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The SUNY wellness chair for all occasions: to read books, meditating, resting at home, on the balcony or anywhere in nature. As the SUNY meditation chair is adjustable folding chair,it can be your constant companion on the beach, pool, trips, picnics or trips and you ensure that you - wherever you go - sitting on the SUNY chair will be always pleasant and comfortable.
The SUNY mini lounger is made of aluminium frames coated into one of SUNY collection colours in combination with the nylon Batyline meshes.
A similar product, you will not find anywhere else, because it is a unique product of our own production within our collection of Garden and Wellness indoor and outdoor furniture SUNY . Learn more about SUNY meditation chair, that can be changed into a mini deckchair or just about your chair for all occasions see here. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

When we sit down to meditate, we want to access our inner world of silence, peace and bliss that we know is waiting for us.
Because most of us lead busy lives, filled with duties and distractions, we often find it difficult to make the transition. By sitting in the right ergonomic position, meditation comes more easily, supporting the free flow of energy through the body and helping to calm the mind.
Our chair for mindfulness meditation has been formed out of listening to the body, studying its needs, understanding how different positions support and relax our muscles, while maintaining a body position that allows us to be alert, awake and aware.Sitting comfortably with crossed legs, close to the floor, has been shown to give a good grounding and also allows energy to circulate through all areas of the body.
Having a Basho Zen Meditation Chair in your home is an ongoing invitation to take moments during your day to sit down and meditate.
Improve the comfort of your meditation practice by fixing our cushion to the Meditation Chair.

You can sit on it "by the Turkish"; by moving just a little bit forward on the seat, leaning the head to the back of the chair you can change your occasional chair into a mini deckchair SUNY. So the chances are you will find yourself meditating more regularly, more often, and with better results than if you simply sit on a cushion or chair.The elegant beauty of the chair adds charm and grace to any room. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. Not only will you enjoy sitting in it; you, your family, friends and guests will also enjoy looking at it as you go about your daily affairs.

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