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There are a variety of meditation advocated by a variety of people from motivational speakers to psychics. According to a recent article by Scientific American, meditation has shown improved brain functions and enlargement of certain areas of the brain. All you need is about 5 to 15 minutes a day, preferably early in the morning but anytime is just fine. Set the timer for 15 minutes, darken the room, and sit in your favorite chair, lay down, or sit Buddah-style,its truly up to you. As you continue with your focused attention on your breathing, you will not be thinking about your day, your problems, your money problems, your future, etc.
When your are meditating for the first time with the intent to practice the art as an integral part of your life, your mind WILL wander and start thinking about anything. As you get better at focusing your attention on your breathing, prior to the beginning of your daily meditation, think of a question you would very much like an answer to. Brain hemisphere integration is very important for utilizing the full capacity of the brain. You wake up, and before even getting out of bed, your mind is already on the go, planning out the day ahead. Once you begin meditating, and practice it properly and on a regular basis, there will be no denying the remarkable changes that will occur in your life.
There is no single way to meditate, in fact there are as many meditative methods as there are people who practice. It has taken time, but I have finally found a way to gain the inner peace and relaxation that accompanies proper technique. I also like to imagine, during the preparatory stages, that I am on the surface of a very choppy, rough ocean.
For all you Juicy Geniuses who are about to begin your journey into meditation, don’t begin with expectations, let the results surprise you.
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This clear your mind meditation is the best one to start with and will be used through out your life. Clear Your Mind meditation will also benefit you physiologically by reducing your heart pressure, better blood circulation.
All you need is to be in loose, comfortable clothing, a comfortable chair, and a darkened room.
Don’t fret, instead praise yourself for catching your imaginative mind wandering and start again to focus on your breathing. You will receive your answers, whether in a dream, a symbol, in what friend or even strangers may say.
The benefits are real, both physically and mentally are measurable and the spiritual benefits will open many doors to greater growth.
Get the hottest in business and personal development ideas, events, and goods PLUS catch our monthly interviews with fabulous female entrepreneurs from around the world. Now a dedicated meditator, I have realized that incorporating this simple ritual into your schedule is one of the best ways to respect both your mind and body.
Spending simply ten to fifteen minutes a day on meditation is not much, but it will provide you with a window into your subconscious mind, which has a positive subsequent impact on your physical state and mental clarity. Cast aside all of your previous conceptions about meditation, and start on your own personal journey to define a unique method. This may sound ridiculous, but my meditation position places me right on the floor of my bedroom, with my legs crossed, facing my bedroom wall.
If you live in a home with other people, let them know you will be meditating and that fifteen minutes of silence would be greatly appreciated. There is a stereotypical meditation posture that involves your index fingers and thumbs touching, but this is not a requisite.
It would be best to be in a sitting position rather than a lying position as you may fall asleep during the exercise. I decided that a natural environment would probably be the most conducive to mental rejuvenation, so I set out to my backyard and plopped myself down on the grass. I try not to keep my eyes closed, nor wide open, with nothing in my vision to cause distraction (hence, the blank wall a foot in front of me). After a couple minutes of breath and mental vacancy, I slowly begin to submerge into the depths of the sea, where there is only complete stillness and dark.
For example, you could do it for 15 minutes right after you wake up, or before you fall asleep (just as long as you’re not too tired!).

Simply place your hands in a comfortable position, even together, but try to have them facing upwards. Share below your meditative techniques, and how you feel you have benefited from incorporating this simple pleasure into your routine.
As you practice meditating on a regular basis, your intuition, awareness, and a sense of peace will begin to crystalize in about two months. At Outryder.Org, we truly stress to you not to say anything negative about your mind wandering constantly. We will review some of the best ones available and will help yu choose which ones can benefit you the most. Rarely do we find the time in our schedule to simply focus on silence, breath and peace of mind.
I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breath, but within three minutes I had already accumulated about seven mosquito bites. I personally do not focus on a mantra, but instead place all of my attention on my breath–how it enters and exits my body.
Some may begin to experience the benefits of meditation sooner, for some it may take longer.
If you can do this with a partner, the meditation will be more powerful for the both of you or even group. Just continue meditation at least once a day and in no time you’ll get better and better at it, we promise. This meditation though is easy to do without any external help and the basis for all other types of meditation. It can be very beneficial to animate your breath in the initial stages of your meditation, by imagining during your inhales that you are breathing in tranquility, strength, or any other disposition that you feel you want to embody. You can never expect to begin meditation and enter into the deepest state instantly; it will usually take a few minutes at least (or more, in the beginning). On your exhales, imagine that you are unleashing any tension, anger or despair you may feel.

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