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Deepak Chopra defines meditation, performs a healing meditation and demonstrates the law of attraction and meditation.
From Charlie Sheen to Tamar Braxton, celebrities have shared intimate details about their health with Dr.
This website is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While frequent alone time and retreats are good (even crucial) for empaths, it’s not always practical with our busy schedules and obligations.
When you’re feeling overwhelmed, drained, anxious, or overloaded with energy, pause for a moment to take some deep, life-cleansing breaths. 8 slow breathes in through the nose, out through the mouth, 8 in through the nose, out through the nose, followed by 8 breathes in-and-out through the mouth. Magnesium plays a number of roles in the body, including regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function, and acting to prevent artery hardening. Because it’s easy as an empath to get lost in energy and in the emotional climate of those around us, it’s easy to forget the present moment. If you’d like weekly tips on how to thrive and feel empowered as an empath, subscribe to Chakra Center (on the left). To connect with other empaths for support and encouragement, join our “Empowering Empaths” Facebook group.
To learn more about empathic abilities (and how to thrive as an empath), check- out these 3 Kickass Online Classes for empaths! Many empaths think “shielding” and boundaries are their only forms of power, but that “solution “carries within it the very vibration of “the problem” (“I pick up negative energy that I need protection from” – is implied).
If you stay in a disempowered, fearful vibration, you will be a match to people taking advantage of you and wanting to suck your energy.
If you believe your sensitivities make you vulnerable and weak, you will emit that energy signal out to others. We are NOT powerless and there is SO MUCH MORE IN OUR CONTROL than most empaths ever allow themselves to realize.
Use your alone time to really tune into your energy, feel what you need, and meet those needs (on the most subtle, energetic level). Exposing yourself to other people’s energy regularly (and intentionally) helps you practice expanding your energy out into the world, and learning what it feels like to attract powerful, uplifting experiences. If you want to learn more about empowering your empathic abilities, check-out these online classes! I am passionate about freedom, and believe as we heal our emotional bodies and then use our emotions to consciously get FREE, it is the most powerful thing we can do for humanity. The Autobiography of a Yogi is a spiritual masterpiece, teaching enlightenment through Kriya yoga meditation; Yogananda blesses us with a candid glimpse into the culture of India, yet quietly and unobtrusively unites the world’s religions into singleness of heart and mind. Translated into several languages, and world-wide acclaimed, you do not want to miss out on this exceptional read. This site provides a wealth of information on everything from vipassana and moon meditations to walking meditation.
Meditation has many benefits and many who have tried even a single meditation technique will swear by it.
Although meditation is universal, meditation techniques may differ from one culture to another.
Mantra Meditation: The mantra meditation technique involves the conscious repetitions of certain sounds that appeal to the mind in order to achieve a meditative state. Trataka Meditation: The Trataka meditation technique is one that has been followed by many religious systems, including Sufism and Christianity.
Chakra Meditation: Chakras represent a higher level of energy manifestation and development of self. Raja Yoga Meditation: This form of meditation takes the yogi (person who practices meditation) through to a higher level of oneness and a greatly ennobling experience.
And now you can close your eyes and you can whisper those two words to yourself, ‘I am.
And now you can stop whispering those two words and keep repeating them mentally, with your eyes closed. Now that you’re experiencing your heartbeat as a sound or a sensation, bring your awareness to your fingertips, to your hands. Now bring your awareness back into your heart and just mentally repeat the four words that I’m going to ask you to repeat, mentally. Do that for two minutes and now move your awareness anywhere in your body that you want to bring healing to. Finally, come back to your heart, and in one minute or so say again those four words: Peace.
So the first thing that you do is put your awareness once again into your heart, with your eyes closed.
Then what happens is the sacred word interferes with the thoughts you’re having, the thoughts interfere with the mantra. No matter what race, sex, or religion we are, no matter where we are born or how we are raised, we, as humans have six basic needs.
Our happiness depends on our ability to rely on ourselves to meet those needs in healthy ways. Expansion – This is the need to grow and develop, find fulfillment and self-actualize.
Healthy: Creating healthy routines, developing belief systems that serve us, developing consistency, developing beliefs in our own control over our reality, developing a positive identity, engaging in activities we already know we like, gaining information and knowledge, being organized, expecting positive behaviors from yourself, developing an optimistic way of thinking.
