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This year, I am choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and focusing on beginning my meditation practice anew.
Chanting is a powerful practice that can further your meditation practice. The melding of sound, breath and rhythm is soothing. Chanting is also proven to have positive health benefits – increasing the flow of energy through mind and body by regulating the nervous and endocrine system.
Chanting is an easy practice to follow on your own or in a group. There are many syllables that one can chant. Om Nama? Shivaya is a powerful five syllable mantra that is chanted by devotees of Lord Shiva. Om Nama? Shivaya has such power that the mere intonation of these syllables reaps its own reward in salvaging the soul from bondage of the treacherous instinctive mind and the steel bands of a perfected externalized intellect. If none of these mantras resonate with you, feel free to browse the many articles that guide you in finding your own mantra.
This meditation more than any other allows you be fully present in your body and in the moment. Walking anywhere works, but I prefer to stroll through my neighborhood, park or local gardens. Last Fall, I decided to enroll in a Zentangle class offered by one of our local yoga studios.
Zentangle is a doodling technique where varying and repetitive patterns result in a structured yet unique work of art. For those who struggle with sitting meditation, the process of doodling offers the freedom of movement with the mindfulness of art. Zentangle is not only a meditative practice, it serves many uses from motivation training to unlocking creativity. They also make great gifts! Crumbs on the floor, marker stains on the table, reams of paper that showcase my kids creativity, unidentifiable fuzzy objects (UFOs) on the furniture, these are just a few things that surface as unwanted thoughts when I settle down to meditate. I don’t really despise cleaning, I just dread it, because it is a never ending process. By embracing repetitiveness and bringing mindfulness into even a trivial chore such as doing laundry, I have found that it is possible to turn it into a spiritual practice.
I don’t promise that your outlook will change in a day, but bringing elements of meditation into cleaning does make the task more bearable.
Most of all, by finding value in these simple tasks, I am able to find value in what I do for my family.
This gazing meditation, as its otherwise known, can be performed by focusing on an object that is internal or external. For external Trataka, there are any number of objects that you can choose as your focal point. I find focusing on a candle flame, an object from nature such a leaf or flower or water to be an uplifting Trataka practice. Consequently, only a fraction of our thoughts pertain to what is important and real: the present. Content on this site is protected by US and International Copyright Laws. Content may not be copied or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission. Meditation is one of the most effective tools to lower your stress, achieve your goals, and ultimately change your life.  There are many effective methods and ways to meditate, but many of the most effective are free and can take as little as five minutes out of your busy schedule. I want to help others and continue to learn for myself, the power that all of us hold inside. Disclaimer: The techniques, strategies, and suggestions expressed here are intended to be used for educational purposes only.
It is imperative that before beginning any nutrition or exercise program you receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician. Drew Canole and claim no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the material presented here. This entry was posted in Articles, Featured, Mindset and tagged basics of meditations, benefits of meditation, meditation for beginners, meditations, methods of meditation, reasons of meditation. For some people, meditation is just about sitting alone with themselves with a restful mind.
If you are new at it then calming your mind and keeping it from wandering can be quite tricky.
One thing that you can do is use the center of your own self, your ego, as the point of focus. Another technique that was practiced in conventional Kaballah meditation was that you focus on a spot at the back of your head, an empty spot, a black void.
These techniques can be adopted by anyone who wants to destress and are willing to explore the option of meditation.
Deep Meditation System is a new meditation course, which helps learners find out ways to meditate longer, deeper, and easier than ever before. Deep Meditation System is a monthly course, and each month learners will get a new meditation recording that they can download and then listen to for complete month.
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VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. By now you may have heard that meditation is good for you a€” that it can even change your life. High-performing professionals of all sorts have talked about how meditation helps them deal with stress and succeed in demanding environments. Prominent advocates include Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, Oprah Winfrey, and media pros like Dan Harris and George Stephanopoulos. The good folks at AsapSCIENCE took the time to dig into the actual research into meditation for one of their latest videos a€” you can check out the full video below, but here are seven things that scientific research tells us about what meditation does for the body and brain. Multiple studies have shownA that meditation can help reduce levels of depression and anxiety, along with helping people tolerate pain better.
