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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Fine art metaphysical painting, of yoga practitioner embodying the 7 chakras, stretching, surrounded by reiki healing swirls. There are many ways of meditating and meditation means different things to different people. Meditation can be achieved by focusing the mind on a particular object, for example a flower, or on a simple shape, on a sound, on an image (visualization), or by focusing on the breathing. Go somewhere quiet and lie down or sit in a chair with good back support so that your body is straight, allowing you to breathe deeply and comfortably. There are a number of breathing techniques which are taught by practitioners of different disciplines, either on a one to one basis or in a group, such as a workshop perhaps.   If you have a particular medical problem, then a good place to start is with your doctor, who will be able to advise you.
Stand with feet slightly apart and arms by your side, relaxed with palms turned to the front. Affirmations, either spoken out loud or as a concentrated thought, can be helpful too to help us focus and avoid our minds from wandering. First breathe in red from the earth, imagine it rising up through your whole body giving you strength and courage. If this exercise is done daily you will notice how your colour awareness develops and you will be able to visualize the colours much more strongly as you do this exercise regularly, balancing and enhancing your body’s energies.
Magenta: is the eighth colour in the colour spectrum and is a combination of red and violet, thus it combines our earthly self and spiritual self, thus balancing spirit and matter. Black: Not ideal as a single colour, but when used with care,can enhance and complement other colours in almost any situation. Personality Traits: Inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self-sacrifing, visionary, creative, and strong mentally. Associated problems: tension headache, migraine, visual defects, short-sightedness, long-sightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, sinus problems, ear problems. Personality Traits: Loyal, tactful, affectionate, inspiring, inventive, caring, and cautious. Personality Traits: Understanding, self-controlled, adaptable, sympathetic, compassionate, generous, humble, nature loving, and romantic. Associated problems: pre-menstrual syndrome, problems with menstrual flow, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, testicular disease, prostate disease. Personality Traits: Enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, sporty, self-assured, and constructive. Orange is the colour of success and relates to self respect; having the ability to give ourselves the freedom to be ourselves and helps you expand your interests and activities.  Brings joy to our workday and strengthens our appetite for life!
Related organs: kidneys and bladder, the vertebral column, hips and legs are also areas related to this chakra.

Personality Traits: Courageous, confident, humanistic, strong-willed, spontaneous, honest, and extroverted. Support Global Light MindsIf you enjoy reading my articles and would like to make a donation to help keep this website going, here's where you can. Global Light Minds is a Daily Online Magazine, intended for people who wish to enlightened their lives with true joy and happiness. Weekly Affirmation ~ Creative visualization is a very powerful way of manifesting the life of your desire.
Meditation is part of normal daily practice for a great number of people within some religions. Relax the shoulders, and concentrate on your breathing, consciously relaxing all of your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Make an affirmation to suit your situation as you breathe in and experience the colour filling your body. For example, should you require a calming atmosphere in a north facing room, which may well be one of the colder rooms in your house, remember to use some warm colours (i.e. Use with other colours as well to avoid the balance and harmony becoming more like total inactivity and indecision.
If our energy centres become blocked or depleted, then our body cannot function properly and this, in turn, can lead to a variety of problems on any level. The upper digestive tract can be affected by imbalance in this area.TURQUOISE can also be helpful for both the throat and the heart chakra.
Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation – ideal for sleep problems, and hyper-active children.
TURQUOISE also has a helpful effect on the immune system and also helpful in relation to the throat chakra. When balanced we are able to give love and also to love and nurture ourselves.  Helps relax muscles, nerves, and thoughts. It is the area of survival and stability and your place on this earth.  The colour red provides the power from the earth and gives energy on all levels.
We strongly suggest you consult your physician or health care provider before attempting or engaging in any of the ideas, methods or practices described in this website.
Breathe deeply in through the nose, holding for a few moments and then breathing out through the nose or mouth.
Allow the colour to travel up through the body and out of the top of the head and then back down again to the earth. That is to say, we are body, mind and spirit and none of these areas function entirely alone; each has an effect upon the other.
It is these negative experiences which can manifest themselves physically over time as dis-ease.

Connects us to holistic thought, and gives us wisdom and clarity enhancing communication and speech. This is the area of the personality, the ego and the intellect.  Gives us clarity of thought, increases awareness, and stimulates interest and curiosity. It connects us to our senses and helps to remove inhibitions and makes us independent and social.
Written by well known spiritual writers and philosophers around the world, vivid photos, travel destinations and messages of hope and love.
Any information or statements made in this website regarding dietary supplements or health remedies have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Similarly, shallow breathing can result in fatigue and stress due to the intake of insufficient oxygen.  Shallow breathing can also result in dizzy turns as insufficient oxygen is getting to the brain. Work on every part of your body from the top of your head to your toes, consciously relaxing each part.
As you breathe out, imagine expelling all the stress, negativity and toxins from your body.
This is why Colour Therapy can be so helpful since colour addresses all levels of our being.
For example, perhaps over the years we have been in a situation where we have felt unable, for one reason or another, to speak our mind, or to express our needs and feelings.
Since approximately 90% of our energy is created by oxygen and nearly all the body’s actions regulated by it – it is rather important that we get enough of it!!
Concentrate on your breathing, taking deep in-breaths, through the nose, letting the breath fill your body, relaxing and calming.
If you can do this exercise outside all the better, and, weather permitting, stand on grass with bare feet. Then breathe out through your nose or mouth, exhaling all negativity and stress and ridding your body of the toxins which build up there. This colour is absorbed horizontally through the solar plexus, let it fill your body, thinking or speaking your affirmation, and let it leave through the back. Eventually you will be able to practice this anywhere, any time, when you are feeling stressed. Then blue which is absorbed from the sky, through the top of the head and out again going back up to the sky, similarly with the indigo and violet.

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