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La Meditazione Spirituale è una costante, ininterrotta fonte di gioia, pace e amore. Infine, la Meditazione Spirituale aiuta a vivere la vita con la costante consapevolezza di essere connessi con il Divino. Qualunque sia la strada che sceglierai, infine sperimenterai di essere immerso nell’Amore Divino (Bhakti). La meditazione porta chiarezza di pensiero e riduce l’agitazione mentale, equilibrando la mente e le emozioni. Le asana sono esercizi fisici che mantengono il corpo fisicamente in forma, sano e libero da disturbi e malattie.
I Mudra sono gesti che, utilizzando il nostro corpo fisico, creano un meccanismo di blocco.
I benefici della pratica della Meditazione Spirituale si possono sperimentare in molti settori diversi della vostra vita. Al fine di ottenere dei benefici dalla Meditazione Spirituale, lo studente deve essere pronto a praticare almeno quindici minuti al giorno. Meditare regolarmente con un gruppo di persone può aiutare a sostenere la vostra pratica giornaliera. Developments in the fields of science and technology, in transportation, communications, agriculture and medicine, have revolutionized human life at the material level. The problems arising out of racial, ethnic, sectarian and caste prejudices affect the citizens of every country.
There is clear evidence of people changing, getting transformed, getting over anger, avarice and conceit. Please note that some of these websites will not work on iPads where Adobe Flash is required. Pray-as-you-goPray-as-you-go was produced by the Jesuit Media Initiatives in London through the generous and freely given support of many people and organisations.
Catching Fire Catching Fire is the name of the Brisbane Catholic Education Spiritual Formation Framework.
Spirituality for TodaySpirituality for Today is an interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age. Prayers PinterestCreated by Jacinta, this Pinterest page offers a range of prayer resources for teachers.
Come Pray The RosaryThis is an online site which allows people to pray the Rosary together. BomomoUsing Bomomo, users select a drawing utility and then Bomomo randomly begins drawing. Odosketch"Odosketch is a free online sketchpad that, like many similar sites, provides a blank canvas on which you can create drawings from scratch. Draw It LiveDraw It Live is a free application that allows you to work together with other people to draw in real time.
Online sites for creating visual images of writing can provide opportunities for students to reflect on themselves, their abilities, their values, their feelings and especially their life's purpose. WordleWordle allows you to insert text and then it creates a word cloud based on the frequency of which words appear in the text.
Loyola Press: 3 Minute Retreats3-Minute Retreats invite you to take a short prayer break right at your computer.

The World Christian Community for Christian MeditationMeditation, in the Christian tradition - contemplation, the prayer of the Heart - is forming a world wide community. Taize: Prayer and songThe Taize community created this web site on prayer to share with the world. Le tecniche di meditazione insegnate in questo corso sono molto semplici da seguire e facili da praticare; comincerai a sentirne i benefici quasi immediatamente e richiedono solo 5 - 10 minuti di pratica quotidiana.
Molte persone trovano molto difficile per spegnere il chiacchiericcio mentale costante che si verifica ogni giorno nella loro mente. Meditare con un gruppo di persone regolarmente può aiutare a sostenere il vostro studio privato a casa.
Taoist Sitting MeditationFor sitting meditation, learn the posture necessary to avoid knee and back pain.
Help support a living spiritual tradition by providing clothing, shelter, food and education.
Two Branches of TaoismMost people are unaware that there are two main branches of living Taoism, the original Water Method, which is about 2,500 years old, and the Neo-Taoist Fire Method from about 1,000 years ago. I recently returned from a three week instructor training in a chi gung practice called “Gods Playing in the Clouds”. La ripetizione di un mantra eleva e modifica la consapevolezza, aiutando a calmare e concentrare la mente,cosa  che, a sua volta, facilita la meditazione.
Le asana consentono una trasmissione di forza vitale maggiore in tutto il corpo rendendolo più forte e armonioso. Essi controllano e influenzano le energie che si trovano nel nostro corpo energetico, mentale e fisico.
La pratica del Kriya ci permette di vivere la vita nella costante consapevolezza della nostra identità spirituale.
But, in actuality, this progress is only superficial: underneath, modern men and women are living in conditions of great mental and emotional stress, even in developed and affluent countries. Poverty, warfare, weapons of mass destruction, disease, drug addiction, the threat of terrorism, epidemic, environmental devastation and the general decline of moral values — all cast a dark shadow on the future of civilization. This video clip invites students to ask questions about how they can make a change and pray. The site provides reflective music and prayer forms which can be downloaded free from in either MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. It honours the sacred prayers of each of us, even as it reminds us of the power and presence of all of us". You can post or read prayers, virtually tour the Mary MacKillop Chapel and visit the tomb or read daily reflections. The online drawing sites for prayer below were originally blogged by Richard Byrne, the developer of Free Technology for Teachers. No log in or registration is required and all of the drawing tools that you would expect to find like brushes, pencils, and a large range of colors are offered by Sketchpad.
Art Pad and Sketch Pad allow users to select from a variety of drawing tools and painting tools. You might like to invite students to write personal prayers or research different faiths and prayer and then copy and paste the text to create a word cloud. You can select the shape of the cloud and even paste a URL, Twitter feed or Delicious ID and it will generate a word cloud.