Unhealthy: Becoming Obsessive Compulsive, depending on other people to provide it for us, eating disorders, cutting, developing a negative identity, expecting negative behaviors from yourself, becoming controlling of other people and things, obsessive preparation for the worst, rape, murder, war. Healthy: Developing a positive identity, allowing your uniqueness to be expressed to the world, Accomplishing goals, developing a unique sense of style, adopting belief systems that reflect your importance, developing a sense of purpose, seeking out meaning for life and for your own existence, allowing yourself to get notice and distinction in healthy ways. Unhealthy: Tearing other people down, rescuing others, committing violent acts that get attention, developing a negative identity, attaching to negative diagnosis that you are given, using other people to gain social status, lying in order to seem more impressive to other people, rape, murder, war. Unhealthy: Self-sacrificing, joining gangs, unhealthy sexual interactions, seeking out pity by being sick or having problems consistently, becoming accident prone so others will pay attention to us, people pleasing, rescuing others, causing others to feel as if they need us, rape, murder, joining one side or another during a war.
Unhealthy: Pushing yourself too hard, never taking the path of least resistance, unhealthy challenges, only learning things the hard way, being unable to listen to other people, letting things get to the breaking point before you improve them, war. Healthy: Random acts of kindness, becoming a part of things you believe in, letting your gifts express themselves to this world, helping others when it feels good to do so, carrying out your inspired vision for improvement of this world, giving just because it brings you joy to give, focusing on the solution, joining causes which carry out a solution. It is crucial to our happiness that we meet every one of these six needs. The goal (contrary to popular opinion) is not to rid ourselves of these needs. But now, I will present the most crucial part of information regarding the six human needs as it applies to relationships. This is what gives rise to the intense biochemical reaction, which we associate with falling in love. And so it must be said that all relationships are co-dependent to some degree until we are able to meet every one of our needs autonomously. Your happiness seems to depend on them not because you love the other person unconditionally, but because they meet one or more of your needs that you do not feel capable of meeting without them. It is not well known, but Deepak Chopra was for many years deeply involved with the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement. Would you like more detailed instruction on how to practice and of the four techniques described above? Divine Feelings — deep quiet exploration of the higher emotions thru your  body sensations. Would you like to learn more about any of these 4 meditation techniques from Deepak Chopra? The last one of solf-regulating the body is very interesting, potentially of great value, and like he said not too well known. I still think the TM organization has done a verrrry great deal of good int the world, despite the flawed but decent humans running it. Hi Geer … for sure there will be some guidance and teaching on Reflection meditation. Recently on the Dr.Oz show, Deepak Chopra defined meditation, performed a healing meditation, and demonstrated the law of attraction using a basic meditation.
These Deepak Chopra meditation tips are perfect for those who want to learn how to meditate. As you progress with your meditation, there are many other mantras you can use, depending on what you are meditating about.
Meditation Techniques – for Beginners We have summed up the best Meditation Techniques for beginners. Start experiencing inner quiet and expanded awareness TODAY with this Mindful Meditation video!
If you have never tried meditation before or want to try something different watch this short instruction video. This training video is offered on a complementary basis to give you a taste of what meditation is and how it feels. Q: When I meditate, is it possible that I will be opening myself up to some negative forces or negative energies? A: The experience of mantra meditation is pleasant and comfortable, and this allows you to continue to sit quietly for the period of time needed. Rediscover the purpose of meditation and get tips from one of the world's most respected authors and spiritual guides.

Work, social, and family obligations make it difficult to stay energetically amped up, and feeling the emotions around us more intensely than the average person makes it all the more crucial to stay in a powerful state. With each breath, visualize all excess energy being removed from your energy body and auric field. Epsom Salt Bath (magnesium): Studies have shown that magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin, making Epsom salt baths an easy and ideal way to restore the body’s energy through detoxification. Sulfates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraine headaches. Still the mind (meditate): The amazing benefits of stillness for an empath cannot be overstated. But with my job, I HAD to be around people, so I needed to learn not just how to put a bubble of protection around me, but how to line-up with the best energetic version of myself and those people as possible. But when we do this, we forget the most important part of the equation of this vibrational reality: YOU CAN’T PICK UP WHAT YOU’RE NOT A MATCH TO! But if you do the work to keep your own energy clean (in the form of shadow work, emotional healing, physical exercise, healthy food) you can use your powerful sensitivities to attract incredible experiences into your life. Therefore, one of the first health tips for ANY empath is to start seeing (and believing) how your sensitivity is a strength, how it can benefit you and make your life more enjoyable, how your sensitivities can help you enjoy life more, and when you tune-in and use them, how it can help you consciously manifest the energy you want to play with.
