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Although any practitioner can enjoy the considerable emotional and health benefits of meditation, no meditative practice is one-size-fits-all. All of us have different ways of clearing our minds and returning to our center: From deep, gutteral laughter (yes, that is a type of meditation) to pondering life's most head-scratching questions, these seven unusual meditation techniques could give your practice a boost -- and help you find your own path to enlightenment. In our frantic, fast-paced lives, it can be difficult to completely switch gears and let go of our competitive natures, even when we're trying to slow down and find balance.
Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult after all you are trying to enjoy some relaxation not add more stress to your life. Many people believe their is a certain feeling they should be looking for or a particular outcome from their first meditation session but now is the time to rid yourself of those thoughts and just realize the less you concern yourself with anything at all the better it’ll work. So forget the fancy sitting positions or chants and just focus on being calm and comfortable.
Now that you are in the place of your choice just close your eyes and begin by taking a few deep breaths just to relax a bit more and try your best to clear your mind of all thoughts and concerns (as hard as it may seem).
Think about how it would feel there and try to feel it, the breeze and the sun shining down on you. After twenty or so minutes of this you’ll find you are much more relaxed, focused and an overall greater sense of well being. A death that brings the same physical, physiological and emotional suffering that occurs when a beloved friend or family member dies; depression, grief, weight loss, disorientation, shock and guilt. As a yoga, meditation teacher and author of several books on grief and healthy living I've employed all of the usual tools, techniques and therapies that I know to work in healing the heart and soul. And, having just passed the 'it's been four months since we last spoke' marker, it seems that in this first quarter of 'coping with divorce' I've moved forward some.
We hit the streets outside the Midnight Mission and somebody wearing a wildly placed blonde wig and red leotard -- I wasn't sure if it was a man or a woman -- asked for a lunchbag. Wandering through a thick cloud of marijuana smoke to a bedraggled but noisy group of men and women jostling us for the lunches; "Hey, one for me," arms reaching towards us, "I need one for my kid too," bodies pressing against us.
Next a family, nestled among a collection of tents, carts and cardboard 'homes' -- Dad, kids, elder brother and Mom -- debating out loud whether or not Mom deserved another drink.
Despite having volunteered all over the world, with orphans, the disabled, the homeless, the dying, I realized that none of these Karma Yoga experiences -- being in service to others -- has occurred while I've been on the slippery slope of suffering myself.
Students are normally directed through a set of exercises led by some type of instructor (usually a teacher). Mindfulness took up root in California’s educational system and has spread from that point.
Unfortunately for proponents of mindfulness, there is a serious dearth of research on the subject and its alleged effects. As one teacher (and mindfulness instructor) stated, his goal “is to give students some very simple and basic tools so they can learn to self regulate. There are many who see connections and comparisons between mindfulness, Buddhism, Yoga, and contemplative prayer. People too often prefer to divorce contemplative practices like meditation, silencing your mind, etc., from religion, believing only that Yoga, mindfulness, and other practices are simply exercises that help people achieve a relaxed or focused state of mind. Yet, there are many aspects of Yoga for instance that bring about a metaphysical response within the practitioner.
Some have gone so far as to state that the Bible implicitly teaches about the chakras and that we need to be aware of their presence, what they do, and how we can use them achieve greater depths of understanding between ourselves and God.
Others, who are see themselves as Christians understand the term chakra differently than that explained in the previous paragraph. Ultimately then, the question needs to be addressed as to whether or not Mindfulness is simply pursuit of energizing and aligning the chakras under a different name.

