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Perfect for meditation, massage sessions, and reminding yourself to get up and stretch after an hour at the computer!
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Recent Posts These Health Benefits Of Tea Will Make You Drink More Tea Paul Hinton 08-Mar-20163 Ways Meditation Can Help You Sleep Better Paul Hinton 26-Feb-2016Boost Your Mood and Health With These Refreshing Herbal Teas! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These beautiful pyramid shaped meditation timers enable you to time your meditation so that, as in a guided group session, you need not remain mindful of passing time. The meditation timer is easy to setup, you simply turn a knob on the timer to get your desired time, press start and the timer will start to countdown to zero and then strike the bowl gong. As mentioned the Now & Zen timer is a beautiful piece of work comprising of a six inch diameter brass bowl gong set upon an elegant wooden platform and comes in two different types of wood, clear maple or dark oak. For more information and to view more images of these beautiful timers they can be found on the Now & Zen website. The meditation timer from Yogamates features a long resonating acoustic chime set in a hardwood box and a digital clock interface.
When used as a meditation timer the clock will countdown to zero from the desired time you set and emits a single chime and the timer will then begin a series of chimes.

As you can see in the image to the left this meditation timer is beautifully crafted and would not look out of place anywhere in the home. The PrannaTimer was created to time meditation periods but at Pranna they have added the use of incense to this simple act of timing meditation periods as incense has been used in meditation for centuries. The PrannaTimer is a beautiful piece of art as well as a timer; they are made from beautiful hardwoods and use no batteries of electricity so are environmentally friendly as well.
The idea behind any meditation timer is to take timekeeping out of the hands of the practitioner allowing them focus fully on their meditation practice and that is exactly what the PrannaTimer is designed to do.
The use of incense with this meditation timer not only controls the time that you meditate for but it also creates a soothing atmosphere whilst it burns. When the timer reaches zero the chime is automatically struck from inside the solid hardwood case. The really are wonderful meditation timers so don't hesitate, go and visit the Chopa website today and see much more of these wonderful timers.
For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. The timer works by lighting an incense stick which burns slowly until the end at which time the ringer is released on the timer to strike the bell which emits a beautiful lingering tone. These timers certainly are worth your consideration and contemplation so head over to the PrannaTimers website today.

The alarm clock has the ability to time and guide meditations and is a gentle way to start or end your meditation practice.
Once the first strike has been struck the chimes will continue for pre-programmed ten minute period. Set it for the desired number of minutes (5 to 60 minutes), and this solid wood timer sounds the beginning of your session with three gentle chimes; then ends it the same way. The timer is shaped to the proportions of the great Kheops pyramid, considered to radiate energy and stability.Cherry is a darker, reddish-brown wood with a more pronounced grain. To see more of this wonderful meditation timer head over to the Yogamates website for further details. Not only is it ingeniously functional, but your timer's elegant proportions mirror those of the Kheops Pyramid: the ideal Feng Shui ratio for generating stability and balance.
5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes up to a maximum session duration of ninety minutes (or simply at the beginning and end of a session or any variation in between).

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