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Meditation for Manifesting helps you to increase your focus while visualizing your desire, so that you can start from a place of clarity and solid definition. Until not long ago, it was believed that the brain performance peaked during early adulthood and the.. Make no mistake about it, you can manifest ANYTHING you want in life when you connect with the abundance in the Universe.
If you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction (aka The Secret), you probably know that the most important thing you can do to make your goals and dreams happen is to align with that desire. Part of the reason it happened so easily is because you were aligned with it – there was no doubt in your mind that it could happen and no attachment to it having to happen. Once you have truly aligned with your dream, the inspired action will flow naturally and produce more results, faster and easier than before. One thing I have learned over time is that one guided meditation doesn’t fit all people or all moods or all moments in your life.
That is why there are over 6 different guided visualizations and meditations on this recording so you can pick and choose based on what you need on any given day.

I created these guided visualizations based on challenges I’ve experienced in the past and the challenges of my clients. I debated about the price for a while but I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you, so I am offering it at a value price of only $29.95.
Available as audio download to listen on your computer or download to MP3 or CD or a hard CD to be mailed to your home.
For less than the price of dinner out and 10 minutes of your time, you could be farther down the road to making your dreams a reality.
Also, due to the repeating tones, it shouldn't be used by epileptics or people wearing a pacemaker. We use the most advanced technology to deliver highly precise tones for highly efficient brainwave synchronization.
I know from personal experience that there will be times when self-doubt will creep in or when it feels like nothing is happening or going right.
When we love ourselves, we get love back in terms of treatment from others and the universe.

I asked people what they would pay and some have said as high as $45 for the value they received from just listening to these meditations and the action and results that transpired as a result. The introductory offer is gone but I am still a sucker for a bargain, so I am now offering it at $24.95 for a limited time. For that purpose, the second half of the meditation helps you to go into a very relaxed and receptive state - a state where you can release the mental blocks associated with your goals. It is more common to have contempt for our mistakes and shortcomings than to show compassion and love for ourselves.
All you have to do is visualize what you want to manifest, then when you hear a gentle tone, just relax and let what you visualized sink in.

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