The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, meaning of the picture or a prayerful experience. Spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage.Knowing that not everyone prays at the same pace, you have control over the pace of the retreat.
La  Meditazione vi insegna a controllare la vostra mente, invece che farvi controllare da essa.
Detailed illustrations will help you see the difference between correct and incorrect body alignments.Sitting practices can be more powerful than standing or moving practices because, assuming your energy channels have opened and your body strength has grown sufficiently from the standing and moving practices, you can put 100 percent of your attention and effort into the nonphysical parts of your being. I had been fighting an intense legal battle with devastating effects on my business and on my health. Most books on Taoism available in the West are from the Fire tradition.The Water MethodUnlike the Fire Method, the Water Method emphasizes effort without force, softness and flow. Queste chiavi (codici) sono stati dati in epoche diverse sotto forma di pratiche e sistematiche tecniche yoga. Tutti coloro che hanno superato i 18 anni sono benvenuti a partecipare ai corsi a prescindere dalla loro religione o appartenenza culturale.
One need only glance at the front page of a daily newspaper to be reminded of the acute suffering and deep despair which afflict the inhabitants of our planet.
Membership to the site is freely available to staff in Catholic schools and other Catholic agencies. Art Pad has a neat playback feature that shows you the steps you took in creating your images. The web site developer hopes  that the music that is provided for free on the site will inspire people worldwide to spend time in prayer and in fellowship with our Wonderful Creator. If you click on an image twice it will bring up information about the photographer and provide a link to their flickr page. Bruce Frantzis wrote The Water Method of Taoist Meditation Series so that this tradition, known as the Water Method, might reach a wider audience in the West. There has been substantial improvement in the efficiency of people and in their inter-personal relations.
Sitting practices include body alignments for all Taoist sitting practices, three basic chair-sitting postures, three ways to sit and meditate in a chair, and use of the breath, vibration, and, ultimately the mind, to awaken internal sensations.Taoist Sexual QigongLearn techniques to make your partner's entire body wake up, relax, increase interest and gain greater intimacy during sex.
I couldn't do much about the drain on my time and money; however, I could do something about the drain on my health. Avendo accesso ai nostri potenziali interiori; I nostri corpi fisici e forze spirituali si rigenerano portando maggiore saggezza, discernimento e comprensione.
The entry point is the body rather than any beliefs or intellectual process.Demystifies TaoismRelaxing into Your Being demystifies the obscure language that surrounds the living tradition of Taoism.
Queste tecniche sono state adattate all’attuale stile di vita e possono essere facilmente integrate nella vostra vita quotidiana.
The little-known practices of the Taoist Water Method are explained in a down-to-earth way.

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