The unfortunate plain fact of the matter is that the reason this can be taught in schools is due to the fact that it is not classified as religious. Entry filed under: Eastern Mysticism, Religious - Christian - End Times, Religious - Christian - Prophecy, Religious - Christian - Theology, salvation. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We all aspire to have children that are as well behaved today as the day they came into the world - the reality is often very different. In the universal sense, love is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes, unites, binds together.
It is God who is loving us through our loved ones; therefore, we should be all the more grateful to God who gives us a good mother and father, and good friends, and a guru who wants for us only our highest good. Touting itself as an "ideal training method for this generation's short attention span," Buddhist Boot Camp is a new title instructing readers on the basics of Buddhism and meditation using a no-nonsense approach. So go ahead and take a deep breathe because going into this with a relaxed state of mind is key.
Continue on breathing but now just relax and instead of taking deep breaths just find a pace that’s good for you. I volunteered at the monthly #HashtagLunchbag event in Los Angeles, helping to prepare and hand out over a thousand lunches to the homeless and hungry. A sweet, bundle of joy dressed in a floppy pink hat and oversized brown trench coat giving the impression of a child wearing her parents' clothes. The act of connecting, taking a hand, giving a hug, sharing a compliment, reaching out to another human being, totally dissolved my own pain. The argument has been that there has always been a connection between emotional imbalance in students (and people) and poor life choices. Because of this, schools that utilize mindfulness are doing what they can to find the research.
There is also the subject of chakras that are associated with metaphysical meditation like that practiced in Mindfulness.
But these people see a coming spiritual oneness that the Bible also speaks of (though not in good terms). Since many of the techniques between Buddhism and Mindfulness appear to connect or are at least similar, it should cause Christians to want to ask more questions about Mindfulness. Nonetheless, in many respects, there are most definitely religious components and that should give parents (and Christian teachers) reason to question it. This MP3 download focuses on the area of behaviour in children and looks at different discipline techniques, the importance of setting boundaries and instilling discipline and respect into your kids. It is opposed by the force of repulsion, which is the outgoing cosmic energy that materializes creation from the cosmic consciousness of God. As soon as you cater to someone’s physical desires and bad habits you are not loving that soul anymore.
There is nothing greater than love-God's quality of attraction and unity that is manifested in the soul of every being. What of all the lovers through the ages who have promised eternal fidelity to one another under the light of the silvery moon.
The love of the mother is close to the perfection of God's love, because she loves us when nobody else does; and she forgives when we are in error.
If you've been looking for a new type of practice, or you've been struggling with traditional forms of meditation, there are a number of lesser-known styles that may suit your needs.
With some many distractions it can actually be hard to find a quiet soothing environment to spend some alone time nowadays.

The light is a little stronger and the dark less so; I appear to now be in the blurry space between black night and bright day. A hundred or so of us convened to make sandwiches, write love notes, and package them with water and fruit into brown paper lunch bags. I joked with the elder son, and, after handing them lunches, asked, "Do you need anything else?" "Yeah. During the exercise, students are guided by the instructor and you might see or hear something like the following. Mindfulness seeks to balance this by creating harmony within the individual by positioning them to focus intently on the present.
For people who think that way, Mindfulness then is simply an exercise that one enters into to help regulate breathing in order to become more focused and intentional. When two people feel an unconditional attraction for each other, and are ready to sacrifice for one another, they are truly in love.
Repulsion keeps all forms in the manifested state through maya, the power of delusion that divides, differentiates, and disharmonizes. When you carving a piece of furniture, you have to smooth it with sandpaper or it will remain rough. Perhaps imagining yourself in a peaceful garden will help to quiet racing thoughts, or focusing your gaze on a flame in front of you will restore a sense of inner calm. You can sit up right with your legs crossed or lay down on the floor or even your bed; whichever is the most comfy. The attractive force of love counteracts cosmic repulsion to harmonize all creation and ultimately draw it back to God. No matter how unpleasant it is to tell a friend that he is wrong, if you say it with love in your heart and stand firm on it, sometimes that person will respect you if you are right. Love is the sandpaper that takes away the harshness of intelligence, and smooths your intellectuality. He loves us unconditionally; and out of that sublime love he instructs and disciplines us for the everlasting welfare of our souls.
I gave a cheeky smile and replied, "Maybe next time!" Our mutual laughter echoed off the mission wall.
Then, as Whitney's 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody' blasted loudly from a stereo we held hands and twirled together down the street.
That love is infinitely greater than parental or any other form of human love—Jesus gave up his life for the world.
Those who live in tune with the attractive force of love; achieve harmony with nature and their fellow beings, and are attracted to blissful reunion with God.
But when they express their love in continual thoughtfulness for the true happiness of the other, it becomes divine love. Not because you want to be near that person, but because you want perfection for that soul. To wish for perfection for the loved one, and to feel pure joy in thinking of that soul, is divine love; and that is the love of true friendship.

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