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Full Catastrophe Living is an excellent book about using meditation and mindfulness for facing illness, pain and stress. The Open Focus Brain is a fascinating guide to changing the way we use our brains in order to foster better health, well-being, and even performance.
I also love this post about improving your child’s immune system by teaching him or her to meditate. Do you meditate?  What has been most helpful for you in getting started and continuing your practice? One suggestion – especially for beginners- is try not focus on the idea or goal of clearing the mind but rather letting thoughts pass through it like clouds passing in the sky.
I usually start with some deep breathing exercises this helps me still my mind because I’m focused on the breath.
I’m brand new to practicing meditation, but the more I read, the more it seems to be very much like self hypnosis. Enquire from your friends who are regular with their practice of meditation and find out which kind of guided meditation would be easy to practise. Choose a pleasant outdoor location after ensuring that you would not be disturbed during practice. Being a part of a small group of practitioners gives you the stimulus to continue your practice.
Meditation helps me a lot during trying times when my mind is just so frazzled and stressed trying to cope with challenges that life throws my way.
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Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we find ourselves slipping and forget to be grateful for what is happening to us or someone we care about  because of  what we or someone else does.
However, it was only a couple of hours later when my happy bubble developed a hole and things started to deflate. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Find a quiet place, and lie down on your back.  With your feet on the floor, bend your knees and let them lean in together comfortably. When I first read this, (skimmed with the Internet brain) I somehow saw myself as the breach with the waves coming up to the beach on the inhale and retreating on the exhale.
The celebration of World Yoga Day on June 21st has created more awareness among people to make yoga and meditation, a part of their daily lives. Buy or borrow an audio CD which gives you step-by-step instructions to be followed during the course of meditation. Make sure that these exercises should cover each and every part of your body- right from your eyes to your toes.
However, this would not be suitable for the elderly or for those suffering from joint pains or arthritis. I’ve taken several meditation courses on different themes given online by Deepak Chopra and Oprah and find that they give me new insights each time.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. I struggled with my own problems and those of my family and developed a bad case of tunnel vision. He has rarely had any contact with them since his parents divorced when he was a baby.  A terribly sad situation.
Whenever someone tells her to imagine the beach, all she can visualise is seagulls making a racket. When I try to relax I also picture that I’m at a beach watching the waves and it really soothes me, I thought that it was just me who does that but apparently it is relaxing for everyone.
I like your idea of spitting out the bad things onto the beach though, so I’ll have to switch next time I try.
Only a little at a time, since those long stretches are like trying to run a marathon when you’ve only recently developed an interest in jogging. Starting the practice of meditation is one sure step in the direction of attaining innumerable health benefits. Also, buy a pair of comfortable clothes which you need to wear before you start your session of meditation.
This often leads to exchange of healthy suggestions and tips which encourage you to carry on with the practice. I’ve also been in touch with other people who have sent me their meditation courses to ask for inputs.

A quick check of his website just to get a feel of what he was writing about and I sent off my tips without really knowing what the final outcome would look like.
Our focus is on us, how what is occurring is affecting us, or those we care about and we forget to be grateful for the multitude of great things which are happening. Just a few days to ourselves after a truly pressure ridden period.  The day began well, apart from forgetting to reset my alarm so that we overslept and breakfast arrived whilst we were still sleeping. She has been the bane of my existence from the outset and my intuition told me this was going to be a good one. A great result one would think, however, as soon as her application for the house she wanted to rent fell through we were back to being stressed and ill again.
So now, we, are trying to make up for a situation we couldn’t control and he is old enough to do this himself. Yet I know I’ve been mindful, of all the aspects of the situation, I have been mindful of BEing present when everything was going down and I was and am grateful for so many things. One really memorable one was redirecting bloodflow to my freezing cold hands– they became so warm! I don’t know what it means to tell your thought(s) to let go, sounds hard, please explain? I’m so humbled and grateful for all these people I come in contact with even if they do not know me at all.
What I thought would be a simple article from random yogis and yoginis turned out to be more than I expected.
Then a wonderful lady, a beautiful, gracious and generous beyond belief lady, developed a 30 day Gratitude Challenge which I did.
Yet I could see the funny side of that and could feel grateful the staff allowed us extra time to finish getting ready before we had to check out. I should have been grateful that I could help her grow by assisting her to solve her problem. Very easy to follow, they help you to stick to your resolve of achieving overall well being. Also, keep the mobile away (after keeping it in silent mode) during the entire meditation process. Fruitful discussions often make you realise that getting distracted during meditation is normal, that there is a flood of thoughts visiting you during meditation. Karl not only included my tips in his post but he also created a beautiful infographic that could be readily shared (I am posting it at the bottom). It changed the  way I looked at things, it altered my focus and I began to be mindful of what was happening. I’m totally grateful my father in laws birthday was a huge success and I enjoyed something to completely change my mindset or more correctly cement my attitude of gratitude into place by BEing totally present. There were some tapes I listened to where you’d imagine a bright white light entering through the top of your head, and radiating out to the rest of your body, and actually felt warmth on the top of my head. Or, you may give a gap of at least two hours after your last meal before starting your session of meditation.
I started BEing present in everything I did and became grateful for the many graces and blessings in my life. Gratitude being drained, frustration mounting to fever pitch and finally the call to break the day.
I can now say that she has found somewhere to move to, just moving in is a problem because of work. Once you assume the posture comfortable for you, try and sit straight – your back straight (take a back support if need be), your shoulders and neck relaxed but straight and your eyes closed (this allows for fewer distractions). But then, the secret to reap the benefits of meditation is discipline and sincerity, to continue the practice, on a regular basis.
You may have heard something about it in a class or workshop and decided to get more information. It wasn’t an overnight change, and although my third 30 day program is now over, the changes are still occurring and I feel a whole lot better about simply everything.
It never ends, we are tested and tried in the crucible of life and how we survive tells a story of its own.
However, when you choose a time in the evening, there is a chance that you may fall asleep (due to sheer exhaustion) during practice.
Although you may follow some hand signs, please note that you may discard with them in case you are not comfortable. This chapter lists different reasons why people begin meditating, as well as the short- and long-term results you can expect from it.

