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Spiritual Benefits of MeditationThe sense of peace, connectedness and happiness opens the heart to enable you to live a contented and fulfilled life.Most spiritual traditions around the world have meditation, prayer or at least self reflection as an important part of their practice.
From Fleur Carter’s story, “The benefits of meditation are wide and varied; from reduction in stress, to increased levels of concentration and focus, to the ability to deal with destructive emotions.
Recently I’ve had a few parents email about books and audio books which might help children to wind down at the end of a long day. Author Maureen Garth’s meditation books have helped countless children to fall asleep peacefully  and feel safe and secure. Purchases clicked through from the Children’s Books Daily site result in a small commission.
Over the past decade, mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve a broad range of health and disease outcomes, such as slowing HIV progression and improving healthy aging.
New research from Carnegie Mellon University provides a window into the brain changes that link mindfulness meditation training with health in stressed adults.
The biological health-related benefits occur because mindfulness meditation training fundamentally alters brain network functional connectivity patterns and the brain changes statistically explain the improvements in inflammation.
For the randomized controlled trial, 35 job-seeking, stressed adults were exposed to either an intensive three-day mindfulness meditation retreat program or a well-matched relaxation retreat program that did not have a mindfulness component.
The brain scans showed that mindfulness meditation training increased the functional connectivity of the participants’ resting default mode network in areas important to attention and executive control, namely the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.
The participants who completed the mindfulness meditation program also had reduced IL-6 levels, and the changes in brain functional connectivity coupling accounted for the lower inflammation levels.
This work bridges health psychology and neuroscience and falls under the new field of health neuroscience, which Creswell is credited with co-founding. In addition to Creswell, the research team included CMU’s Emily Lindsay, April Fairgrieve and Jennifer L.
This 6-week course explores meditative techniques from spiritual traditions, particularly Buddhism, and incorporates them in the development of happiness and well-being. About the instructor: Darren Becker has been practicing meditation for over 10 years and has a Master's Degree from the Divinity School at Harvard University. I’ve been singing this Sanskrit chant to my daughter before bedtime since she was a newborn. The story takes the child through a series of questions that helps them focus on their own feelings and then encourages them to send loving kindness out to various people in their lives. Actions: Have you ever noticed that when you do something kind for another, it comes back to you tenfold? Once you have talked to your children about their kind thoughts and words, their acts of kindness come from a positive foundation.
Check out Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats, a yoga story about friendship, happiness, and acceptance. Get details and free kids yoga resources in your inbox by signing up for Giselle’s weekly Kids Yoga Stories Newsletter on her website, or check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
You can see a full schedule of the posts in this series by visiting the main Random Acts of Kindness Challenge page.
You are so right about the language we use with our children when our goal is to foster kindness and love!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Imaginations is my go-to book for reading and referencing relaxation stories and meditations for kids.

