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So this takes us to mindfulness and what I think are the more subtle misunderstandings of that practice. When I transformed my own life from a traditional corporate career and family life to an integrated life of independent business livelihood, I gained richer personal relationships, and deeper community involvement, all filled with a sense of meaning and purpose. The impressive Buddha Hall in Magoulades with many different meditation workshops and open events. Yoga, body-listening and other courses are offered at Casa Lucia, in the Sgombou area near Tzavros.
Matangi Yoga offer a relaxing beach holiday in Agios Georgios beach, in combination with daily yoga courses literally on the beach. Researchers took magnetic resonance images of the brains of participants who did not meditate, then asked some to meditate daily for eight weeks—about 30 minutes a day.
The images of the brains of those who meditated showed that the gray matter in the amygdala had been reduced. What research like this suggests is that it’s not just the act of taking a break from the chaos around us to sit quietly and focus our minds that reduces stress. What kind of difference could a simple eight-week program of meditation make to you as an executive?
In various research studies over the years it has been demonstrated that during a single, short session of yoga, your memory improves and your focus becomes stronger.
Studies conducted, including in a more recent one at the University of Illinois, demonstrated that, following on from yoga practice, participants were more able to process information quickly, focus their mental resources more directly, and update information gathering processes more effectively than they were able to do when devoid of the yoga session. There’s much more to yoga fitness than wrapping your feet around your neck while simultaneously bouncing up and down as you voice some form of mantra from deep within your midst.
It truly does epitomize the ideology of a perfect mind to body workout, but is devoid of any requirement for pumping tons of iron and sweating so profusely that you feel like you’ve been in the shower on completion of your workout. Yoga fitness is for people of all ages – from the teenager who is looking to tone up in general, to the 40-something year-old who wants to retain suppleness and control their weight in a more-than healthy manner, to the pensioner who is keen to maintain a healthy level of poise in addition to increasing their longevity of age.
But for the rest of us who are perhaps not quite so familiar with the pursuit, it’s true what they are saying – yoga can and does increase brain power.
A recent 8-week study which was carried out by researchers in Illinois found that when a sizable group of 55 to 79 year olds performed hatha yoga and meditation just three times each week, they were then better able to perform various tasks such as task-switching, information recall, as well as mental flexibility. Just as yoga helps to increase brain power, the ancient art form is also responsible for improving concentration.
Nevertheless, it’s extremely important that, in order to gain the best results, you perform your chosen asana correctly, and in which case, it’s wise to join a class or to engage the services of a professional. It has proven to be beneficial to perform your yoga sessions in the morning when you are at your most flexible in order to gain the maximum benefits. There are many different yoga asana that can aid concentration but the one we prefer, particularly so if you are a beginner, is the Padasana, or Lotus Position. To begin, practice the lotus position for 10 minutes at a time, while making an effort to increase the duration as you develop your expertise.
Each movement in yoga asana known as the exercise that can improve the circulation of oxygen in the body, helps to rejuvenate the body and releases excessive hormones.

Doing yoga asana and pranayama will simultaneously result relaxation therapy that will help to reduce anxiety and stress.
With a series of tips that will help you easily eliminate negative thoughts and allow you to create a positive atmosphere. Yoga Meditation Concept, Woman Silhouette Meditating in Healthy Pose, Back View on Sun Light Rays. I don’t have any expectation, in this brief piece, to expound on a comprehensive theory and practice of meditation and mindfulness.
But at other times we uncover instead that change actually has been happening, although the person has not noticed it. All of these can be useful, but I have come to the conclusion that the richest and deepest form of mindfulness is trying to abide in the awareness I described above. This shift into awareness of our consciousness is not a cold, sterile movement, but rather one of profound beauty and love.
A holiday is the time to dive into yourself, connect with nature and others, relax and wind down. In the seventies it was mostly hippies and backpackers who came for their vacation mostly to Pelekas and started nude bathing in the surrounding beaches (Myrtiotissa, Kondoyialos, Glyfada, Yaliskari). The most popular one is meditating by clearing your mind, but there are also focused, thoughtful meditations.
Those who meditate report feeling less anxious and more creative, and state that they have longer attention spans.
The amygdala has an important role in our emotional reactions and is connected to how stressed we are. How might implementing a meditation program in the workplace impact your employees, their health, and the health of your operation?
The concept is that a quick 20-minute yoga session will not help you to slim down, stay more grounded, or increase your body’s flexibility. Yoga fitness comes from the practice of flexing different body parts and focusing deeply on each body part as you do so. For sure, those ancient yoga gurus in Asia know a thing or two when it comes to the power of this particular discipline. Furthermore, you should also ensure a consistency with the particular asana that you prefer to use.
It’s true to say that, as we’ve been discussing, yoga is not merely beneficial to your levels of concentration, but also to your physical health and your emotional well-being. Sit erectly with legs crossed, your left foot resting over your right thigh, while the right foot should be resting on your left thigh. You’ll find that your level of concentration will also increase if you perform the routine regularly. Asana yoga poses will help in the process of stretching, stimulation of the body’s sensitivity, strengthen the immune system, and improve flexibility. At the same time, love your body by giving adequate nutrients to support healthy mind and body.

But I believe many (most?) of the readers of this series have some form of contemplation practice, so I thought it might be helpful to explore some of the common misconceptions I encounter. To intentionally still the mind is to create another mental construct, this being one of suppression.
I find that mindfulness is an opportunity to cultivate the ability to observe my very consciousness itself. I’m going to give several different types a try in order to see what works best for me.
Someone with positive thinking would say that the glass is full, filled by two elements, namely half full of water and half full of air. Here are seven chakras that you can do: Mooladhara, swadhisthana, Manipura, anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and sahasrara. Relaxation will make the movement of the muscles, especially in the brain to give more space to think fresh. In a sense we as we start becoming aware in this manner of the conscious world that we have always just accepted as who we are, we gradually shift our sense of being and identity away from this and into a place of awareness. More and more people are coming to Corfu to benefit from the positive energy of the island that is evident everywhere. We begin by simply recognizing quite how busy our minds are, and slowly growing into awareness of the extent to which the busy-ness of our minds just happens without our conscious intervention. When our concentration effort stilling the mind comes to an end, a mass of suppressed thoughts come bubbling up. It is an awareness arises that can slip between the conscious thoughts and let them pass without interfering. And in the same way, if I start to look at others not from within the realm of my conscious world of judgments, but from a place of awareness, then I start to see them in a different way as more lovable also. The nature is rich, the olive groves radiate absolute peace and quiet, plants are everywhere, growing next to, on top of and under each other, insects are humming happily, birds are having a party in the trees and the sea is always crystal clear and inviting. You can, should you prefer, carry out the Half Lotus position, also known as Ardha Padmasana.
This breathing technique will minimize the possibility of toxin accumulation in the body, make your body fresh and rejuvenating. It’s the perfect place for meditation, the perfect place  to feel you are one with everything!
It doesn’t require meditating hours a day every day, but rather just a few minutes occasionally will open the door.

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