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These classes are set up as warm, respectful and fun places of exploration for self discovery and meditation. The first half of the class involves learning a spiritual tool that when applied consistently each day can bring about a positive change in your life. On Friday morning I spoke to over a hundred entrepreneurs from around the world about leading a balance life.
These entrepreneurs were part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization who were holding their Global Leadership Conference in Bahrain.
In the 90 minute talk we explored what it means to live a balance life, defining this and why it is important to begin this lifestyle now and not later.
Six square terraces make up the bottom part of the temple and on top of these are three circular terraces. A pilgrim circumabulates the temple leaving a ghostly trail with her flashlight in the pre-dawn hours.
Our meditation and wellness retreat to Indonesia takes us to Central Java among the five islands that we will visit.
In our upcoming wellness and meditation retreat to the islands of Indonesia in September this year we’ll be visiting the magnificent Borobudur temple in Central Java.
For the adventurers, the pre-dawn excursion to Borobudur temple to witness the sunrise is a surreal and unparalleled experience in south east Asia. The temple has survived a massive earthquake in 2006, terrorists bombs and ash flows from Mount Merapi. Well, if you are like this furry sibling of ours and are struggling to control that monkey mind then perhaps it is time you tried one of my meditation classes. When a quality meditation practice is observed consistently then progress starts to take place. This cute kid with the big eyes I met while meandering down an alley way in Old Delhi in North India.
Metta, or Lovingkindness Meditation (LKM), is the practice of wishing oneself and others happiness, health, and ease. Join us each week for meditation instruction and sitting practice led by members of the IDP Teaching Staff.
Using a variety of simple, effective meditation techniques, as well as music and mantra, you will learn how to quiet your mind and enter into a deeper part of your being.  It is in this tranquil inner space that the infinite potential of the human spirit is experienced.
There will be a free, four-week continuing meditation course open to those who attend the meditation workshop. This meditation workshop is part of the Festival of Meditation and Spirituality taking place March 14-20 in Manhattan, presented by the Sri Chinmoy Centre. You are warmly invited to the 7th annual Festival of Meditation and Spirituality taking place March 14-20, 2016 in Manhattan. We feel that death is the inexorable end of our journey on earth, yet as much as possible we avoid thinking about it altogether.
Try simple, effective meditation techniques and learn ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world. Every year in September, we organize free meditation classes in all 5 boroughs of New York City as part of Meditation Week NYC.
If you would like to attend one of our classes before then, please check our schedules for Manhattan and Queens, where we offer classes more regularly. If you don’t see any classes that match your schedule, please use our contact form and select the boroughs you are interested in.
Our classes and workshops combine simple, effective meditation techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world.
Learn simple, powerful meditation techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world. If you don’t see a class that fits with your schedule, please use our contact form and select the boroughs you are interested in. You are warmly invited to our 7th annual Festival of Meditation and Spirituality in Manhattan!

By doing so, we find lasting peace and happiness and learn how to effectively solve our life-problems and realize our highest aspirations. Our meditation classes are given by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre – people drawn from many different walks of life who share a common interest in meditation. All of our classes, concerts and other events are inspired by meditation Master Sri Chinmoy, who devoted his life to making meditation as widely known and practiced as possible. Breathing techniques – how to use calming breath to put out the fire of emotions and thoughts. Mantra – how to properly use the repetition of spiritually resonant phrases to calm the mind. Heart meditation – focusing on the heart center, the safest and most effective energy center (chakra).
Visualization techniques – guided meditations to invoke a peaceful and expanding inner landscape. Illumining life habits – we are often painfully unaware of our own destructive habits and tendencies that continually bring unrest into our lives. Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction is presented with the simplicity and clarity that is the hallmark of Sri Chinmoy’s writings. Flute Music for Meditation: These solo flute compositions were played by Sri Chinmoy during a high state of meditation. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been meditating for a while you’ll find these classes very useful.
Click the link for more information and to register for these classes on meditation in NYC.