To enter the contest, sign in using your Facebook account or e-mail and click on the different ways to enter. I would totally read this with my son I have been looking for ways to work with him on meditating so this would be a great start! Living here in Finland and finding this page about kidsyogapages has been absolutely great. It makes sense that to get to know our spirituality better we should spend time getting to know ourself better.
But I think a better idea is for a loved adult (lovely for a grandparent to do!) to read the stories and record them. You can also compare prices on Fishpond and Bookworld for Australian purchases.If you live in the US or would prefer to use Amazon click here. Commission is used in part to maintain Children’s Books Daily and to support community groups which connect children with books. Published in Biological Psychiatry, the study shows that mindfulness meditation training, compared to relaxation training, reduces Interleukin-6, an inflammatory health biomarker, in high-stress, unemployed adults. All participants completed a five-minute resting state brain scan before and after the three-day program.
Each month, a blogger shares the random acts of kindness they have committed with their little ones. Giselle draws from her experiences as a teacher, traveler, yogi, and mom to write her stories found at Kids Yoga Stories or on Amazon worldwide. Add in the responsibilities of work, house, and family, and we often find ourselves being unkind to ourselves and the ones closest to us. It can be harsh, negative, or damaging, especially when you’re frustrated or feeling bad about yourself. For example, you might have a ritual at dinnertime where each family member expresses what he or she is grateful.
Children are spontaneous creatures, and starting them out with random kindness might entice them to do more. Please enter using the Rafflecopter tool above, obtaining points as follow the different options. Kids Yoga Stories and Kids Yoga 101 accept no responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may result from practicing the yoga poses in the books. Sign up for our weekly Kids Yoga Stories Newsletter (put name and email address into box at the top of the page) to get updates of the upcoming weekly giveaways! We dont?t have many books about kids yoga so I kind of do the class a bit of feeling and the stories I have found from this page have helped a lot to my own classes but meditation for the children needs a lot more practise. Been looking to bring more calm in to my world and am happy to have been introduced to this. In this podcast, Kira and Bill Van Ittersum share personal stories and real-life experiences from several people about their success with meditation.
These are perfect for use with your own children at home, and I also used to read one every single afternoon after lunch to my Year Two students to help calm them down after a lunchtime of running, hopping, skipping and jumping! She originally wrote them for her own child and they are perfectly pitched at children aged from about 3 years to…ummm…I reckon up to 10-12 years.
There are countless ways to do this quickly and easily these days and then they can be burnt to CD or played on an iPod or other device. They also provided blood samples right before the intervention began and at a four-month follow-up.

CMU has created some of the first cognitive tutors, helped to develop the Jeopardy-winning Watson, founded a groundbreaking doctoral program in neural computation, and is the birthplace of artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology. You can visit the Random Acts of Kindness page to see previous installments of this series.
I’ve been asking myself how we can cultivate kindness into our everyday lives no matter where we are or what we are doing.
The meditation recommends starting by thinking of yourself as happy and healthy, then send loving kindness to a loved one, then someone you don’t know very well, next to someone who is a negative source in your life, and lastly to all living beings.
Acts of kindness can be directed at ourselves, others around us, or our natural surroundings.
If we talk to them about the purpose of those projects and how their actions make a difference, then they can begin to understand why volunteering plays a big role in our society.
Encourage them to hold open a door for someone, thank a police officer or veteran, or buy flowers for a neighbor. And yes, kids are some of the most-giving people, hardly ever asking for anything in return. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with the Rafflecopter tool below by sending me an e-mail at giselle at kidsyogastories dot com. The winner will be notified by e-mail, and at that time, we will request a mailing address. I would use the meditation book in my children?s yoga class on Sundays and on Mondays with nursery children where I run yoga once a week as well.
How to gain these benefits?To experience these benefits it is necessary to practice regularly.
Her simple but imaginative stories lead children into magical worlds in which they are released from worries, and discover peacefulness and stillness. Building on its strengths in biology, computer science, psychology, statistics and engineering, CMU launched BrainHub, an initiative that focuses on how the structure and activity of the brain give rise to complex behaviors. Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids has a lovely loving-kindness visualization story that you can read to your children.
For example, here are Fifteen Acts of Kindness to inspire you, including giving yourself some “me” time, sending thank you cards, and committing to earth-friendly practices. Their acts of kindness can be practiced throughout the year, not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can start with a few minutes every day, building up to ideally, around 20 minutes a day. Though doing service projects with your children during festive times is an excellent way to introduce them to projects that bring a greater good. Kids Yoga Stories and Kids Yoga 101 will ship the books separately and will cover the shipping costs. You may be able to attend one of our Refresh Community Classes in your local community and to develop your meditation skills further, we offer weekend retreats throughout the year.Get started with our FREE online introduction to meditation that consists of a series of emails and recordings sent to you every couple of days for 3 weeks. They watch us as we say thank you, give compliments, make phone calls to loved ones overseas, or chat with close friends.

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