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The state of having a clear mind may seem like a difficult thing to attain, especially when you do this to prepare yourself for meditation.
You may feel more comfortable reclining, sitting on your legs, the floor or a chair, standing or even walking. Ensure that the space you're in is warm enough––being too cold is likely to encourage wandering thoughts.
Meet Adelaide, a wikiHowian who has been a community member for over three years and has started 186 articles. Meditation has great restorative powers and helps you to work at your most efficient level by keeping your mind clear throughout the day, meditation can also help you sleep better at night. Sit in a comfortable position, scan your body and let go of any tension you may be holding in your face, neck, shoulders, upper body, hips, legs and feet.
Eventually as you practise meditation more frequently you will learn to sit quietly but alert, observing the stillness and feeling of space.
Stretch out through your arms to your fingertips, then relax the arms and shoulders, unless you have a back problem stretch out your legs. Become aware of your breathe entering and leaving your body with the rise and fall of your chest and abdomen.
For novices to meditation as well as those well versed in the practice, the following meditation will help open your chakras and balance your energy in a truly blissful way. Breathe down to your Root Chakra, the Chakra of Belonging, where the weight of your body rests, below the base of your spine.  Breathe into your Root Chakra. When you are ready, allow your awareness to move up to your belly, just below your navel – to your Hara, your Sacral Chakra. Breathe lovingly into your Hara, letting it gently soften and expand on your breath, taking in nourishment and life force energy.
When you are ready move your awareness up to the area below your breast bone, your Solar Plexus, the Chakra of personal power.
When you are ready, move your awareness up to your heart chakra, the chakra of self-development and unconditional love.
Invite in the color green – the color of spring and life, or rose pink, the color of gentle love – whichever feels right to you.
When you are ready, move your awareness to your neck, to your Throat Chakra, the chakra of self-expression, truth and personal will. When you are ready, bring your focus up to your Third Eye Chakra, between and just above your eyebrows – your chakra of intuition and wisdom. When you are ready, move your awareness to the top of your head, to your Crown Chakra, the Chakra of ‘oneness’ and the Divine.
Read this meditation a few times, memorize some of the affirmations, and use it anytime as a bliss-inducing, chakra-balancing meditation. Today I train tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing. Meditation is a practise where the mind crosses the conscience bar and enters a zone of deep relaxation of body and mind. Antiquity – The earliest record of meditation practise has been noticed in Hindu religion, Vedanta to be precise. Growth in the middle ages – The Japanese Buddhism took a surge after the growth of Chinese Buddhism. The Modern Time – In the modern times, the Buddhist meditative practice became more prevalent. Now let us discuss seven different types of meditation which are more commonly in practice now.
It is believed by some, that Vipassana meditation was first introduced byBuddha himself, therefore it is practised in Major Buddhist meditation. Through this meditation what you achieve is a deeper and clearer awareness of your inner mind. 2) Make it regular and official – If you want to go the long way then make a specific time for yoga on daily basis. 3) Find a support or guide – If you want to advance in your meditative practise, then it is advisable to take the support of an experienced friend or guide.
5) Meditate at the end of the day – It is the best practise you can do to clear your body and mind before sleeping. It is normal to have doubts while you are starting with meditation practice but do not stop in the middle. You wake up, and before even getting out of bed, your mind is already on the go, planning out the day ahead. Once you begin meditating, and practice it properly and on a regular basis, there will be no denying the remarkable changes that will occur in your life.
There is no single way to meditate, in fact there are as many meditative methods as there are people who practice. It has taken time, but I have finally found a way to gain the inner peace and relaxation that accompanies proper technique.
I also like to imagine, during the preparatory stages, that I am on the surface of a very choppy, rough ocean. For all you Juicy Geniuses who are about to begin your journey into meditation, don’t begin with expectations, let the results surprise you. A Story Of Shameless Passion and Pursuit–How One Juicy Genius Turned Her Hobby Into A Thriving Business!
The Juicy ColumnDebunking The Myth Of Success: 3 Sneaky Signs You’re On The Right Path Live Your Life Without Regret! In this short and simple guided meditation, Bernadette Logue (Author & Transformation Coach) will take you through a process of how to clear negative energy away. Zen meditation discourages mental withdrawal from the world and dreaminess, and instead asks one to keep fully aware with a vigilant attitude. This suggests Zen meditation could help treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (so-called ADD or ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, major depression and other disorders marked by distracting thoughts. Pagnoni and his colleagues investigated Zen meditation, which Pagnoni himself has practiced while studying for his doctorate in Italy. Pagnoni added that the default mode network might be especially vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease. Most meditation focuses on breathing, but I find that the most powerful techniques are based on an essential principal: to meditate on what you want to become. If we use the meditation techniques from ancient Hindu or Buddhist texts, remarkable transformations of the mind are possible. To clear obstacles from your mind and life, the most powerful meditation object recommended by the ancient masters is to invite an image of an enlightened being into your meditation.

