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Why I Chose To Start Meditation Plus A Modest Plan For YouFebruary 24, 2013 by Connor Meakinmeditation, mindful meditation, start meditation11 Comments Thank you for visiting!
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I would love to share what meditation means to me, how I think it will help you, and how to get started. It’s one of the most difficult things i’ve ever tried to learn because it takes a different type of discipline – total concentration, time, and lots of practice. So here I was, confused guy looking to meditate his way to a stress free, hyper-productive life, but how did I actually start meditation? The premise of meditation for me is focused awareness, living in the present moment, and being aware your body.
Coming from a psychology background, stress and anxiety are two things I spend a lot of time thinking about. I also, have this issue where I can never turn my mind off and ‘let go.’ When I go to bed, my mind goes crazy and I can’t sleep because its racing so fast. I feel like a lot of people share similar issues – daily meditation can help you because it’s helped me. My early days of meditation went something like this: I’d set a timer on my phone, sit in a dark, quiet room and count my breaths. So you’re in a dark room, eyes closed in an upright position – not too comfortable, but if you can’t cross your legs, don’t sweat it. When i’m sitting and feeling good about my breathing, i’ll start to focus in on any body sensations. I find the simple act of recognizing these sensations and consciously labelling them for what they are brings a deeper state of relaxation. You’ll quickly realize what is truly important to you, what matters, and what is worth your most precious resource: time.
Bear in mind, this is all coming from a guy who can’t sit still and turn his mind off for a second, let alone 15 minutes.
Also, if you’re interested in more resources to help you start meditation, leave a comment or email me and I will happily pass them along to you. Great post, learning to meditate was one of my goals this year, I started at 10 minutes a day, lasted for a week, but hated it too much to continue. IMO, too many people stress over the future, the past, and things they can’t control. Studies suggest that meditation does all sorts of great stuff for you, like increasing memory and awareness while decreasing stress and negative emotions. September 23, 2011 By IntegrityAdmin Leave a Comment If you haven’t experienced the peace and tranquility that comes from meditation, consider starting a practice. Mentally, meditation can help you discipline your mind, organize your thoughts and focus your attention more effectively. While there is nothing wrong with meditating on your own, meditation with a group opens up a whole new set of benefits. Even for those who want to meditate, sometimes life gets so hectic and we get so tired it's easy to brush it off for a few days-- and before you know it, a month has gone by. Finally, there is something very dynamic about a group energy when everyone in the same room is meditating.

In order to get a meditation group started, you have to find like-minded people who are reliable and will show up with some regularity.
You might also agree that if someone doesn't show up or call by a certain time that you're to proceed without them.
Getting an E-mail loop or message board started so you can discuss things and work out kinks at your leisure. Don't worry if you get a small response at first; your group may grow in time if you keep up with it.
First off, a few caveats: I am not converting to buddhism, and I don’t fancy myself some spiritual guru. I reached out to Jonathan Fields after reading his book, Uncertainty, and he pointed me to a few really cool resources. Long days and bad sleep, but also i’m also just curious about ways to promote well-being, increase productivity, etc. The spiritual aspect of mindfulness meditation always popped up in psychology research as viable alternatives to your standard drug therapy approach. Slap a label on it (ie chest soreness), then return to your breathing and move on to the next spot or thought. The sooner you embrace being content in the present moment, in meditation or everyday life, the sooner you’ll start living a better life. This sounds pretty cheesy, but being ‘present’ allows your mind to wander onto what is important. This is where things get really fun because literally the most random thoughts and themes start popping up.
If the same thoughts reappear, keep labelling them – these are obviously things which your brain is tagging as important. Committing to daily meditation is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done, but for me, the benefits are worth it. Based on your post it seems like it helps us really listen to what our bodies are saying to us.
I am usually antsy when it comes to metaiitdon, I am trying to start with 5 min a day but this 10 min went by so fast and was wonderful for me to get into.. Meditation allows us to tap into an inner peace that comes from going inward and connecting with a higher source.
The main thing to do in meditation is to relax and clear the mind by sitting, focusing and breathing. If you’re just starting meditation and want to make it a habit, consider teaming up with a “buddy” who will keep you motivated in your practice.
If you want more stability, peace, and harmony, a meditation practice can change you from the inside out. Spiritually, it can help you sort out your thoughts and questions, and receive messages from your higher self. Physically, meditation reduces stress and tension that can lower your resistance and increase risk for a host of different diseases and conditions. Being part of a group keeps you on target to keep up the practice regularly, even if only once a week.

You can share techniques with each other, and learn how others experience the exact same meditation that you do.
If you must advertise, some good places to do it are at yoga centers, libraries, college campuses and health centers. There may be community centers, libraries, churches or -- if your students -- rooms in your college where you can meet. Start agreeing who will be res possible for what (who will prepare the place, or clean up if necessary? Too bad we often ignore the signals of a health problem because we are too focused on work.
You mention a really good point about being aware of your sensations through everyday common events. There are many great benefits in having the power of two (or more) people engaged in the same goal.
Listening to the experience of others can give you real insights into your own personal meditations. When groups meditate together, the energy in that room becomes cumulative and conducive to the atmosphere for all involved. Put up fliers noting a date and time for a first meeting and encouraging people to call or E-mail you. If all else fails, there are always parks and nature preserves-- just find one out of the way, with little foot traffic, away from kid's areas, and that's open in the hours you wish to meet. And it’s interesting to note that meditation can be used to bring out the presence charisma.
I never tended to notice these things until i started meditating and it really brings a nice perspective on daily stresses or any event for that matter. There are numerous techniques and the goal is not to be perfect, but to simply practice breathing and clearing your mind.
You don’t need to meditate together; rather it’s helpful to support each other in an ongoing practice. You may find yourself going deeper, longer and further in group meditations than you ever have alone.
With practice, you’re continuously clearing your mind of negativity and allowing a stronger connection to the Universe and all of its gifts. In my book, Just Give Your Head a Shake, I describe how to practice Buddhist Vipissana meditation. But the book I was reading tells us to sense what our toes are feeling, or any sensation for that matter.

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