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Between 1959 and 1992, Mitchell collaborated on numerous artists’ books with poets, including John Ashbery, Hank Hine, and Nathan Kernan.
As editor with oversight of the entire production of In Memory of My Feelings (Museum of Modern Art, 1967; bound facsimile reprint, 2005), I offer the following additional information about its making, as well as a few corrections.
While the Cuban Missile Crisis looms (October 1962), things at Sterling Cooper don't run as smoothly while Don is away; Betty receives some upsetting news.
Sterling Cooper junior executives speculate about management's plans for the company, and Pete wonders how to break the news that he's lost the Clearasil account.
Pete admits to Herman Phillips that he lost Clearasil, but Herman Phillips says not to worry: Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency is merging with Puttnam, Powell, and Lowe. Focusing on the Cuban missile crisis, John Gill delivers a sermon exhorting parishioners to prepare themselves for the most important summit meeting of all, the one with God. Lois from the switchboard shocks Ken, Sal, Paul, and Harry with the merger news: "It's done.
Trudy Vogel, fearing a nuclear attack, prepares to leave New York (taking the silver with her), but Pete declines to join her. Saint John Powell anoints Herman Phillips as Sterling Cooper's president at a meeting with Roger, Don, and Bertram. Don tells the assembled that if this is the agency they want, Herman Phillips is the right man, but that he won't be a part of it.
At various points during this second season of Mad Men, I've wondered to myself whether creator Matthew Weiner has been making this series largely for himself.
Carl Phillips, Lorna Dee Cervantes, Gretchen Marquette, Blas Falconer, Denise Bergman, Dante Micheaux, and more. The title poses an immediate challenge: in an emergency, common sense tells us, you call 911 or cry out for help.
No period at the end of that line, even as there is no clearly defined image in a Mitchell painting, drawing, or print. welcomes comments that foster dialogue and cultivate an open community on the site. One of the foremost critics of contemporary, modern, and avant-garde poetry and poetics now writing in English, Marjorie Perloff has published numerous books, articles, and essays on issues ranging from digital poetics to philosophy, and her work has been translated into many languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, German, and French. Her perspective will change, suggests her doctor, after her husband and friends learn she's expecting. Needing time and just taking it," comments Betty when Don reappears at the stables, wishing he could "undo what happened." His admission that something did happen helps her realize she's "not crazy" but, she states, life without Don wasn't all that different from life with him. Herman Phillips will be the new entity's president, and he wants Pete to replace him as head of accounts.
Kennedy alert the nation via television that the Soviet Union is erecting strategic missile sites in Cuba.