Tune-in to your energy regularly: Anyone who has taken my classes or read any past articles know I harp on this more than anything else.
Drink lots of water: When we are highly sensitive to energy, our physical bodies are the first to take the brunt of energetic excess and auric clutter. Do regular energy cleanses: I like to imagine a white vortex of energy spinning around me, clearing and cleansing my aura. Strengthen your vibrational boarders by balancing alone time with socializing: A lot empaths feel they need to hide from the world, but if we spend too much time alone, this can cause emotional and energetic imbalances.
Then, before you go out, set intentions to expand and allow your positive energy to attract the same energy back to you. If you are a constant match to energy vampires, remember that YOU are the one fueling that connection by not strengthening your vibrational boarders through RAISING your energy.
If your energy is low and weak, build it up before you go out through connecting with nature, music, a salt bath and essential oils.
It doesn’t mean we will never struggle, but it is an important step in understanding we are not powerless to our struggles. Both balls of white Source energy are moving into your body (one from below, the other from above). Know that this energy carries within it a magnetism that will bring your creation into manifestation.
In this sphere, you are able to be at two places at one time, see into people’s minds, and even walk through walls. In his timeless book, Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda invites us into an endearing adventure of his life as a yogi.
People meditates to bring peace and serenity into their lives, to be one with their inner selves, and to heal and to improve their mental and physical health. Mantra literally means ‘revealed sound’ or a combination of sounds that develop spontaneously.
It refers to the ability to see things as they really are, attained through a process of self-observation. It fills him with super-sensuous joy or bliss that elevates the mind away from pleasures of the flesh and reforms his bad habits. In order to understand them fully and to attain their benefits, one must learn the techniques under the guidance of a guru.
Keep your eyes closed, and bring your awareness into your heart, right in the middle of the chest.
They keep interfering with each other, and once in a while they interfere with each other so much that you fall into the gap.
Some could argue that it is a paradoxical need to the need for certainty, in that it implies that we need a certain amount of uncertainty in order to be happy with our life.
The need to give and provide something of value outwards towards other people, the world and the universe at large.
So this is why we can also say that the only reason anyone does anything is because they think it will add to their happiness. For example, waging war or joining a war is an unhealthy way that we can potentially meet every one of these needs. The more extreme forms of dependency are what we traditionally call co-dependent relationships.
The reason is that as we go from relationship to relationship, looking for a sense of completeness, they inevitably point us back to ourselves. He rose to second in command there, and expected to be the leader after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi passed away. It is good to repeat this mantra silently, especially when you see that you are having thoughts again. Chopra's accent at first so I thought it would be best to also give you the mantra he suggests to start with. For example, if you are meditating on the emotions or health of a particular chakra, you can repeat the mantra that is attached to that chakra. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. Together with visitors like you, we are building the biggest and best collection of meditation techniques.
The purpose is to give you a way to make an informative decision based on your own experience rather than external advice including ours. If you continue to meditate on a regular basis, the benefits will come at whatever speed, at whatever rate is easiest for your body to accumulate them. In fact, when you are meditating, that is the safest place to be, because when we meditate, we get in touch with ourselves. When practiced regularly twice a day, meditation dissolves stress cumulatively, and with time, you experience less and less stress and nervousness. Operating on low energy levels is more likely to attract energy vampires and amplify our tendency to hide from social situations and personal relationships.
Our breath is the quickest and most accessible path to our power, and regular, deep breaths holds tremendous potential to restore and rejuvenate. I recommend Epsom salt baths as a regular energetic hygiene routine for empaths, not only for its numerous health benefits, but most especially for its ability to relieve stress and tension in the body. Numerous studies have proven the amazing healing benefits of nature, but we don’t need to be in some remote location in order to get the benefits.
It is important to constantly be poured out, so we can be recharged with new, life-sustaining energy. So shouldn’t the solution for ANY empath involve raising your own energy so as not to be a match to low vibrations?!
One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to TAKE CARE OF OUR BODIES, and drinking water is the simplest place to start.
Visualization is power, and it helps to focus regularly on having our auric fields cleared, strengthened, and sparkly.
