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Other: This tape will receive professional pre-shipment refurbishing including replacement of pad and outer case at no extra cost, and this tape is covered by the 8 Track Shack guarantee. This CD can be played in your car, while walking, sleeping, or anywhere else you wish to play it.
The affirmations that are given will be very beneficial in helping the mind to heal the body. The uplifting beat of the music and the therapeutic affirmations give you the confidence to reduce your body to a level that is pleasing to you.
You will have more energy and stamina and will begin to respond to the suggestions and affirmations in your own way.
The definition of "affirm" is "to declare or state, to make a statement and maintain it to be true." I believe that an affirmation is affirming something even before it happens.

Reading or listing to positive affirmations to your children is a good way to counteract many of the negative suggestions that are given to them throughout the day, at school, from peers, etc.
Just choose the option you prefer above and we'll ship a digital backup copy along with your cassette tape. This 42-minuteguided meditation CD can help you quiet your mind and open your heart so you can hear that divine voice and receive divine messages, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from within yourself. If you are not using your mind to help in your wellness, it's like having a star quarterback sitting on the bench during a major football game.
Shumsky has taught meditation, prayer, yoga, and intuition to thousands of students worldwide.
The more positive affirmations you give yourself, the more that hope and faith will develop and project that affirmation into a reality.

She is the founder of Divine RevelationA®, a complete technology for contacting the divine presence and listening to the inner voice. She now travels extensively in her motor home, facilitating workshops, seminars, spiritual retreats, as well as overseas tours to sacred destinations. So the more you repeat the affirmations, the more they will become part of you, and your subconscious mind will make them into a reality.

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