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With much more clearer clarity and quality in the media for better concentration.Please leave comment or rate this app which will make me to deliver better in all aspects in future. Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation without prior experience. The team behind the eternally reliable offline GPS app, Sygic (Android, iPhone) has just added 88 more maps to its popular, TomTom-powered portfolio - which means that it now covers basically the entire planet, save a few remote areas and islands.
As technology becomes too clever for its own good, we are constantly under threat from increasingly more sophisticated dangers.
Streaming music service Pandora's just released a new tool called AMPcast to a handful of selected artists.

With lyrics designed to help relax, release stress and focus the mind, Meditation Song guides you to find the sacred silent space within. Meditation Song guides you to breathe, focus and then rest in a 15 minute silent meditation. Amy's transcendent voice lulls and relaxes you until you experience deep levels of conscious awareness and peace. Click here to go to our Online Store where you can download MP3's directly to your computer and Ipod or other portable MP3 players. Today we're lining up our favorite personal security apps for Android, to help keep you safe while you benefit from all the groovy things your mobile can do.

It allows musicians to use their phones to quickly record personal messages, which are then directly shared with fans as tracks from the artists are through Pandora.

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