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There are so many myths about how to meditate, what a daily meditation practice means, and what the overall experience of meditation should be.
If you're a little skeptical about the benefits of meditation, I love this Lifehacker post, "What Happens to the Brain When You Meditate (And How it Benefits You)," written by a former skeptic of meditation.
In this episode of She Takes on the World TV I want to make meditation super simple for you, with this daily meditation technique I learned in China. The SFGate reports that within the first year that Quiet Time was used, “The number of suspensions fell by 45 percent.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. A routine involving morning meditation can be one of the most effective ways to keep your life in balance. In contrast with what many believe meditation is not about sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long time. One of the simplest and best ways to reach a calm state of mind is through focus on your own breathing. To reach a relaxed state of mind, it's imperative that you develop your ability to focus your mind.
With the 7 keys for successful morning meditation listed above you are all set to put your plans into practice.
Instead of breathing deeply and forgetting about my day, I was too busy thinking about my to-do list or what to cook for dinner. The debts were piling up, creditors began calling and I would lie awake at night worried sick about how to pay my bills.
As a student of self improvement for many years I turned to soothing music, hypnosis techniques, NLP and every type of subliminal under the sun but they only offered temporary relief from my insomnia. I even tried exercising in the evenings so that I could flop exhausted into bed, but nothing could help me calm my mind and control my thoughts. Let’s take a closer look at meditation and how meditating for a just a few minutes a day can help you rewire your brain for success and bring you a whole host of other benefits too.
Meditation originated in India thousands of years ago as a system of physical, mental and spiritual exercises. Although there are many different forms of meditation, the goal of all of them is to slow your thoughts down and create mental stillness by focusing your attention within. It is also the secret to success for many successful entrepreneurs as well as famous personalities and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, Ellen DeGeneres, Will Smith and Clint Eastwood. Meditation is a simple activity that can be practiced by anyone at anytime.  You don’t need to sit in a special posture for hours or chant foreign-sounding words.
Simply sitting in a chair and quietening your mind for a few minutes a day can help you experience many of the benefits that you’ve heard people rave about. In the image above you can see the impact of just one 20-minute meditation session on your brain. On the left there is lots of beta-wave activity, marked by the bright pinks and yellows, which indicates that the brain is actively processing information. The summary below explains why calming your brain is so powerful and how different parts of your brain respond to meditation.
This is the most highly evolved part of the brain, responsible for reasoning, planning, emotions and self-conscious awareness. This part of the brain processes sensory information about the surrounding world, orienting you in time and space.
The gatekeeper for the senses, this organ focuses your attention by funneling some sensory data deeper into the brain and stopping other signals in their tracks.
As the brain’s sentry, this structure receives incoming stimuli and puts the brain on alert, ready to respond.
In brief, by relaxing the brain through meditation you reduce external stimuli and create mental space for new ideas, intuition, inspiration and creativity to emerge. But in addition to helping you mold your brain to be more successful, there are also a ton of health benefits – physical, emotional and mental that can be gained from regular meditation. Take a look at this infographic, which neatly summarizes the many health benefits of regular meditation.
If you want to be more successful but don’t know how to break the patterns that are holding you back or move to the next level of success, then I strongly recommend you give meditation a go. You may not be able to escape your hectic work schedule or eliminate your responsibilities but meditation can help you reduce stress, develop a calmer mind and gain more clarity and focus. One of the best ways I have come across to start meditating or to help you deepen your meditation practice is Soul Power Meditation.
Affiliate Disclosure: My credibility is extremely important to me, therefore I only endorse products and services I have personally purchased and used. Until we reach age of 4 during the normal state of eyes open, awake and alert our brains were functioning in the delta state, with brain waves function at less than 4 Hz. From age of 4 to 7, during the normal state of eyes open, awake and alert our brains were primarily operating in theta state, with brain waves functioning mainly between between 4 to 7 Hz.
From the ages 7 until we reached our puberty, during the normal state of eyes open, awake and alert our brains were mainly operating in the alpha state of 7 to 14 Hz.