The highest purpose of meditation is to take your awareness from an external state of mind and go within yourself to experience the Self (God in the aspect of timeless, formless and spaceless known as Parasiva in the Hindu faith). I conduct meditation classes in New York City and also in various places around the US, Caribbean and Australia. The spiritual adventures that I conduct a few times a year are wonderful opportunities for personal growth and self discovery. Join our evening guided meditation in a quiet garden in midtown close to Grand Central on Tuesday August 9th. I look forward to enjoying an evening garden meditation with you in the middle of the city! Located in the heart of Chelsea, Kadampa Meditation Center NYC provides meditation classes and teachings throughout NYC and the greater New York area, including Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and various locations in Manhattan. Drop-in Classes are available on every day of the week, with guided meditations and teachings on applying Buddhism to daily life.
We also offer monthly introductory classes, Awakening the Heart, Meditation for Beginners, and How to Meditate, as well as a variety of weekend meditation courses and retreats. Taught by qualified Western teachers, the meditation classes are very easy to understand and apply to our daily lives.
Meditation is a simple yet profound method to improve the quality of our lives and develop inner peace. You'll learn a simple but highly effective and systematic meditation technique that takes you within yourself and brings you back out.
If you are keen to learn about meditation and to make a change in your life that you can sustain, you'll enjoy these classes. You’ll learn a simple but highly effective and systematic meditation technique that takes you within yourself and brings you back out.
If you are keen to learn about meditation and to make a change in your life that you can sustain, you’ll enjoy these classes. Then we also looked at few basic concepts and qualities we can develop within ourselves that can help us achieve this. Here are few more images and a little more insight into this spectacular Buddhist temple in Central Java, Indonesia. As rays of light pierce the misty sky, rolling hills of tropical jungles, plains of paddy fields and swaying palms are revealed and so is Borobudur, Buddhism’s grandest citadel.

The next class is this Friday In New York City from 7pm to 8pm at Serenity Center on 37th St between Park and Lex.
Sitting for long periods in meditation not necessarily produce result if the meditator does not know what he or she is doing. You start to adopt the attitude of intelligent action and dispassionate reaction as my guru says thus handling life’s circumstances wisely.
Based on traditional Buddhist teachings, it has become an increasingly popular practice, as it generates both concentration and a deep understanding of the nature of our connection to ourselves and others. Appropriate for beginners as well as experienced meditators, this afternoon session offers guided instruction, discussion, and opportunity for questions and comments in an encouraging and compassionate environment. Methods for awareness and transformation of bad habits are shared, as well as secrets for maneuvering through a challenging contemporary lifestyle. This book will take you from the beginning stages of concentration and meditation, through the advanced practice of contemplation. Herein lies the love, power, wisdom, peace and freedom that can be discovered by listening to his music.
A clear understanding of what is involved is shared, a plan outlined and tools given to create or sustain a meditation practice. If you are keen to learn about meditation or strengthen your current practice, you’ll enjoy them. This 30-min meditation will take you through some breathing exercises and a simple but effective meditation practice. All of the teachings and meditations available at our center assist you in connecting to a stillness within.
When classes are not in session, our meditation room?s are open to the public for self-guided practice.
The classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, and emphasize how to meditate and practice in our NY urban environment.
Through following very simple, practical instructions we can learn to let go of the causes of our pain and dissatisfaction and to gain the inner peace and clarity we seek. The steps for the meditation including the goal is clearly outlined allowing everyone to easily follow even if you are a beginner.
The upper terraces have 72 stone lattice stupas, each with a statue of Buddha meditating within.
Cultivating compassion and patience towards our experience enables us to build equanimity and courage through the constant and inevitable changing circumstances of life. Sundays are a perfect introduction to our friendly community and our unique multi-lineage, secular approach to Buddhism. The rest is up to you for true progress with meditation lays solely on your consistent effort.
This is followed by some interactive study aimed at providing a clear understanding of the journey within you are seeking to embark on. We offer a wide range of classes from basic introductions to Buddhist meditation, applying Buddha’s teachings to daily life issues such as anger and improving relationships, to comprehensive study programs of Buddhist view, meditation and action. Throughout the complex peaceful-faced Buddha statues stare out into the gorgeous Javanese landscape. This photo has a Lightroom preset applied to it plus some additional tweaks that I made in this software. The class concludes with a simple, systematic guided meditation that takes you within yourself and brings you back out.
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