Research shows that meditators have unique brains with well-developed areas that might be connected to the mastery of awareness and emotional control. Buddhist monks and other long term meditation practitioners show much more developed brain regions associated with empathy, though the reasons for that are likely complex.
Several studies show that after an eight-week meditation program, participants had denser brain tissue in areas connected to learning, emotion regulation, and memory processing. Additionally, they showed decreased amounts of grey matter in parts of the amygdala, a brain area connected to fear and stress.
Mindfulness training has been connected to decreased blood pressure and a more variable heart rate a€” which is a good thing, meaning your body can better regulate blood flow depending on how much oxygen you need at the time.
In a study, researchers took two groups of people and had one group complete an eight week meditation course.
One study showed that cancer survivors who completed a meditation program showed increased telomere length a€” telomeres are protein complexes that protect our genes, and shortened telomeres have been linked to various diseases. As the video below explains, meditation can't take the place of taking care of yourself a€” so you should keep going to the doctor, getting exercise, and eating vegetables. Or for those weirded out by thinking "ommmm," just go ahead and take some time to sit and breathe. In our era of 24-hour digital distraction, the art paying attention is increasingly difficult.
Basic meditation, the practice of doing nothing and being tuned in to your own mind at the same time, can be frustrating at first. Did you notice in the February 3, 2014 issue that the woman on the cover has the exact look of contentment as the Japanese macaques soaking in the hot springs. In this guide to How To Meditate in Ten Easy Steps you’ll discover the absolute easiest ways to make meditation a part of your life. One of the biggest mistakes people make when learning is that they don’t set aside the time to actually practice properly.
So, step one in our guide is this: set aside twenty minutes in which you don’t have to do anything. If there are other people in the house with you, let them know that you are going to be meditating for the next twenty minutes and that you don’t want to be disturbed.
If you want to make a daily routine, you may find it helpful to set aside twenty minutes each day at the same time, perhaps in the morning or when you get home from work. Put some plants in the room too and perhaps some paintings as these can create a suitable atmosphere too.
To eliminate the need to keep looking at the clock, just set an alarm for twenty minutes, or however long you wish to meditate for.
Many practices include specific postures, which range from the sitting positions of Zen meditation to the mudras of Yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism.
However, for this easy guide to meditation we don’t need any specific sitting positions or hand gestures (mudras).
Close your eyes and focus your mind on the breathing as it comes and goes between the space between your lips and nose. Many new meditators immediately find themselves wanting to try out more and more complex meditation techniques.

The reason why most people want to try more and more complex techniques comes down to their ego. Okay, this might seem like a weird thing for a teacher to say, but meditation isn’t divine. One of the best things you can do with meditation (well, with anything, actually) is find a group of like minded people.
If  you would like to discover more about meditation, my complete guide to meditation is now on sale. Understanding some basic psychological principles, however, can help you to create and maintain the regular practice you desire. Write up a contract with yourself, explicitly committing to meditate every day, and then sign it. You can make your written commitment even stronger if you create a calendar each week, containing specific meditation goals for each day. There are also all kinds of great applications that don't only serve as a meditation calendar, but that actually remind you to do it. And, of course, there's also the benefit of the group's meditation schedule, which also helps to keep you on track. So often the reasons that make it hard to meditate are quite mundane: Your cat won't leave you alone, your neighbor plays loud music, the phone keeps ringing. Shrimati Bhanu Narasimhan, a petite Indian woman wrapped in a bright fuchsia sari, has a soft voice but a big presence.
Before Zaccai Free, a District of Columbia resident, began meditating in college two decades ago, he had a very short fuse – to the point, he says, of wanting to commit acts of violence. Braden was a high-profile senior policy advisor in the State Department, constantly on the go to trips around the world, until seven years ago, when she was struck by multiple sclerosis.