Since puberty during the normal state of eyes open, awake and alert our brain operates in the beta state, 14 to 21 Hz during the normal state of eyes open, awake and alert.
Thanks Nalliah for such an in-depth comment, there is a lot here about brain function that I wasn’t aware of.
I especially like the How Meditation affects your Brain part of the post – we are so lucky that we live in a time when these things can be measured and studied. Get mindset & marketing tips direct to your inbox to help you grow your business online. But if you expect meditation to feel one way or another, you’re bound to be disappointed. And because there is so much confusion around this question of success in meditation, I thought it would be helpful to dedicate an episode of the OneMind Meditation Podcast to exploring this question. Instead, these 8 signs of success in meditation can help serve as general signposts for you.
This is the first time I have ever made a comment on anything but felt compelled in this instance. Medication is the process to keep your body health when you are not well but MEDITATION is a process, which let your mind, body and soul healthy and strong as you grow with it. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox. Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation? It takes a lot of focus and work to  drive success… but often times  this comes with a lot of stress. The posture and mantra used in this ancient Kundalini technique gives you ENERGY, STRENGTH and CONVICTION. AND IT allows you to SEPARATE your IDENTITY from your success…”So you don’t then get all caught up in EGO. Let us know your experiences in the comments section and feel free to share it with someone you think can benefit from it. I was happy to see Bhanu Narasimhan from the Art of Living Foundation debunk common meditation myths.
There is no right or wrong way of doing it, and meditation can help you increase your focus, reduce stress, and prevent common health ailments. It has been a popular download and it's a great companion for this one-minute meditation exercise.
I have practiced meditation myself many early mornings and must admit that it's the ideal time for spirituality. When our stomach is empty, most of us suffer from a decrease in our ability to concentrate our thoughts. Especially in the beginning when your skills are not so mature, try to seek out quietude and piece for best results.
Sit comfortably but try the recommended positions, such as the lotus, since they are designed to minimize body ache and optimize your ability to breathe correctly.
Whether you are completely new to meditation or just planning to do it in the mornings, I hope you have received some useful tips here.
It got so bad that I finally gave up and convinced myself that meditation just wasn’t for me. I had a mountain of things to do each day and was under pressure to make money quickly before my meager savings ran out. By taking me through a simple guided meditation I was able to slow down my thoughts and reduce my feelings of anxiety for the first time in weeks. It has enabled me grow my business to levels I only dreamed of, helped me become more productive, enjoy better, more enriching relationships with others, feel happier and be more creative than ever before. It may surprise you to discover that there is considerable scientific research that proves that regular meditation can change the way your brain actually works. It is practiced by millions of ordinary men and women all around the world to help them find balance amidst the chaos of modern living. In her excellent blog post for the Bufferapp Blog, Belle Beth Cooper explains that far from being imaginary, science can prove the definite effects that regular meditation has on the brain and they are truly remarkable.
But this activity is dramatically reduced on the right as the brain slows down and relaxes. This can help you rewire your brain for success by encouraging more positive, empowering thoughts. They range from improved focus, happiness, enthusiasm for life, better self-control to improved productivity.
This is a series of 14 high-quality guided meditations specially created by Sanjib for busy people like you and me. They range from 1 minute to 60 minutes of simple guided meditations for self improvement and come in an MP3 downloadable format to make meditation as easy and convenient as possible. I’m a verified affiliate for these highly recommended Guided Meditation MP3 Downloads, which means I will receive a commission when you make a purchase via my link. Rest and a good night’s sleep is needed for our brains to function optimally Tehmina PS love your blog, loads of interesting nuggets!

Now we experience this level of brain wave activity during sleep and during states of fear when the body goes into a fight,-flight or freeze response, (hyper arousal, or the acute stress response). Meditation, in truth, is really about being easy and ok with the awkward and awesome spectrum of your entire human experience.
During the episode, we explore each one of these signs in depth to help you navigate the subtle terrain of meditation with confidence. Honestly, I wish I had this meditation when I was back in my super intense, New York City, advertising days.
Try it out for a week or you can cultivate it in a 40 day practice. Start with 11 minutes and you can work up to 31 minutes. While some people have a meditation practice that is part of a larger religious or spiritual path, it certainly doesn't have to be.
To develop your concentration and cultivate your awareness are incredible valuable skills that will benefit you throughout your day.
To make sure your meditation session is as rewarding as possible, I would like to guide you all the way through while giving you the keys for success.
Since that is one of the major parts of meditating, please have a small bite to eat before practicing. Please let me know how you progress and what you find especially important for a rewarding meditation session. This is a powerful level from which to initiate change and in this state, we only need mostly just one or couple of experiences of learning to change our behaviour. To create significant change in our lives at this level takes extensive deal of time and effort.
Because success in meditation can look as many different ways as there are human beings on planet earth. Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. The first school to adopt the Quiet Time practice in 2007, Visitacion Valley Middle School, has reaped huge rewards. They are never taught to sit quite, reflect and meditate.This meditation does not only calm them and provide tranquility and improve learning at present but also will help the kids to cope with stress in their teen and adult life. Keep practicing this approach and you will soon see how less and less thoughts comes up - A true sign that you're making great progress in your focus and awareness skills. There's no fame in pushing yourself to sit still for a long time - Just sit for the time you feel you can manage. Everything will settle down in your mind just like a cup of water that finally gets to be still. It’s only ever about your relationship to the endless kaleidoscope of your very human experience. Often, especially in the West, with our focus on material things, it’s easy to try and reduce success in meditation to a type of experience—a pleasing experience. I am now well past the 66 day mark (117 days to be exact) and look forward to my daily sessions. Formally a school largely out of control, Visitacion Valley is smack in the middle of a neighborhood where shootings are common.
Burton High School notes that students involved in Quiet Time say they experience significantly less stress and depression, and greater self-esteem, plus academic successes have risen dramatically. After a while, all the circles will vanish and left is only pure calm and stillness.At first, you might experience what is known as "monkey mind". This resulted in the students getting bad grades, skipping school and fighting daily, as they were likely highly troubled by the violence surrounding them. The California Achievement Test, which measures grades of kids in CA, found that twice as many students in Quiet Time schools have become proficient in English, when compared to students who don’t participate in Quiet Time, and the gap is even bigger in math. The situation at Visitacion Valley was so dire that teachers even started calling in sick, to avoid teaching these kids. Instead, it wanders away to all your have-to's and must's, not even mentioning all the events of the day that's running through your mind.This is the first reason why morning meditation is so powerful. The school tried everything from counseling to peer support to after-school tutoring and sports but nothing seemed to work until Quiet Time entered the picture.
You won't have experienced all the information, events, discussions and advertising that hit your mind on a normal day. This gives you a unique opportunity to practice without too much noise messing with your head.The second reason why morning meditation is to recommend is that you are much more likely to find the time and much less likely to postpone. If you make meditation plans for your evening there's always the risk of something coming up - late work, dinner with friends or any other activity. So to have the chance to meditate daily I seriously recommend that you make it a morning routine.The long-term benefits of keeping up meditation that I experienced were that feelings of stress would rarely appear anymore. In essence, I felt more complete and powerful in myself.I have also noticed many small things that's improved in my mind.

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