They take the keys Friday." She states that the new management wants to keep some of the existing staff for the office, but there will be "redundant" employees. Back at the office, Pete gives Don a head's up about Herman Phillips's new role at Sterling Cooper. He knows he's behaved badly and admits that she would quickly find someone new if they broke up, but that without her he'd be alone forever. Herman Phillips warns him to honor his contract or "walk out that door and start selling insurance." He doesn't have a contract, Don replies. Comments on articles must be approved by the site moderators before they appear on the site. This light-based process allowed numerous drawings to be layered, if the artist so desired, to create a single print.
Two additional drawings, as well as numerous trial proofs of seemingly related prints, are now in the Joan Mitchell Foundation Archives. In the domain of the visual arts, archival collections had, until recently, largely been defined as conglomerations of documentation about works of art, their creators, and the contexts in which both are actualized. Don arrives at the office the next day to a stack of correspondence and Pete's questions about his disappearance in Los Angeles. She makes the men promise one of them will take her off switchboard if they keep their jobs. It should move into the business of buying advertising time and space, particularly television slots. They're more bits of character shading and era-definition, and even at that, I sometimes feel like Weiner includes them because they're fragments of his own memory, or because he's preoccupied by the contradictions of this world he's chosen to explore.It's because I'm equally fascinated by this world that I rarely care much whether Mad Men's plot advances, and why I sometimes get impatient when it advances with too heavy a foot.
Whether she considered these drawings studies or alternate versions suitable for printing is unknown.
He believes Don's contract bars him from working for competitors; his only choice will be to accept Herman Phillips's authority.
In the dozens of letters O’Hara wrote Mitchell ?between the mid-fifties and his tragic death in 1966 at the age of forty, it is the present that counts, the immediate moment. All of these drawings convey a subtlety and depth of feeling absent from the published print.
And in the world beyond the circle of Sterling-Cooper, President Kennedy is rattling the American saber at Russia and Cuba, demanding that they remove their offensive missiles or face the consequences.Don of course learned all about rockets in California, and knows that if JFK pushes the button, that's all she wrote. At front center one can make out the bent knees of a reclining figure, whose shoulders, right arm, and neck are minimally outlined at the very top of the page. But those knees may also belong to a second de Kooning-esque figure, whose shoulders and triangular head seem to be sitting in the lap of the first figure, propping up this second one. Or Pete's casual comment about how, "The Russians are reconsidering now that we made a stand." But while tonight's episode didn't have a Don Draper Moment as sublime as the pitch for the slide projector in last year's finale, I was just about as jazzed by Don informing Duck that since he's not under contract to Sterling-Cooper, he doesn't have to sweat any non-compete clauses, and thus can take his pitchman skills anywhere he wants.

In the same spirit, Mitchell’s drawing obliquely celebrates the act of cradling, of one person holding the other protectively.
That rare word of approval from Don leads Pete to spill the beans to Don about Duck's plans to assume the presidency of S-C. And just like that, Pete may have saved his job, by showing loyalty to Don over Duck at a crucial moment. All because Pete just needed to hear that Daddy really loves him.Of course, these things don't always work out so well.
Then the episode ends with Peggy praying, and Pete sitting silently in his office, fondling the rifle that he bought back in Season One to prove that women don't rule his life.I know I've written a lot over the course of the past few Mad Men blogs about how the show has been exploring the idea of alternate lives, and certainly Pete gets a strong glimpse at what could've been in his conversation with Peggy. But just the way Peggy describes how she could've "shamed" him is enough to indicate that she realizes she dodged a bullet. Betty begins "Meditations In An Emergency" sitting in a doctor's office (just like Don began this season… and it's the same doctor, yes?) and getting the news that she's pregnant. When Betty mentions the idea of abortion, he doctor sternly chastises her, saying, "That is an option for young girls who have no other options." So Betty spends a few days alternately reflecting on her situation and trying to bring an end to it by natural means. Because of tonight's "limited commercial interruption," I certainly didn't expect the episode to end where it did, and given Weiner's propensity for skipping ahead, it's going to be brutal waiting until next year to find out what effect the merger will have on the staff, or whether Pete will continue to be an emotional wreck after Peggy's rejection.
She was all but absent in this episode.)Still, I was pretty knocked out by "Meditations In An Emergency," because I thought Weiner and company tied these major events in their characters' lives to the Cuban Missile Crisis just beautifully. The staff at Sterling-Cooper learns that the Russians have caved to Kennedy's demands, but they won't know the full details of what happened for years. Until Betty tells Don about her pregnancy, the news is hers to keep, and to do with what she will.
Or as Don puts it when he faces down his pile of unopened mail: "The world continues without us. Mad Men is so completely Weiner's fantasy that I can't imagine he'd leave it behind.-I heartily recommend this interview with Matthew Weiner.
Also this one.-Lastly, I want to sound a note of mourning for Andrew Johnston, a fine critic and a friend, whose recaps of Mad Men for The House Next Door were an inspiration.
I couldn't hold a candle to what Andrew wrote during the first part of this season, which was some of the last writing he did, and I think the best work he did. We only met in person a couple of times, and exchanged e-mails only a few more, but I will miss him, and his analytical skill.

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