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In Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind, professor Patterson, a human consciousness specialist, is kidnapped by some unknown criminals. Put your investigation skills and logical thinking on display and help Alex Hunter save a city from the mad genius! Download games, Play arcade games, action games, adventure games, sports games, puzzle games. This "Mind Boosters" Wallpaper #34020 have 2048x1280 px of resolution and 325.85 KB of file size with JPG format, added to our server on 8th, April 2014 and got 108 times views.

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Please click Facebook Like button below if you like this Mind Boosters wallpaper Image or Tweet to share it to your twitter. Some are known to all of us from childhood - a variant of the game reversi, chess puzzles, peg puzzle.

And some are a combination of two advanced games, such as in the case of sea battle or Sudoku.WARNING!!!

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