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For copies: Jaya Maithreya, Flat no 2-201, Sai Krishna Block, Sai's Dream Castle , 2-123, Nizampet Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500 072. YogaAwakening Meditation CollectionDiscover natural stress relief, improve memory concentration and focus, develop intuition and creativity, regain mastery & control of your thoughts through Yoga & Meditation.
If you could grant just one wish to most people who recognize their faults or problems, they would wish for them to be gone.  They know that they have low self-esteem, some negative thought pattern, grief, inertia or fear, and they would like nothing more than to be done with it.
Most people don’t really want to live with pain and suffering, but they just haven’t figured out how else to relate to the world. People want to let go, but they don’t always have a method for doing it.  How do you let go of a loved one who passes away?  How do you let go of an important relationship after a break-up?  How do you let events come to a natural conclusion so you can start all over again? Regardless of the application, dissolving is a pragmatic method for releasing whatever prevents you from experiencing the joys and harmony inherent in life.  Learning these techniques will give you powerful tools for recognizing what is not flowing, releasing it, and eventually restoring balance in your life. Bruce is passionate about teaching the wisdom from Taoism including qigong, tai chi, healing, martial arts and mediation.
When you close your eyes and meditate, you will discover your true self whom you have lost for a long time.

Successful men already knew the crucial significance of meditating and introspecting their own mind. As much as you are able to see how you are, just as you are, you can eventually see others just as they are. If we cleanse all the stains from our mind, then the natural flow of energy in our body is restored. Our meditation’s method is essentially subtraction; it is ground breaking and unique in that it is possible to completely eliminate all of one’s false human minds using the method. In order to escape from the illusionary world, we must discard the illusionary pictures we have taken as well as our very selves constructed with these illusions.
It is a practical guide to transcend stress which has become the main cause of the evil in this huge competitive world.
People make their own mind worlds by storing their memories as images, and live trapped inside these self-made worlds. When this happens, it is possible to live in the real world, and only then, can we know true happiness.

The book explores through the various ways of controlling your stress levels from every point of view. Moreover, they believe these worlds to be the real world, because the images they have taken of everything they have seen, heard, and experienced perfectly overlap the real world. Prashanth is a leadership and motivational adviser, who concentrates on various aspects like time management, money related aspects, obstacles in your life, creativity, study methodology, memory practices, leadership qualities and many such hurdles a student undergoes. The book gives account about withstanding your stress through mantras, kriyas, prayers and therapies as well. The reason we are unsatisfied with our lives and there are moments when we feel our lives are meaningless, is we do not live in the real world but in the false world we have each made. This self-made world is called the illusionary world or the picture world because it does not actually exist.

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