always use the first person, and never use the second or third person in your affirmations.
It makes your subconscious mind more active, and you are more acceptable to new affirmations and better imprinting.
Effects are more powerful when you look straight into someone’s eyes and listen to the positive affirmations from him or her. The more you use and apply them, the more power and results you will derive from your affirmations.
A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance.
I could have sworn I've visited your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it's new to me.
The new born start observing things and recognises people around which requires him to lay stress on his brain. As per the reports human being only use the total of 10% of their mental ability since 90% of the brain can be accessed only by applying appropriate methods to it. Training the mind for yielding the effective result is within the capacity of a human being which should be put into maximum use. The person should train his mind to manage strains, use the techniques to refresh the mind and apply methods to infuse novelty in the thought process. The brain should be challenged by introducing it to a change, because the adaptation to a new circumstance helps augment the brain power. The nervous system of a child is in nascent stage and has to be directed effectively towards the right direction to extract the desired result. The brain commands the way one thinks and feel about the things around, turning it into a very powerful part of human anatomy. They are not virtues at all but rather are two extreme states of being that, like all extremes, are best to be avoided. This ability sets human beings apart from plants and minerals and places us highest in the animal kingdom. To consciously create your reality, you must learn to control the nature of your dominant, habitual thoughts.
As it is present everywhere at the same time, it follows that it must also be present in you. Haanel, Emile Coue and James Allen, as well as the unmissable A-Z of Mind Your Reality Poster, in stunning PDF format.
Psychological strength essential during the days of failure to maintain enthusiasm and inspiration to practice hard in future.
Your belief system is the frame of reference for all the thoughts and creation that you introduce in your life. This creation process defines your belief system which acts as a blueprint for further creation. You can use reminder cards, and place them where you see them for most of the time like work table, car, walls etc.

Apart from this meditation introduces a higher degree of alignment amongst the mind, body, spirit and god. It is actually the mental strength in the form of concentration of mind which is directed towards achieving the goal.
The full usage of mental ability improves the learning skills which amplifies the efficiency level of a person. The concentration of a human mind is increased by practicing meditation and other mental exercises which leashes the mind from meandering into various directions.
Deep breathing exercise infuses more oxygen in the blood and the mind which is instrumental to coherent thinking. Reading books can help absorb information and stimulate the mind to think and learn which helps boost the mind power. For example, if a person sees a blue colour which is mentioned as red, the brain will automatically put itself to work and double check the perceived information. The child should be introduced to the breathing exercises in an early stage of life to conquer nervousness before examination and enhancement of problem solving ability. The proper development of the brain channelise the human being towards the right direction and enable him to generate an ability to distinguish good from bad and right from wrong. Learning to access deeper states of consciousness enables you to consciously programme and re-wire your mind for success. The mental power shows the light at the end of the tunnel and aids in overcoming all the fears of life.
The thinking procedure of the mind should not be limited rather its abilities should be enhanced and heightened from time to time towards the right path.
Sleep is the best resort to revitalise the weary mind which is bound to be drained by continuous comprehension of things around a person. There are also several foods like fish, soy, fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses and grains which can boost up the mental strength. Thus, using the mind power to its full potential will improve the efficiency level of a human being and help him achieve his goals effectively. Since your childhood you are using certain kind of belief system(s), you are bound to get some fixed type of results. Therefore it is mind over matter which encourages intellectual power to help an individual supersede the issues of life.
Human beings are blessed with the ability to think and act and the quality of overcoming obstacles with mental strength sets one apart from others.The greatest power in a human is the power of subconscious mind, which one has to realise to bring upon desired effects in life.
The human brain has been devised to adapt to the nature of ever changing world and kindle ways to smoothen the thought process. In order to change your belief system, you have to change your Thoughts, Images, Emotions and Actions.
The alert state of mind deliberates effortlessly and effectively for producing the desired corollary.
The mental exercise like solving puzzles also increases the focus within the person and suffuses the clarity of thought in him.
The brain which has an aptitude to embrace transformations contains greater sense of productivity accompanied with good memory. Affirmations use the scientific methods to change your existing belief system, present reality and the manner in which you achieve your goals. Your affirmations, belief system, subconscious mind and the universal creative mind [God] must be in perfect alignment to manifest your desire in the physical reality.

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