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The benefits of meditating are much touted by those already undertaking daily or regular meditation.
A scented candle, a bouquet of flowers, or incense can be great little touches to enhance your meditation experience. Keep your mouth closed as you breathe.[4] You should both inhale and exhale through your nose when meditating.
Observe your breath, but don’t analyze it.[6] The goal is to be present within each breath, not to be able to describe it. Meditating before bed will help your brain start shutting down and will make you feel more relaxed. Focusing on your breath or chanting a mantra like OM is common, but if you prefer listening to music while meditating, only listen to calm songs. Be wary of any organization asking you for large amounts of money upfront to learn meditation.
There are a variety of meditations you can play with, and just a little practice can go a long way… but always keep in mind the principle you are developing.
In this style of meditation, you are typically holding one or more forms of sensory input in your awareness… doing your best to avoid adding anything, taking away anything, or resisting anything. Just going through the above list will begin to change to way you look at experience….
If you keep up this pace of implementation, you are going to see more and more incredible results in your life! I’ve also read lots of very successful people meditate on a regular basis- Lena Dunham, Judd Apatow and Jerry Seinfeld are three that I remember reading about.
Active Meditation is where your body and mind sync up- like going for a long walk (Darwin was a fan of walking meditation) and focusing on your body’s movement, the pavement under your feet, etc.
There is tons of guides to meditation, different types of meditation and more on the health benefits of meditating all over the internet and on Pinterest!
Consistent with the Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), we will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without requesting parental consent. I will give brief explanations about the different meditation techniques, with free meditations you can try, and links to more specific information. Now if you fit into one of those categories, there is little point trying to sit motionless for hours, without conscious thought, in search of the doors to Nirvana and eternal enlightenment.
I imaging your life is already pretty busy, with pressure from the responsibilities of work and family, and you are looking for a simple way, in which you can introduce meditation into your life, to see what benefits meditation can do for you.
The best thing for meditation beginners is that by joining a weekly class you are making a commitment to yourself, in an environment in which you can grow.
With a good instructor, you will be introduced to meditation theory and practice at a pace to suit your abilities.
But if your life is already busy, busy, busy, and adding another event to your already hectic social schedule would make your week more stressed – not less, then it is not the meditation solution for you.
There is no point rushing across town to your meditation class, squeezing in as much relaxation as humanly possible into shortest possible time, and then rushing home to continue with your chaos filled existence. Meditation should not become another chore – and you shouldn’t have to beat yourself up over missing a class, or not having the time or money to go to a retreat.
And for these reasons, the next meditation technique I would like to suggest is Guided Meditation. Guided meditation is the best meditation for beginners as you just need to follow the instructions! There are many free guided meditations you can listen to on Explore Meditation, but to download them to your computer you will need to buy a meditation package. Guided Meditations usually start with an introduction explaining what the meditation is about, before giving you some time to make yourself comfortable.
You return with a mindset that gives you greater perspective on any problems or concerns you are facing. The benefits of meditation are many – and the bonus with Guided Meditation is that you can use them at any time you feel the need or have the desire. Advanced meditations are a natural and easy progression if you have experienced and enjoyed beginner meditations. But for the rest of us who have to schedule relaxation into our busy lives, Guided Meditation is the Best Meditation for Beginners, and is a great introduction to the many benefits that meditation provides.
To learn more about Buddhist Meditation, Zen Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Taoist Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, and the relatively recent addition (1970’s) taking advantage of developing technology Binaural Beats, please click Meditation Techniques.
With degrees in Communications and Massage, Nigel Coates found it a natural progression to share his passion for healing and wellness through his Explore Meditation website.
His quest for integrated well-being and spiritual insight has explored many modalities and principles, even taking him around the world to study with masters. Explore Meditation aims to provide you with the best quality information and resources to assist you to be the best person that you can be. Please send me more meditations as I am doing meditations at my church and I need as much help as I can get. Hello Nigel, I’ve just listend to your beginners meditation and find it hard to control my breathing. Meditation is a practice filled with numerous health benefits — it reduces stress, increases concentration, heightens energy, reduces anxiety and promotes general happiness. However, incorporating meditation into your daily life can be difficult for someone who is not familiar with the practice.

