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Powerful guided meditation CDs designed to assist one's ascension process and emotional healing.
Contact the Star Beings, connect with the Immortal I AM and your Source Essence, heal your heart with the Source Light meditation and embrace your own Inner Power. Connect to Galactic Source, the Blue Beings and the vibrations of the Stars in this 38 minute meditation with background celestial music.
Embody the Immortal I AM and identify with the deathless and timeless vibrations that transmute all fears. The final CD was created to guide the listener back to the Presence of the Immortal Source Awareness within. Created as powerful tools for bringing love into your heart and transforming your life and this set is well suited for those looking to heal the relationship aspect of their lives. How to purify the heart of ill-will through developing the intention to love and forgive everyone. I wanted to thank you, because with only 2 meditations done I’ve already found a lot more peace in my heart.
Whether you’re experienced or just starting out with meditation, this set of guided meditations is a must have for your spiritual growth.
Increase the effectiveness of my healing sessions by adding CDs and e-books you can listen to and enjoy reading at home. The Central Sun is what is responsible for sending high energies of Ascension to Earth via the solar flares.

This meditation will enable the ego to soften and for the love of the angels to come through and refresh your being with their healing love and light. A powerful meditation to enable the meditator to transcend attachments to emotional and karmic dramas, external distractions and false beliefs about the nature of self. Those looking to draw more love and intimacy into their lives can benefit from these channelled CDs of inspirational talks. Talking on matters such as forgiveness, healing intimacy fears, moving beyond the dramas, opening the communication and releasing the desire to control love. A guided meditation to assist in releasing hurts and traumas through the process of forgiveness.
Discover the blocks that lead one to attach to unhappy thoughts, negative emotions and destructive patterns.
I’ve always had these thoughts in my head and have felt that there is much more than what meets the eye. Free Spirit will guide you all the way, shares his knowledge and wisdom and unconditional love.
Strongly recommended for those wanting to explore themselves and Ascension in their meditation practices. Whether it is about losing weight, positive affirmations, training your memory there are excellent resources to use at home. A reflection on the impermanence of human life, the importance of gratitude and clearing, a reflection on the body and creating a pathway to experiencing the deathless realities beyond this world.

Work to release the need to control external situations that will then drain your energy field. In the Presence of Source there is healing, empowerment and a deeper spiritual self-identity – enabling one to progress further on the path of Ascension.
Even if you just have these meditation CDs as background music they help you get to the results faster. Be guided to leave the Earth and connect safely with Immortal Star Beings to receive love, healing and Ascension codes – and return revitalized and in a new vibration of expansion. Channelling in strength, light, power and courage so as to transform our fear of death into an innate knowing of the inherent Immortal Being in the core of our experience.
In this meditation, the listener is guided to strengthen their aura and self-confidence in order to become more aligned to positive manifestations, happiness, success, abundance and love. In between my treatments, let's ensure you keep on track and upkeep the beautiful energies. The Blue Beings are highly advanced ascended immortals living close to the Galactic Sun and this meditation assists in the expansion of our Being to receive their love and wisdom. A meditation designed to facilitate deep self-inquiry in order to enable the listener to transcend the limitations of the ego-self and plug into deeper Universal Awareness.

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