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Though it comes in many forms rooted in various traditions, a regular meditation practice can dramatically change your life.
Unplug Meditation is a guided meditation studio that offers quick drop-in classes in a very approachable setting and minimalist environment. Kadampa Meditation Center Hollywood is a temple that offers spiritual programs in modern Buddhism for meditators of all levels.
Lake Shrine remains the most popular meditation center in LA and comes highly recommended by more than a handful of locals and mediation experts.
Offering free guided meditation classes, workshops, retreats and community events weekly and monthly, Shambhala Meditation Center focuses on the cultivation of an enlightened society. This was a very nice place to go to, the gardens and the grounds are very relaxing and make you feel very tranquil. Less stress, better sleep, greater happiness — these are just of the few of the perks that come with incorporating mindful meditation into your daily life.
Stretch your legs out, get comfortable and melt into your own existence when you get unplugged at this promising meditation center perfect for beginners and advanced meditators alike. With a commitment to spreading happiness while putting an end to suffering, Kadampa empowers people to transform adversity into opportunities for growth and transformation. This Hindu temple and mediation center is found in a soothing, relaxing environment featuring tons of nature from around the world.
At the very core of this meditation is the teachings of Shambhala, which is a mythical kingdom that encompasses an ideal society centered around the notion that all beings are inherently good.

Singh, founder of the Center for Energy Medicine, is an excellent resource who has meditated at a handful of other meditation centers across Los Angeles.
Most people think meditating is about quieting your mind, but really it’s about creating a mindful awareness, embracing your thoughts and letting them flow through you like water. There are a lot of great classes and workshops you can take to learn more about mindful meditation, modern Buddhism and Buddhist psychology.
Located atop a hill overlooking a natural, spring-fed lake, the temple has become a spiritual sanctuary to all who visit.
Shambhala offers a somewhat traditional mediation experience, but no previous meditation experience is necessary for attending any of the free classes. His private meditation classes provide a safe and comfortable introduction to meditation and have been known to help people become more balanced and focused in their everyday life. Founder and fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz opened the doors to Unplug Mediation in April 2014 after experiencing difficulty finding meditation classes that fit her busy lifestyle and high-end taste. Be it food, alcohol, addictions, anger, excess in any form, TM seems to teach the innocence of un-doing, it reverses the cycle of grasping so when the energy flows out again, you choose with more wisdom, what is it you are going to do? 28th and was sent a conformation via e-mail to arrive 15 minutes early and was sitting outside the gate to park for 10 minutes then sitting outside for 20 minutes for them to set-up and get going.
Singh recommends visiting different meditation centers and observing what kind of energy the devotees emanate as a good indicator as to whether you’ll get the results you seek from meditation. The Los Feliz Center also hosts many meditation check-ins and special classes and lectures.

This last visit I brought some guests who were visiting from France which included their nine-year old grandson. And, as an extra bonus, there's vegetarian and gluten-free pizza after the group mediations allowing us to eat something and interact with our fellow meditators and teachers. If you've ever thought about meditating, do yourself a favor and contact the TM Center in Los Feliz to get more information. The space is limited, so you have to ask if you can eat there first (limited to a group of five). The one negative mark I would give it is at the sign in when the gentleman Juan asked for our nine-year old's email address.
I told him that it would not be a good idea because he is young and his parents were not present. What a wonderful time it must have been and now their home is used as a space to meditate in a now hectic, smoggy, crowded Los Angeles.

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