Meditation induces relaxation, which increases the compound nitric oxide that causes blood vessels to open up and subsequently, blood pressure to drop. Quite literally, sustained meditation leads to something called neuroplasticity, which is defined as the brain's ability to change, structurally and functionally, on the basis of environmental input. For much of the last century, scientists believed that the brain essentially stopped changing after adulthood. But research by University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson has shown that experienced meditators exhibit high levels of gamma wave activity and display an ability -- continuing after the meditation session has attended -- to not get stuck on a particular stimulus.
Yet, even my fragmented practice has reaped numerous benefits – it has enhanced my focus, improved my memory, decreased my stress, brought me greater awareness and sparked creativity. I am utilizing unusual ways to meditate that suit my temperament more than conventional meditation methods. I share them with you in the hope that one of these methods will help your further your own practice.
It denotes an instrument of thought, a word or sound repeated to aid concentration. Hindu hymns often involve chanting of mantras in cadence. Here are a few powerful ones I have tried.Om is believed to be the basic sound of the world and to contain all other sounds.
Nama? Sivaya quells the instinct, cuts through the steel bands and turns this intellect within and on itself, to face itself and see its ignorance. The need to hold your body still, in addition to having to quiet your thoughts can be daunting.
The simple process of taking steps alternating the left and the right foot helps create a meditative state.
Water elements such as a lake, river or waterfall are especially conducive to meditation and add to the richness of experience. Appreciating the fluidity of your movements and natural surroundings, helps you control runaway thoughts. I enjoy a soothing nature sounds playlist such as “Nature Radio” on Pandora or turn to a Nature sounds album to enhance my experience.
At first glance a finished Zentangle looks complex, until you learn the practice of tangling. The string could be a shape, a letter or an abstract shape. The cardboard is then sectioned off and built upon one section at a time.
Three children and their accompanying stuff create significant levels of clutter even in a decent sized suburban house.
In fact we are completely incapable of realizing the miracle of life while standing at the sink. The drudgery of housekeeping does not diminish me, in fact it highlights my capacity for attention. This attention speaks volumes of my love for my family. Bring mindfulness to your breath, to a mantra, let its cadence steer you to peace. Tune into the gracefulness of your body, feel calmness and joy wash over you.
FitLife.TV is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
But there are many a different techniques of meditation and different techniques work for different people.
In different sessions you can identify with different facets of your personality and then work towards transcending it.
Gradually your tensions and frustration would seep and vanish into the nothingness of the void. Plug into your headphones or bi-neural beats that alter your brain waves into synchronized symphonies, can really elevate you from all your worries. This Deep Meditation System reveals how to experience directly deep meditation after only six minutes. This man spent a lot of time on researching and testing meditation techniques that bring high results for training humain health. This session is provided in 4th month for learners to tap into their inner genius and change in their life.
Plenty of Wall Street executives and Google employees are into meditation as well, and of course, the late Steve Jobs was a big fan. The researchers conclude that mindfulness meditation in particular might help people deal with psychological stress, though they say that more research is needed into how meditation might help lead to positive mental health (beyond reducing effects of negative stresses).
While it's possible that people with such brains might be more likely to meditate in the first place, other research does show that after completing a meditation program there are changes in participants' brains that are connected to memory, self-awareness, and perspective.
Researchers have seen that meditation can also change brain waves, leading to higher levels of alpha brain waves a€” which are generally associated with a state of wakeful relaxation. This state of mind is associated with various positive effects and with reductions in negative stresses like anxiety and depression.4. In a study published in Social Cognitive And Affective Neuroscience, researchers write that in general, people who stimulate an area of the brain repeatedly (generally by learning a skill) show an increase in grey matter, while not using an area of the brain decreases grey matter in that area. Researchers (and the American Heart Association) say a likely mechanism for this is that meditation could reduce the levels of stress hormones that can cause inflammation and other physical problems.
There are also signs that meditation can help boost your immune system a€”A or at least help ward off the flu.
At the end of the eight weeks, the people in the meditation group showed increased left-side brain activity.
Researchers say that the possible mechanism for this is that reducing stress could help certain enzymes that lengthen telomeres, though more research in more diverse populations is needed. It's also worth noting that much of this research is still fairly preliminary and as we learn more about the brain and how it responds to different types of activity, our perspective on how all this works could change.