It’s a great power when you are able to wish happiness for all beings, regardless of how they treat you. The next time you sit in meditation, think about how nice it would be if everyone could find happiness. The wisdom of change has been around for a long time, but we often often forget it when it comes to meditating. Just as Heraclitus told ancient Greeks, “You can’t step in the same river twice,” remind yourself that you can’t sit on the same meditation cushion twice.
Perhaps the best qualities of superheroes are that they never give up, no matter how hard things get. James Connor is the author of The Superyogi Scenario, a page-turning thriller that allows readers to experience authentic wisdom that creates superheroes. The substances in warm milk contain a special type of acid that helps you relax and sleep better. This could be at a park, in your room, or anywhere that you will be able to concentrate completely at. Whether it's the bedroom or the attic, under a tree outside or next to a body of water, the place needs to connect with you and give a sense of comfort and safety. Try to focus on just your breathing, not your thoughts––the act of counting will help you achieve this. By taking a spare moment to calm yourself and clear your mind, you'll get better and better at doing it each time. Equally, being too warm is oppressive, so seek shade or a cooler part of the house when the weather is too warm. Promise yourself that you'll come back to the list later, knowing that you've captured all the things that you need to prioritize.
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Allow your body to release all tension and the energy of what it no longer needs to hold on to, let it go, let it flow out and away. Let it soften and gently breathe in life force energy, allowing the chakra to expand into the space around you.
Bathe your Solar Plexus with this warm, happy color, letting your Solar Plexus take what nourishment it needs.
Soften the throat center with your loving breath and invite in the color blue, the color of the sky and the ocean. Immerse your Third Eye in indigo, allowing your Third Eye to take what nourishment it needs. Lovingly bathe your Crown Chakra with the light violet color, balancing and harmonizing its energy. Each time you breathe in and breathe out, you observe your abdomen movements with each breath.
If you do this meditation for an hour in a day, then you can both rise on ground reality and walk away as you wish. After practising this form of meditation, you feel more relaxed and your awareness gets deeper. If you are a beginner with meditation, then you should start with floating feather meditation. If for some time, you want to be completely detached from the world of realism; then follow this guided visualization meditation. Listen to the audio and engage all your five senses to feel and visualize and imaginary world. Then your next important step would be to create or find a surrounding which compliments your meditation practise perfectly. If you want to feel secure and be indoors then it can be paintings with low light surrounding. This will make you disciplined and definitely pave the way for a long term association with meditation.
Obviously early morning meditation is the best start to your day, but meditation at night is a perfect way to end your day.
Get the hottest in business and personal development ideas, events, and goods PLUS catch our monthly interviews with fabulous female entrepreneurs from around the world. Now a dedicated meditator, I have realized that incorporating this simple ritual into your schedule is one of the best ways to respect both your mind and body. Spending simply ten to fifteen minutes a day on meditation is not much, but it will provide you with a window into your subconscious mind, which has a positive subsequent impact on your physical state and mental clarity. Cast aside all of your previous conceptions about meditation, and start on your own personal journey to define a unique method. This may sound ridiculous, but my meditation position places me right on the floor of my bedroom, with my legs crossed, facing my bedroom wall. If you live in a home with other people, let them know you will be meditating and that fifteen minutes of silence would be greatly appreciated. There is a stereotypical meditation posture that involves your index fingers and thumbs touching, but this is not a requisite. We can open our hearts, eliminate anger and raise our consciousness, all of which have a direct effect on the process of our own evolution as human beings.
Who you invite is up to you, but choose someone with qualities that you would like to emulate — a God of your own understanding.
Then, wish happiness for everyone and send that wish out on rays of light from the center of your chest as a form of loving kindness. Too many people say, “I can’t sit still,” or, “I can’t meditate,” and they lose before they even begin. Start each session by saying, “I’m going to focus and still my mind, so I can become a better person to help others.” Meditate for everyone. With the help of the simple steps below, you will be able to achieve a calm, peaceful, and clear state of mind when you meditate. It keeps your heart healthy, reduces stress, and repairs your body from tense, aching muscles. Choose a place free of any distractions, such as loud pets, ringing phones, or small children. This allows your brain to easily clear it's mind off one topic and clear the entire mind rather than having to clear loads of thoughts. In time, you will also find it becomes a lot more natural to block out the external world and to sit calmly.
