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Our main interest is the overlap area between good music and good meditation, and the ways in which meditation enhances the perception and enjoyment of music, while music helps to develop a deeper and fuller state of meditation.
You are welcome to try out sahaja meditation, which is always free of charge either by finding a meditation class in your area or following an online beginners course. The practice of sahaja meditation gives us vibratory awareness, thanks to which we can feel the effects of anything, including music, on the flow of energy within our body. By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions.
First, I know you'll find this the most valuable book about meditation and mind body made simple for the lazy and unmotivated that's ever been written. Because you ordered the book below you get my book risk-free, absolutely guaranteed, and delivered to your computer with a few quick clicks.
The CD that has been used worldwide to help over 100,000 people achieve inner peace, calm, happiness, forgiveness, joy, laughter and a good self esteem. Beautiful soundscapes harmonize with Oprah & Deepakā€™s daily message, mantra-based meditations, and centering thoughts. Stream the meditations to enjoy the complete online experience via an internet connection.

Discover your purpose, follow your passion, and become the person you were born to be with Desire and Destiny. Fulfill your deepest desires and effortlessly attract anything you wish with Creating Abundance. We have tried to develop a resource where you can purchase good music, but also explore with us the way this music works and the way it is created through articles, interviews, featured artists and albums and so on. We can then feel, how certain pieces of music balance out and improve, sometimes even heal, different aspects of our subtle system that may have been damaged in the past. In just a few pages, you get the top affirmations that are going to get you out of your rut and back into the flow. This is a special product only offered to a few select subscribers and it's been recorded at a time when the energy of the planet was preparing us for these difficult times. This rarely released piece is part of the plan that has helped thousands of my clients be free from disease and difficulty. That's how much I want YOU to succeed in your journey out of pain, stress, poverty and into health, prosperity ease.
Get ready to watch your obstacles disappear as Oprah & Deepak guide you to effortless joy in Finding Your Flow.

It affects not only our aesthetic sense or emotional feelings, but also our physical and our subtle body.
We can feel how certain music increases the flow of energy through our system, awakens and establishes positive qualities within us. These affirmations have been used by many hundreds of my clients to enhance their session work. These steps work to get you out of those difficult moments and into a flow with money and abundance. The flow of energy through our subtle system and the changes in our subtle state are normally almost impossible to sense.
Many of those qualities, like peace and satisfaction, forgiveness and humility, innocence and joy are the basis for achieving and deepening the state of thoughtless awareness, that is, meditation. We might vaguely feel, that some music uplifts us, while other depresses, exhausts, or drags us down, that some calms us while other creates anxiety, but what exactly happens within us when we listen to the music is difficult to pinpoint and express.

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