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This channel contains teachings from the Portland Insight Meditation Center by Robert Beatty. Lisa Hopkins style of yoga embraces a gentle, intuitive approach with an emphasis on safety and ease for the student. Hari Dayal has been a student of Yoga since the 1980s and a Certified Kundalini yoga teacher since 2012.
Adrianna has been teaching Children's Yoga since 2010, and she has been loving every minute! She trained with Ontario's first Children's Yoga Specialist - Barbara Westgate of Children's Garden Yoga and Reiki. Bellydance originated in the Middle East and is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. She has studied dance for more than 20 years, and began teaching when she was 17 years old. She discovered yoga shortly after moving to Canada, and her practice has helped her deal with all the emotions associated with moving to a new country. She has had the privilege of studying directly under Shri Yogi Hari and has attended workshops led by Seane Corn and Dharma Mittra. Valrita Fournier has been the featured psychic guest of CBC radio, WDTR Public Radio and Psychic World Television (USA).

It is very feminine and sensual, with smooth flowing movements as well as dynamic hip shimmies and isolations. Her interest in fitness began at a young age and she has been practicing Yoga and Pilates for 15 years.
Chantelle is committed to personal development and guiding others to leading happy, fulfilling lives. Her teaching style combines the precision and efficiency of pilates and the philosophy and flow of yoga with the creative expression of her dance background. She completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training in India, and is looking forward to keep expanding her knowledge of yoga philosophy and yoga therapy in the future.
Bizz’s attention to anatomical detail and her fun, engaging instruction have earned the respect of students of all ages and backgrounds. Bizz has completed her Pilates Teacher Certification through Body Harmonics Studio, and in April 2012 completed her Yoga Teacher Training through Live360. Her classes involve creative sequences, a spirit of playfulness, and a dose of inspiration to help her students deepen their practice.
She strives to help her students learn the importance of breath (on and off the mat), the importance of self-acceptance, and the importance of learning how to relax.

Rob’s primary belief is that all spiritual traditions point to the same essential teachings, the only difference to their depth is they use different words to communicate the same Ideal. The deep “scholastic” methodical and scientific method the Buddha used to teach the Dhamma is the main draw for Western analytical minds. Paradoxically, the Buddha’s concise teaching of “knowing the mind as mind,” lessens the strong-hold Westerners have with thinking too much, and over-analyzing life and day-to-day situations. Being both a high level Salsero and Tanguero at heart, he's able using fancy turn patterns while performing advanced and complex Sacadas, colgadas and Volcadas.
He was in San Diego California coaching and choreographing routines for the Positive Energy salsa dance team.
After 2 years in San Diego he moved to Las Vegas and began the first year teaching in a Studio while at the same time performing with his dance partner at various venues throughout the city of Las Vegas. He was asked to dance in a performance produced by the Creative Director of Cirque du Soleil along with other performers working for Cirque du Soleil.

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