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There are many benefits of morning meditation, and by practising morning mantras you can have an incredible positive influence on the rest of your day.
Now as you are aware of your breathing and have steaded your mind, instill the sense of being into yourself. Whether you are a regular meditator or a beginner, beginning the practise of meditating in the morning can be tough. It should take between 15 – 25 minutes to complete your morning mantras, but it is worth sparing that extra time in the morning as it benefits you greatly. You get to take a few minutes to be grateful for the good things in your life and commune with the true source the things that you want to achieve. What I’ve noticed, is that the act of entering a meditative state for even just 5 or 10 minutes has great benefit.
In the first moments of day before our mind is fully awake can be a wonderful time for meditation. You are about to be guided on a morning meditation where you will harness the energy of the early morning rays of the sun, that radiates loving energy throughout your body. Joel Annesley is an Aussie entrepreneur, online video producer and marketing coach, director, creative thinker driven to empower and inspire people like you to reach peak potential in business and everyday life. The Lord Buddha taught like that because meditation was the most important thing in your life and it would cause us to achieve the highest goal of life – Nirvana. So all of the wise and knowledge ones have spent the most time to meditate and still their mind. If you have ever thought about taking up meditation then today is the day for you to start. You won’t have to do anything weird or sit cross legged on the floor until your legs cramp up.

I have found that doing my daily meditation first thing in the morning has many extra benefits that I don’t get if I do it later in the day.
This early morning practice has enabled me to more easily focus on my breath and remove the chatter in my mind. Move on to the next page for an awesome spoken meditation to start your day off on the right foot. This form of meditation has proven to boost your mood, gain more confidence and keep you focused throughout the day.
We are used to our own morning routine; having a shower, making breakfast, getting dressed for the day that awaits. You get to set your focus for the day and create the proper attitude you need to take on the day. I made a decision to record my own morning meditation, and I have since made it available on YouTube.
You’ll have the chance to let go of any negative thoughts, feelings or emotions so you can begin the day with a clean slate. My mission to empower and inspire people just like you to take the step out of the ordinary to discover what it really means to live life to the fullest. Beginning right now, I will post a short meditation exercise that anyone can do, even if you have never meditated before. Each exercise will be about 10 minutes long so you don’t need to spend a lot of time. Actually, I have gotten to where I meditate more then once a day but for a long time it was just the one time if I even did it at all. That is difficult enough without the added distraction of other background noises from various sources.

These short phrases are called mantras: meaning a sacred word, calming sound, phonemes, word or group of words believed by some to have spiritual and psychological power. Soon after you’ve woken up, put on some calming meditation music, get intune with your body by focusing on your breathing. Consume this thinking, use it to make you a more focused and to gain more confidence within yourself. Spending that time building your confidence is also wonderful if you suffer from anxiety, depression or even if you’ve been having a bad week. Meditation can have a profound impact on how we can cope with stress, and deal with daily struggles.
It stops me from running on automatic, and helps me to feel more gratitude every single day. I will be sharing with you some inspirational stories, videos and quotes from true visionaries, along with some of my own insights! If you can commit to this, then you will really get a chance to see first hand how meditation can help you change your life forever. Breathe in slowly, get as much air into your lungs as possible, count until 5, and release. Take this time to reflect on not only the big things you love, but the small things which make you smile.

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