This can help to remove the inclination to list all your must-dos in your head instead of concentrating on the meditation.

Do not try to shut out sounds and other sensations happening around you, just let them be there and focus on your breathe drawing your attention away from the distractions.
Becoming good at meditation takes practice, but the benefits are definitely worth your efforts. Start with your knees bent, feet hip-width apart, arms away from your body and backs of hands on the floor. When you are ready become aware of your surroundings, slowly wiggle your fingers and toes and take one or two deep breaths. Before we proceed with a complete meditation guideline, let us first understand what the word meditation actually mean.
It is largely practised to go beyond the common awareness and let you enter a state of ultimate awareness of your inner conscious. In fact at this time period, meditation took the transformation from religious practice to a mind exercise to relax stress and promote self-satisfaction. Slowly you start concentrating into the real world life cycle and at the same time get detached from them.
Listen and feel the ruffle of leaves, listen to the rumble of train wheels while it is moving.
You might not get immediate result but if you believe in your practise, you are bound to feel relaxed and focused.
I decided that a natural environment would probably be the most conducive to mental rejuvenation, so I set out to my backyard and plopped myself down on the grass. I try not to keep my eyes closed, nor wide open, with nothing in my vision to cause distraction (hence, the blank wall a foot in front of me). After a couple minutes of breath and mental vacancy, I slowly begin to submerge into the depths of the sea, where there is only complete stillness and dark.
For example, you could do it for 15 minutes right after you wake up, or before you fall asleep (just as long as you’re not too tired!). Simply place your hands in a comfortable position, even together, but try to have them facing upwards. Share below your meditative techniques, and how you feel you have benefited from incorporating this simple pleasure into your routine. Brain scans now show that Zen training leads to different activity in a set of brain regions known as the "default network," which is linked with spontaneous bursts of thought and wandering minds. He covers all things human origins and astronomy as well as physics, animals and general science topics. It doesn’t matter how your meditation went yesterday, or how it starts at the beginning of a session.
Be aware of the coolness of the air at the tip of your nose as you breathe in and the warmth of the air as you breathe out. The centre of your head should be on the floor if this is not comfortable then use a pillow under your head. Turn on to your right side in fetal position for a few more breaths with your eyes closed before you slowly make your way to a seated position. Meditation then was started in Buddhist religious offering and the Taoist, Chinese religious practice. Close your eyes and then shift your focus from one part of body to another, from one organ to another.
This form of meditation is also used as a psychological tool to get immersed into a visual and imaginary world. Wherever you are, you need to be detached from the outer world and live in your inner world. That will help you to get a better hand in meditation and you can progress for a higher level of body and mind relaxation.
Rarely do we find the time in our schedule to simply focus on silence, breath and peace of mind.
I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breath, but within three minutes I had already accumulated about seven mosquito bites.
I personally do not focus on a mantra, but instead place all of my attention on my breath–how it enters and exits my body. Charles has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida. Even when people act out or act badly, it’s because they are trying to get something they believe will make them happy. You will soon realize that every time that you count, you're getting closer to entering a state of complete calmness.
When it comes to the wikiHow community, Adelaide loves the collaborative spirit and says it’s nice to see so many like-minded editors sharing advice and helping the content grow. Thoughts will inevitably arise to distract you, you can not force the mind to be empty, but do not let yourself react to these disturbances.
On the other hand, some believe that meditation practise had its origin in Eastern Asia and was spread via the Silk Road. You let in the outer world feelings to come inside your mind, but at the same time you practise to remain detach from them. It can be very beneficial to animate your breath in the initial stages of your meditation, by imagining during your inhales that you are breathing in tranquility, strength, or any other disposition that you feel you want to embody.
You can never expect to begin meditation and enter into the deepest state instantly; it will usually take a few minutes at least (or more, in the beginning). Charles has visited every continent on Earth, drinking rancid yak butter tea in Lhasa, snorkeling with sea lions in the Galapagos and even climbing an iceberg in Antarctica. When you realize that your mind can change in an instant, you raise your belief level for what is possible. Continue to focus on your breathe just observe and release the distractions as they happen. On your exhales, imagine that you are unleashing any tension, anger or despair you may feel. You can sit crossed legged on your knee also but if your back and knee is weak, then sit on a chair in upright position.

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