Don’t pretend to feel strong when you don’t, but don’t use your empathic abilities as an excuse to hide from the world, either. Words are powerful, and I recommend using phrases that draw attention to your strength (not your weakness).
One moves through your crown chakra down to your 3rd eye, the other moves in through your root chakra and up into your 3rd eye. Stay with the image of the energy in your heart chakra until you feel it has completely dissolved and harmonized with your etheric and physical body.
You may levitate, disappear in one area of the world and reappear in another, or create something from nothing. From infancy into his old age, he blesses us with the gift of a spiritual journey so few ever have dreamed of.
Some techniques are expansive and allow for the free flow of thoughts and their observation whereas some types are concentrative that involve bringing focus into one’s thoughts.
Trataka is an established yoga cleansing technique and dedicated practice of the same takes it to the highest level of meditation. Each chakra represents the major nerve centers that branch off from the spinal cord, serving the major organs of the body. It means identifying one’s own nature, recognizing the bad elements and consciously eliminating them from the system.
A Raja Yogi establishes a relationship with god and gives up all worldly pleasures and devotes all his energies to the spiritual awakening of fellow beings. Just bringing awareness to these different parts of your body will bring consciousness, which is healing.
The more you experience gratitude, the more you’ll attract things in your life that will make you feel even more grateful. The inability to meet these needs on our own, in healthy ways, not only determines our attraction to other people, it also prevents us from being able to experience unconditional love as opposed to attachment.
It is what prevents us from developing a truer form of love, which is unconditional and is free from attachment. It is the need for a sense of belonging, oneness and the need to be loved as well as to love others.

It is no longer such a mystery why the human race has not been able to stop waging war for thousands of years when we recognize that for many, it meets several of the essential human needs. A traditionally recognized co-dependent relationship is nothing more than a relationship between two people who feel so incapable of meeting their own needs in healthy ways that they are completely dependent on the other person to meet those needs for them.
I have been reading about the healing properties of meditation for some time and I would like to start doing this myself.
However, The organization was getting very hierarchical with pompous titles and high costs for courses. We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly. They will certainly help you get started if you are new to meditation, or even if you have been doing it for a while and want to improve your meditation techniques.
Deepak Chopra calls learning Primordial Sound Meditation “single most important event in my [Dr. However, we all start at our own level, so some people progress at one speed and some people progress at another speed. As a natural result of this lessening of stress, the mind settles down when you re meditating and you don t feel the need to get up and move around. Not only does the breath help relieve tension by calming our central nervous system, it also releases toxins, supports mental clarity, massages our organs, helps relieve emotional problems, provides pain anesthetic, assists in building muscle, improves posture, improves blood quality,  aids in digestion, strengthens the lungs, makes the heart stronger, assists in metabolic function, and the list goes on.
This is especially beneficial for clairsentients and those who tend to carry the emotional energy of others in their physical bodies. Simply taking off your shoes and placing bare feet on the grass (dirt, or rocks) for 5 min a day can do WONDERS for energetic health. Allowing ourselves time to process and release feelings on a daily basis is an important way to keep emotions from being suppressed in our energetic bodies. You are not your emotions, feelings, or thoughts – and daily reminders of this is crucial for our sanity. Many empaths have trained themselves to tune their feelings out (so as not to be overwhelmed by them) but this actually works against us in more than one way.
I like to prepare a jar of water infused with organic cucumbers, basil, and berries, and drink a full glass every hour. What we resist, persists, as they say, and the solutions for being empowered as an empath is not to resist, but to overcome.
As soon as you shrink within your “protection” bubble, you put out the “I’m weak” vibe – which is a perfect match for vampiric energy. You don’t need a “bubble” of protection – you need STRONG POSITIVE, LOVING, EMPOWERED vibes. So many empaths talk about themselves in incredibly disempowering terms (“I’m too sensitive. Each day you will receive an email with an audio meditation or exercise, focused around activating the emotional body and conscious creation. As the codes are activated and utilized in the human consciousness grid, it gets easier for ALL OF US.
Not only does he lend us his life’s perspective, but he graciously takes us to the very heart of the some of India’s most enlightened masters.
A mantra maybe given by a guru or may be a personally chosen sound or word, but the important thing is that it must appeal to the mind. Vipassana is a meditation technique that is free of rites, helps develop wisdom and allows an individual to study different sensations in the body such as cold, pain, itching, etc.
It’s much more important to be authentic and real and have the ability to quiet your mind and then seed your consciousness with your intentions.
