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Minako!I heard good things about this place--apparently the Community Manager from Tokyo loves this place because it reminds him of the japanese food he used to get at home. BOOK TO WIN: Every day in March, someone will win a trip a€“ book your hotel on TripAdvisor to enter! Minako Organic Japanese Restaurant is a gluten free secret tucked away in the heart of the Mission (between 18th and 19th St). Sounds like a strong recommendation!We also knew this place had a long wait, so being the yelpers that we were, we went there early, around 5:30pm when it was opening time for the night shiftThe food did not disappoint! You will quickly be welcomed into this homey restaurant by the friendly owner and operator who truly takes pride in what she does. Especially the spicy vegan ramen--I've never tasted something that was so tasty in my life that was vegan.

While they offer all the traditional Japanese seafood, the special dishes on the vegan portions of the menu is where it's at! Items like gluten free tempura, teriyaki chicken, and many other hard to find Japanese favorites have been included by the talented chef who happens to be the owner’s mother.
The spiciness was just right, and the texture of the noodles matched the bean sprouts really well. It’s unusual to walk out of Minako without spending a bit more time and money then you may have anticipated (all of the small plates tend to add up) but it is well worth every penny to be able to indulge in tempura battered shrimp, and some of the Japanese classics us gluten intolerant tend to miss out on. Before I knew it the entire bowl in front of me was empty :(You also get free desserts, which is a clear jello-y cake.
Try it as a bento set for dinner and you will get treated with the most delicious side dishes.

The waitress was pretty demanding, telling us what to order and what not to order :) but it seems like she really cares about the customers, going so far to tell them to not order certain things even though it would have made the place more money if we had. The menus were also pretty funny--over half the menu consisted of random drawings of cats and other various doodles, that had nothing to do with food. Looks like she put a lot of work into making the menus great :)Alas, the waitress tells us this place is closing down the next month or so, so visit while you still can.

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