It is important to meditate in a quiet space, especially when you are just starting to incorporate meditation into your daily life.
Many people believe that music and meditation go hand-in-hand, but in reality having music on while meditating can actually hinder your ability to concentrate.
Pick a position for meditation that allows you to be very in tune with how you are breathing. Meditating is time to focus on your inner self and clear the mind, not think about everything you have to do at work or what you need to buy at the grocery store later. To keep unwanted thoughts from entering your mind while meditating, make sure that you are thinking of meditation as an active practice.
People have different reasons for wanting to meditate: quelling the internal chatter, getting to know oneself better, finding calm and a sense of grounding, enforced restful contemplation, or tying it to one's faith. People come to meditation for a wide range of reasons — whether to improve their creativity, help visualize a goal, quiet their inner chatter, or make a spiritual connection.
Especially when you’re just starting out, it’s important to clear your environment of distracting sensations. Try to be present in your body and maintain a straight back for as long as it feels comfortable, then lean back until you feel you can do it again. You don’t want anything to pull you out of your meditative thinking, so avoid restrictive clothing that might pull on you, like jeans or tight pants. When you’re more familiar with meditation, you might use it to calm you down when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.
You want to ensure you practice your meditation for long enough, but you also don’t want to break your concentration by checking the time. The upright posture helps you to concentrate on your breathing as you purposefully inhale and exhale. You can extend them out in front of you or cross them beneath you like a pretzel if you’re using a cushion on the ground. In the media, we often see people holding their hands at their knees when meditating, but if that’s uncomfortable for you, don’t worry about it.
It doesn’t matter if your eyes are opened or closed when you meditate, though many people find it easier to block out visual distractions with closed eyes. When you’re in a comfortable position and are ready to get started, set your timer for however long you’d like to meditate. Instead of trying not to think about the things that might stress you out on a day-to-day basis, give yourself something positive to focus on: your breath. Some people like to focus on how the lungs expand and contract, while others like to think about how air passes through the nose when they breathe. Just bring yourself to a state of mind where you’re solely focused on some aspect of your breath. Don’t worry about remembering what you’re feeling, or being able to explain the experience at a later time.
Even when you’ve gained a lot of experience with meditation, you’ll find that your thoughts might wander. Keep practicing everyday and you will gradually realize a state of calmness and peace developing within you. A song could be calming at first but then change into rock in the middle––this is not appropriate, as it interrupts the meditating process.
Roll with it––it's teaching you as much about yourself as the more peaceful side of meditation. There are many people who enjoy the benefits of meditation and will be more than happy to help you for free.
She likes reviewing new edits for accuracy and helpfulness and fixing grammatical errors through the Spellchecker. I personally have never managed to do much with it but I plan on beginning a meditation practice this week.
Quiet your mind and sit still for 15-20 minutes, focusing on one thing like your breath, a sound, a word. It’s a great way to join like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment. The guide usually draws your attention to your breath, systematically relaxes the muscles of your body – and then when you are in this relaxed state, takes you on a journey in your imagination. It gives you the ability to fit regular meditation practice into your busy schedule without it being a burden. If you enjoy it, you can then broaden your horizons by exploring the variety of Traditional Meditation Techniques available for you to practice. As a natural communicator, he loves to share his findings with this community of truth seekers. If the breath becomes shorter and sharper, you probably need to physically and mentally relax more. I have advanced from a raw beginner to hosting my own group and attending angel workshops whenever I can. The beginners one is wonderful, calm and content you say… I wanted to do it over and over again.
But scheduling a short 10-minute slot into your day to meditate will help you be more energized and focused. Stretch before you start meditating to avoid distractions such as muscle aches or cramps during your practice.

Start your practice in a place that you feel comfortable, perhaps the floor of your bedroom. If you are meditating for the soul purpose of relaxation, listening to soothing tunes without lyrics such as the “Yoga” Pandora station may not hinder the process, but if you are attempting to reach a heightened state of mindfulness, try just listening to ambient sounds or natural noises. Molly is currently the editor-in-chief of the Old Gold & Black, Wake Forest’s student newspaper. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Whatever your reason for wanting to meditate, it can be daunting to know how to begin and how to stay motivated. If your only goal is to spend a few minutes every day being present in your body without worrying about everything you have to do, that’s reason enough to meditate. Turn off the TV and radio, close your windows against the street sounds outside, and close your door to noisy roommates. Because it does not have a back, like a chair does, it doesn’t let you slump back and lose focus on your energy. Think about what you might wear to exercise or to sleep in — those types of loose, breathable clothes are your best bet.
But if you’re a beginner, you may find it hard to concentrate at first if you’re not in the right frame of mind. You can fold them in your lap, let them hang at your sides — whatever allows you to clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing. Either way, tilting your head as though you’re looking down helps open up the chest and ease your breathing.
By focusing all of your concentrating on your inhalations and exhalations, you’ll find that all other thoughts from the outside world fall away on their own, without you having to worry about how to ignore them. Usually when I sit, I allow my mind to wander and I end up daydreaming rather than meditating. Here someone will guide you through a basic meditation, all you need to do is sit up and focus.
I would try to adopt the same breathing pattern that happens naturally when you lay in bed to fall asleep. Then clear the area of distractions — turn off your cell phone and computer, dim any harsh lights. These positions will allow you to focus on your breath, which is a crucial part of mediation.
When she isn’t writing or editing, Molly is spending time with her two dogs, Lulu May Georgina and Sparky Eugene Xavier. If you share your home with roommates or family members, you may find it difficult to find a quiet space where you can focus on meditation. If you don’t have a zafu, any old pillow or sofa cushion will do to keep you from getting sore during long stretches of cross-legged sitting. When you’re starting out, meditate when you already feel relaxed — perhaps first thing in the morning, or after you’ve had to unwind after school or work. In fact, some would say that this continual return to the present moment is the "practice" of meditation. Be sure to pay attention on relaxing the shoulders, jaw and neck, as these areas hold extra tension. Taking slow, deep breaths slows down your heart rate, relaxes your muscles and helps your mind focus. At its core, meditation is just about relaxing and refusing to be caught up in everyday anxieties. Ask the people you live with if they would be willing to keep quiet for the duration of your meditation exercise.
Try not to think about the breathing with your mind – just experience it through your senses.
Instead, gently nudge your focus back to the sensation of your breath in your body, and let other thoughts fall away again. From myself, Brad, and Karen, the regular contributors to the site, our primary goal is to spread love, light and spiritual wisdom.
Once you become more comfortable in your meditations, you can choose new mantras to meditate on. Promise to come tell them as soon as you’re finished, so they can resume their normal activities.
We offer our words and meditations as tools to assist others, and your comment alone makes all of our effort more than worthwhile. Keep coming back to meditation every day for at least a few minutes, lengthening your sessions when possible.
For us to have helped people, who in turn help others… spreads our intent further than we could reach on our own.

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