But research shows it reduces stress and increases focus. Here are some simple steps to get you started. But before getting started you might like to bookmark this page (CTRL + D on your keyboard) or join us on Facebook.
The majority of people simply feel like meditating, go and sit down and close their eyes, and then a few minutes later remember that they’ve left the oven on or that they have to make a phone call. You need to allow yourself to relax and focus, and that means setting aside twenty minutes when you know you won’t be distracted. That way you will establish a habit and, before long, you’ll be practicing without even thinking about it. Any clutter in the room is going to put you off and distract you, as will any source of noise.
If there is something that means a lot to you and that helps you to relax or to get into what I call the “spiritual zone,” then include it in the room. Also, if you are a religious person, you might like to include some religious statues of whichever belief you follow. Imagine being in serenity, sitting so peacefully on the floor, not a thought on your mind when BUZZZZZ BUZZZZ BUZZZZ! That’s because meditation is all about focus, and the last thing that will help you focus is an itch or a cramp. So, when you’re meditating and you experience the thought I need to do more say to yourself, “That’s my ego talking” and return to the simple technique.
Because when you think that it is some supernatural miracle you start to expect amazing things to happen. If you go into it expecting to immediately be enlightened or to find supreme happiness after ten breaths, you will get nothing out of it.
You will also get to talk to meditation with other people, which helps you to progress in your practice.

From authors to spiritual gurus, I've been blessed to have many truly inspirational figures in my life.
A few simple brain hacks can nudge your meditation tendency over the line to a sustainable, life-long practice. It wants to appear consistent to itself, and really dislikes things that make you look contradictory or hypocritical. Once you put something in writing and sign it, your brain has a strong desire to appear consistent. Post this calendar prominently, in a place where you see it all the time, and put a large X through each day after you sit. On Windows, Outlook or Lightning can be used to create a meditation calendar, and are integrated with email clients you may already have.
With these two tools helping you to stay motivated and engaged in your meditation practice, the next step is to publicly state your dedication to meditate. On top of the gain you get from consistency bias, you will also benefit from a major increase in your desire to meditate, due to the normative effects of peer pressure. In day-to-day meditating, these little things can grow big enough to frustrate even the most dedicated person. She holds the rapt attention of some 100 people who have come to learn how to meditate at the Art of Living Center in the District of Columbia. I don't find myself getting as distracted anymore," says Sara Robinson of Indianapolis, who did the Sahaj course last February. Studies have shown that brain signaling increases in the left side of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for positive emotions, while activity decreases in the right side, responsible for negative emotions, Newman says. One study, published in 2008 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, showed that 40 of 60 high blood pressure patients who started meditating could stop taking their blood pressure medication. Whether I am waiting for an appointment or have a few minutes of quiet, I can pull out my pattern and continue to work on it.
Since I work from home, its hard to escape the clutter. By the end of a cleaning session, I am left with a clean room that I can scarcely appreciate let alone enjoy because of my agitated mind. Acknowledging that the task is done out of love, washes away any traces of resentment and fills me with joy.
If you have ever struggled with developing the habit of meditation, one of these methods is sure to help you.
Some people just sit in the lotus position early in the morning, while some sit with candles all around and soothing music.
Say, there are times when you feel victimized for example, concentrate on it and try to identify why you feel this way. This is not only the simplest way to mediate but very effective even for people who don't want to meditate in the conventional manner.
The author claims that the system covers meditation recordings that are designed specially and engineered scientifically to bring learners extremely deep as well as extremely pleasurable meditative experiences at the same time as revolutionizing totally their mind to create some amazing results. You have to spend time and effort for your meditation to get benefits that meditation brings.
They write that in this case, participants who reduced their stress response the most were the ones that showed the biggest decrease in grey matter in this area of the brain. You will find that with a relaxed body and good posture, your mind automatically relaxed and your focus increases. So, sit on the floor (with a meditation mat) or a seat, make sure your spine is in good alignment and relaxed, your chin tucked in a little and that there is not itching or fidgeting going on.
