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We are confident that you will enjoy a deep experience of energy, power, serenity, and vitality in meetings and youth workshops. In our modern and busy world, stress, depression and anxiety have increasingly become a common problem for many of us. Meditation and the methods from Buddha’s teachings can help us identify the origins of our problems and finally get rid of them, finding inner stability, joy and happiness in our lives.  During this course, gain a spiritual perspective on overcoming your anxiety. This workshop will be taught by Gen Kelsang Nyema, an American Buddhist nun and the Resident Teacher of Vajrayogini Buddhist Center. To register and pay in advance, first use the “Available Tickets” box to select the number of tickets you would like. Our monthly Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation class is a perfect way to get your feet wet with meditation. The principle of non-injury is also described in quantum physics as the Meissner Effect, which shows that a coherent system generates a field around it that is coherent. While it’s possible to understand how this principle applies to individuals, what would happen if a large group were established in the state of yoga? Taking it a step further, what if throughout our society there were many large groups of individuals who could do their Transcendental Meditation practice together each day to heighten the experience of Yoga? The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. The Vajrayogini Buddhist Center is located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, DC. With your sense of energy enhanced, you will be able to feel abundant energy, physical well being, and emotional stability.

We have to confront them daily, and while we want to experience inner peace and happiness, they tend to control our states of mind. Yama has five aspects, beginning with ahi?sa, which means ‘non-injury’ or ‘non-violence.’ Mahatma Gandhi made ahi?sa famous when he mobilized all of India to free itself from British domination without firing a shot. The word-by-word translation is: “Where non-injury (ahi?sa) is established (pratishthaya?), in the vicinity (sannidhau) of that (tat), hostile tendencies (vaira) are eliminated (tyaga?). In the state of yoga, which is defined in the second sutra of the Yoga Sutra as the complete settling of the activity of the mind.
It is a state of mind that, in Maharishi’s words, “disallows the birth of an enemy.” When enmity has been eliminated inside, there is no enemy outside. Since most people’s paradigm about the nature of reality is based upon classical mechanics, this experimental result seems unlikely. Egenes is the author of Introduction to Sanskrit, Part One and Part Two and a newly released translation of the Yoga Sutras, called Maharishi Patanjali Yoga Sutra.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition.
We offer a complete range of meditation courses and retreats for all levels of interest: weekly drop-in classes, day workshops, retreats and in-depth study programs. Moreover, we support a growing community of committed individuals who seek to provide a€?the Heroa€™s hopea€?a€“the most essential element in the effort to make our world a better place. After that, click “Proceed to payment options,” where you can pay online via the PayPal system.
The settled mind, the mind established in yoga, is free of injury, and the Yoga Sutra says that for this person the environment becomes free of hostility.

John Hagelin, a quantum physicist, predicted that the crime rate would drop by at least 20%. A group of school children meditate and stress levels and violence go down in the neighborhood. In addition, we offer introductory classes at numerous branch locations in the DC area (Arlington, Bethesda, Capitol Hill, Fredericksburg, Reston, Silver Spring, Tenleytown and Virginia Beach). The chief of police went on the evening news and said that it would take a snow blizzard in the middle of summer to accomplish that. A group of elderly people meditate together and their city begins to be more progressive and prosperous. Kadampa Buddhism is a special tradition of Mahayana Buddhism founded by Atisha (982-1054 CE) an Indian Buddhist Master largely responsible for the reintroduction of Buddhism in Tibet in the 11th Century. Francis of Assisi, for instance, was famous for calming people and even animals around him by the sheer power of his love. It’s a possibility that could yield profound results both for the individual and for society at virtually no cost, and with great “side-benefits” for each of the individuals involved. Kadampa Meditation Centers offer modern-day people an opportunity to develop inner peace by using Buddha's timeless advice.
An individual who has a mind full of peace radiates an influence of peace, and then creates a reality that is peaceful.

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