The English language limits us because we only have one word to represent and describe a plethora of different states involving our connection to others.
But it is important to understand that we meet these needs (we seek happiness) in both healthy and unhealthy ways. Indeed the basis of many world religions is the individual quest to reach a state where we no longer have desires or needs.
This thing that we are calling love is the result of the subconscious recognition that another person or thing provides us with a need that we do not feel capable of meeting ourselves, without the presence of that person or thing. People with opposing personalities, often have opposing deficiencies and strengths when it comes to meeting their own needs. And from the outside, it appears as if the relationship itself is more important to the two people involved than they are to themselves. Our attachment to them will cease to exist because our happiness will not be dependent on them and what they do or don’t do, which means that we will be free to love them and ourselves unconditionally. Consider what the David Lynch Foundation is doing, ranging from teaching 150,000 school kids TM around the world (with one million on the waiting list to learn TM in RIo de Janeiro alone) to teaching former child sex workers in Columbia and LA to teaching American Indians (100,000 on the waiting list), etc. Thirdly, I'm going to do something really exciting -- the law of attraction and meditation.
That instruction is a bit confusing when you are beginning to meditate, but I take it to mean to focus on the inner you, not on what is going on around you or on your day-to-day activities.
If you ask how long it will take to get to the top of the New York Empire State Building, it depends on what floor you get onto the elevator.
Not only does the electromagnetic field of the earth clear and transmute negative energy and technology pollution, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory, calms the central nervous system, and frees the mind. Remaining ignorant of our own emotions causes us to overcommit and burn-out, ending-up in situations that drains our energy further (from lack of attention to what our energy bodies are actually capable of), or, on the flip side – causes agoraphobic tendencies, further weakening and suppression of our stronger, more masculine energy (which is what guards and protects our feminine, receptive sensitivities – I’m not talking about gender here folks – just energy we ALL have). Being empathic means you are sensitive to subtle energy, and this can be used to your benefit when it comes to energetic health and attracting experiences. The main aim of this meditation technique is to help individuals discover and explore their chakras, thereby awakening them on a conscious level in a balanced and integrated way.
Remember those are the goals of all the other goals in our life, whatever we want, ultimately that’s what we want. To explain what I mean, let’s look at some healthy and unhealthy ways that we can meet each of these needs. We come up with this idea that desires and needs are the root of suffering only when we feel incapable of meeting those desires and needs. A person, who feels incapable of creating variety for themselves, will often be attracted to an unpredictable mate because the unpredictable nature of their mate creates that sense of variety and excitement for them.
With continued practice, anxiety plays less and less a role in a person s life; the individual starts making better decisions about daily activities because he or she is better able to cope with stress. It’s important not to judge our emotions, and we certainly don’t have to figure them out or “fix” them. Ask yourself every morning when you wake-up (and throughout the day whenever you think of it) “What do I feel? While that’s partially true, the real purpose of meditation is actually to tune in, not to get away from it all, to get in touch with it all. But there are many different states that we call love, which do not actually reflect unconditional, universal love. And an unpredictable person will often be attracted to a predictable mate because the predictable nature of their mate creates a sense of certainty and comfort for them, which they feel incapable of creating for themselves.
For example: It appears as if people who self sacrifice prioritize other people, but they do not.
It is among those meditation techniques that are great for experienced meditators as well as for beginners.
If you work in an office, try to go outside on work breaks and take your shoes off to connect, center, and recharge.
All of our power rests in our ability to be in the present moment, and in our experience of silence.
Not to just de-stress, but to find that peace within, the peace that spiritual traditions talk about that passes all understanding. It is important to know up front that not everything you identify as love, is actually love. Their most basic need is the need for love and they are convinced that by self-sacrificing, they are going to get love in return.
This means being motivated by the needs of the situation rather than one s own stressful response to the situation. Every empath I’ve worked with that does grounding as a daily practice reports incredible results to their ability to stay centered and charged throughout the day.
Daily emotional processing is good energetic hygiene, and a crucial step to feeling empowered as an empath. It is especially important to understand this if you are to understand what is to follow and how the six human needs fits into the picture of love. Accept them and gently push them aside as you concentrate on your breathing in and out again. Instead of reacting to challenges as a threat, one sees challenges as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Constantly voicing what you can’t handle fuels a strong victim vibration, which makes you, once again, a PERFECT match to energy vampires and predators.

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