That’s why we’ll be covering basic breathing in this guide to how to meditate in ten easy steps. The aim of meditation of to silence these thoughts so that you can focus your mind without distraction. Try counting your breaths, or focussing on the rising and falling of your abdomen, or, if you are stressed, focus on your hand as you clench and then release your fist (this is a great relaxation technique btw).
And here’s the very strange thing about meditation: the more you expect to get out of it, the less you will. When, however, you enter meditation with a clear mind, when you don’t force meditation but you just sit back and let what happens happen, then you will see amazing results. Establishing and maintaining that kind of steady, daily practice presents a challenge, even for people with a strong motivation to sit. This naturally applies socially, but it turns out that you want to appear consistent even to yourself. You will actually begin to change your beliefs and actions to come into line with this written commitment. If you want a stand-alone Windows program that is also free, Rainlender comes highly recommended. I always say that 50 percent of who you are is other people, meaning that the beliefs, attitudes, and biases of the people around you gradually become your own.
It's important to minimize all such annoyances by intelligently engineering your practice times and places. Susan Braden, who lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, and also did the Sahaj course, says the practice has made her apply the Hippocratic oath -- "First, do no harm" -- to herself. The other benefits of meditation, including increased self-awareness and acceptance, also contribute to improved overall well-being.
But, the progression of the pattern itself is unplanned, it grows organically through each mindful stroke. Each Zentangle is unique and created with focus and love. While drinking the cup of tea, we will only be thinking of other things, barely aware of the cup in our hands.
It is said that advanced yogis develop intuition and clairvoyance through the dedicated practice of this form of meditation. Our thoughts are in constant chaos, alternating between past and future; fact, fantasy and negativity. It will ward off stress, improve your memory, help you concentrate, and ignite your creativity. If you are not familiar with the right technique, meditating can become quite cumbersome and so much so that it might actually get discouraged. In addition, the author reveals that meditation is the most effective and potent way to decrease harmful stress and learn how to have a peace of mind in their life with the spiritual growth plan. The meditators had a stronger immune response (their bodies produced more flu-fighting antibodies), and the higher the level of left-brain activity in general, the greater the immune response.
Meditation is best when you are dedicates to it –and really, it’s only twenty minutes a day so it isn’t a big commitment. You’ll find that as soon as you accept your weaknesses—in meditation as in life—they will no longer have such power over you. This is a psychological principle called "consistency bias," and here's how to make it work in your favor. So even when you don't feel like meditating -- there's a concert, or television show, or sleeping late, or whatever you would rather do -- somewhere in the back of your mind you will remember that contract, and that can push you over the edge toward sitting down and meditating first.
It magnifies the effect of consistency bias because especially want to appear consistent to others. By intentionally surrounding yourself with people who meditate, who believe that meditation is a good thing to do, who talk about the details of practice, and so forth, you are slowly and subtly reprogramming yourself to be a long-term meditator.
Sit at the quietest times of day, unplug the phone and the computer, let your partner know that you don't want to be disturbed, put the cat outside.
It's a mantra-based meditation she advises doing twice a day for 20 minutes -- before eating. Mostly, "it made me more comfortable in my own skin," adds Free, who does many types of meditation, including Sahaj, Agnihotra, laughter and walking meditations. Lazar's colleague, Elizabeth Hoge, did a study that showed that meditators also have longer telomeres, the caps on chromosomes indicative of biological age (rather than chronological). Thus we are sucked away into the future -and we are incapable of actually living one minute of life. So, before you turn your back on meditation try one or all of the following and reap the benefits. If you happen to appear on national television, take that opportunity to declare your commitment. By reducing the number of reasons to stop sitting, you'll be increasing your likelihood of success with meditation and joy with life.
You explore your inner self and realize that's just as big as traveling to Burma." For Braden, learning to meditate has been harder than learning Arabic.
Sometimes, when things are not going so well, concentrating on a happy side of you can really change your mood and lift up your spirits.
So if it doesn't look like a tomato, I wouldn't eat it." Braden also gave up coffee, replacing it with tea. Once you are recharged, you can think more clearly and deal with problems more effectively. I will focus as best I can.” Never blame yourself (I know I’m hammering this point a little but it is very important).

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