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As of the 7th of May the American based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) started to broadcast the first in a series of five webinars on the integration of psychedelic research in daily life.
The lowdown This is the weblog of UK based digital creative IAIN CLARIDGE serving as a repository for random morsels of ocular delight, news, views, obsessions & expressions, for your inspiration & delectation. I still reserve the right, at any time, to doubt the solutions furnished by the Modular, keeping intact my freedom, which must depend on my feelings rather than my reason. In the book Dynamic Mind Expansion you will learn how to create your own success and wealth by using the suggested principles within its 300+ pages.
Examines the principles of the universal law of attraction combined with actual business ideas in both the offline and online world of business. Dynamic Mind Expansion is your step-by-step practical guide that helps you achieve all you ever wanted to achieve by delivering workable methods and ideas that actually work! Immediate download of 10-track album or single tracks in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

The online course, for which you can register paying $129, touches upon topics like: how can you use insights from psychedelic science to improve your relationships, career, creative projects and spiritual life?
Sleep last night was still out of the question, and your reality still feels like a broken stained-glass window slowly mending itself back together. A comfortable bowl of cereal, a fresh pair of pyjamas, and a left-handed cigarette accompany you as you curl up in your favorite sofa or chair as you attempt to unwind to your favorite child- and adulthood animations. Another important topic is the ability of psychedelics to heal trauma, addiction and mental illness.Once registered you can tune in to the discussions moderated by MAPS-representative Brad Burge. The weekly sessions feature diverse scientists, artists, writers and therapists active in the field. I wish to thank all of the musicians, audio engineers, visual artists, and general supporters for their efforts into making this a grassroots compilation where pretentiousness and ego have been discarded in favor of a focus on experimentalism, creativity, artistry, and a general love of the music.
For example therapist Gabor Mate will talk about the use of the Amazonian ayahuasca brew in addiction treatment.

These ten tracks showcase an awesome worldwide range of both well-established and up and coming talent, whose sounds range from acid trance to dark psychedelic, from minimal and atmospheric to funky and twisted to relentless and in-your-face. In another session psychologist Linnae Ponte will discuss how to deal with bad trips, while medical researcher Alica Danforth will explain how MDMA can be used to reduce social anxiety by autism.The online course reflects the recent upsurge in psychedelic science.
More and more researchers are investigating the promising potentials of ayahuasca, LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and iboga. Though spreading the gained information in accessible format to a wider audience is obviously praiseworthy, it would be even better if the webinar was free for all to watch.
Because, aren?t these things every psychonaut would like to know?The series are a co-production between MAPS and Evolver learning lab.

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