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Thailand is still a deeply religious country, and there are few places in the world where Buddhism is so thoroughly ingrained into the fabric of everyday life as in the Land of Smiles.
We found this place by accident when we were cruising along highway 1095 with out motorscooters. We stopped our motorscooters, looked at each other and turned around to follow the small path which meandered through the beautiful landscape. Our scooters slowed down almost by themselves – the atmosphere was of such a nature that we felt it was appropriate to approach in a slow, unhurried manner, and driving down the little trail was like a small meditative experience in itself already. After a couple of minutes we reached the forest monastery’s gate, parked our motorcycles and a young Buddhist monk in the typical orange robes greeted us with a warm smile.
He didn’t seem particularly eager to get us in, but when we inquired what the procedure was and how things worked around here, he answered in a very cheerful manner, almost as if our questions would amuse him. His answers were a bit quizzical but also intriguing, and the overall atmosphere of the place seemed very peaceful, grounded and calming.
The monastery had a very down to earth feel, even though some rather spaced out characters walked around there. Some of the people here had a really great energy and just radiated a very calm positivity, others seemed very quiet and self-encapsulated, some where quiet chatty, and there was one guy who was in really urgent need of a shower but didn’t seem to think so himself.
People from many different countries were here, and I’d say about half of them were international visitors and half of them Thai people from different parts of the country. All of them were dressed in white, walking around the meticulously well-kept grounds of the monastery nestled between the mountain ridges. At one point I thought it kind of resembled a sect, at least on an outer layer – all these people basically dresses the same way, doing different kinds of chores to maintain the place. Before I arrived at the temple, I thought that the first day would be the most difficult, and it would get easier with each successive day. The least popular aspect of staying at the forest monastery for many people was getting up at 5 a.m.
After breakfast you wash your breakfast utensils and go to the group meditation at the sala.
Staying at this meditation retreat in northern Thailand was a great experience, and it changed my outlook on life in some subtle ways.

It can also help you to see things more for what they are, rather than what you think they are (or should be).
So whatever your reason is – if you have a couple of days, or weeks to spare, our Mountain Monastery Meditation Trip might be just the right choice for you! Visit the Christine Breese website to read articles on consciousness and awakening, visit University of Metaphysical Sciences Video Satsangs to see talks on spiritual subjects. An abandoned spiritual retreat in northern India where The Beatles famously learned to meditate has been opened to the public, with plans to turn it into a touristy yoga centre. The ashram, located in the town of Rishikesh on the banks of the holy Ganges River, became derelict after its flamboyant guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi abandoned the place in the 1970s. But authorities in the state of Uttarakhand began cleaning up the place several months ago for Tuesday’s opening, exactly 35 years after John Lennon was assassinated in New York. Located on the edge of a reserve, the ashram remained a popular pilgrimage for hardcore┬áBeatles fans despite becoming derelict and being taken over by the wildlife department in 2003. Fans could sneak in by climbing over the perimeter walls, with a meditation hall decorated with colourful graffiti the main attraction. The Beatles stayed at the ashram, spread over nearly 18 acres (7.2 hectares) and located in the Himalayan foothills, in 1968 to learn transcendental meditation from the guru Maharishi. The New Age covers news from all nine provinces, along with national events, Op-Ed columns, politics, Africa and International news, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, science and technology.
The Expanding Light Retreat - Yoga and meditation retreat center in California's Sierra Nevada foothills. The Expanding Light - A Spiritual Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Northern California.Nevada City, California 800-346-5350. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in Thailand, and it’s becoming more popular among people from all over the world.
Instead, they just tell you to practice and offer you some basic guidance for the three daily group meditations. You are aware with every step, and moving in this manner in a group almost puts your mind into a meditative state by itself. Afterwards you have free time at your own disposal, and you can just talk with other people, or explore the grounds of the monastery, or take a nap (erm, I mean: practice laying meditation).

Well, there are several kutis, which are basically little houses where you can sleep (or meditation).
From the conversations I had here I learned that people visit this meditation retreat in northern Thailand for many different reasons. Ringo Starr reportedly objected to the vegetarian diet, while John Lennon felt that the Maharishi’s claim to celibacy was a lie. And when you visit this beautiful meditation retreat in northern Thailand you will meet not only Thai people, but people from many countries over the world. We have so sedentary lifestyles these days, spending much of our time in front of screens, displays or books, while our bodies are really made for movement. It’s very basic, there are no beds, just simple mats which you put on the floor to sleep on.
Some people have been hit by an unfortunate twist of destiny and are so emotionally shaken up that they just want to get their feet back on the ground. I guess at first the novelty of it all is enough to keep you at it, and the more often you’ve already gone through the routine, the more tempting it seems for your mind to wander.
Some people feel unsatisfied with the life they are living, and they want to find out what they can change. Visit Christine Breese's Metaphysical Sciences youtube channel to view free video satsangs. But there’s a special beauty in those hours when the mountain peaks are disappearing into the fog and a new day is coming to life to the songs of the birds.
It’s a derivate language of Sanskrit and the earliest Buddhist scriptures were written in Pali.
Some are on a long trip through Asia and have been on the road for a while, and if you’ve traveled so much you experience so many things, you learn so much, and they stay at the monastery for a couple of days to unwind, to reflect, to let things seep in.

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