After this I will keep on doing it because it feels wonderful seeing and feeling the good in my life.
He is responsible for his actions now and excuses for poor behaviour simply don’t hold water. If possible, shift one of your morning activities to the evening and use that time slot for meditation. This may not be possible during the beginning sessions, but as you progress, you are sure to become detached to your thoughts during meditation. Actually, this result is not difficult to achieve, as your state of mind changes from moment to moment anyway. With meditation, however, there is a certain direction that the alteration is expected to take: muscles relax, emotional states become more calm, the mind rests, blood pressure decreases, pulse rate declines, the eyes focus in a different way, breathing slows, and an awareness of sounds in the immediate environment may increase. If you meditate for an extended period of time, you may become aware of the shifting angle of the sun coming in a window.
Some people have said they can tune in to the movement of the planet itself by lying still on the ground and looking up at the night sky. On the other hand, the chatter in your mind becomes more and more apparent as you become quiet. Also, after an extended period of sitting in a meditative posture, your muscles begin to rebel.
You may think that ten minutes is a long time to sit still, and one minute of walking around is enough to flex and stretch. Unless you live in a monastery or ashram, you probably don’t have many hours each day to devote to meditation. By the same token, there are other times when your conscious attention needs to be given to what you are doing, and safety is an issue.
Meditation will help you become more clear and focused when you are engaged in those other activities that demand your conscious attention. Meditation Goals If your meditation goals go beyond relaxation, then you will want to experiment a bit to find methods that help you to achieve those goals.
Eastern adepts and Western monks and nuns have spent years in meditation or retreat in order to discover their connection to the universal plan.
During the Lenten season he had undertaken a forty-day retreat, something most of us will never do. In a conversation with me concerning how we demonstrate our love of God and what we feel we owe God, he said, “You know, Stephanie, I have been a priest for over sixty-five years, and in these past weeks on retreat I have only now learned something about Him. Since that conversation I have often remembered this, and I have occasionally shared it with people who seemed to need reassurance that we each are part of a larger spiritual plan. You may connect through the Goddess, through multiple gods, through vibrational methods, through scientific investigation, or whatever means suits you. When you have a complex problem in the work environment, you need to get away from it to get a different perspective and to let the details sort themselves out in a way that points to a solution. Regarding the practice of meditation, Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche has written: Many people expect the result of meditation to come in a short space of time, overnight, so to speak, but this is not possible.
If we practice every day, regularly, even for a short period of time, that will add to our development.1 Whatever your meditation goals, you can begin with just the simple act of sitting down and trying it. You don’t need any fancy equipment or clothing and you need not revolutionize your daily schedule. Eventually you may want to find a teacher or attend workshops, but for now all you have to do is begin. Sitting comfortably with your hands in your lap, or standing in a quiet spot, look at the cover of this book.
Notice any connections you make between the book’s cover and your personal experience as you do this exercise. In the moments when we are not totally focused on the outer environment, or when we have a gap in our thought process, we allow insight to pop into our minds.
You don’t need a huge gap, just a relaxed state and attention to the meditation process. We are constantly processing information, relating it to what we already know, and storing it for future use. Usually we are not conscious of the process, but we enter an altered state from moment to moment to moment.

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