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Spring Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Catalonia, Spain (May 2016)March 03, 2016 by Retreat Place0 CommentJoin our Spring Yoga & Meditation Retreat only 95km from Barcelona (Spain) in a peaceful retreat center surrounded by forest & mountains.
Come to enjoy a weekend in nature with good company where we will practice Yoga and Meditation. Pranayama: The classes of Pranayama and Kriya Yoga are based on ancient methods for controlling the life force, the methods to cleanse the body, mind and meditations. Hatha Raja Yoga: Classic yoga practice with an extended stay in positions, breathing should be calm and position will be stable and comfortable. Shahar is an experienced yoga teacher & yoga therapist, he was born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 2000.
Katy had the first contact with yoga in Switzerland in 2000 with a teacher who spent 20 years living in a temple in India. Pregnancy is a joyful time, but it’s impossible to ignore the stress that can accompany it. Mindfulness, yoga and meditation are all great techniques for calming down during pregnancy but they’re not right for everyone.
So if you’re a mom-to-be who’s not down for strapping on your stretchiest Lululemon leggings and chanting ohm shanti om while listening to whale sounds, here are some relaxation tips for you. If your pregnancy anxiety stems from fear of the unknown, learning what to expect can be a great way to put yourself back in control and feel more at ease. Come join us for this unique weekend retreat in Istanbul, full of meditation, mala making, mantra and yoga, as we dive deep into our hearts. Activities: Japa Mala Making workshop (make your own rosary garland), daily tours to Sultanahmet, the old part of city, incl. Through contemplation, setting a strong intention, meditation, mantra and sacred ritual, we will conjure a higher self, in order to reach a deeper understanding of our own spiritual being and true desire for life and self love. We will offer 6 yoga and meditation classes, with a peak meditation on a full blue moon Saturday night, where we will be doing japa mala (mantra reciting) with our own personal handmade mala. The more convenient option is a taxi from the airport - and of course still cheaper here then most places in the world. The HAVATAS bus also goes from Sabiha to Taksim, and from Taksim I would recommend a taxi to the hotel. Pernille has been teaching yoga for 8 years and is the co-owner of PAKHUS YOGA in Copenhagen.
She teaches a skillful balance between alignment, spirit and deep devotion, to elevate your own personal growth. Erdinc has been teaching yoga for 3 years and is passionate about the transformative practises of yoga and meditation. With a background in physical therapy he interweaves physical alignment with the more spiritual and mentally balancing aspects og yoga.
The yoga of meditation on CHAPTER 2 Yoga for the Classroom: Pre-school, Therapy Sessions and with the Profoundly Handicapped A simple Vinyasa warm up sequence can assist a parent, teacher or therapist when providing a yoga intervention for children. You might already know this, but old-school yogis did yoga poses as a means to prepare for meditation. In fact, if you explore the eight limbs of yoga you’ll see both physical poses (asana) and meditation (dhyana) represented as parts of a bigger whole, that when practiced together create a unified path — or what we know as yoga.
If you’ve ever tried to sit in meditation for three minutes (let alone sixty), you know that finding comfort in the bod can be a big hurdle. If you’ve ever tried to transition from sitting at a desk all day to sitting in meditation, you know it’s a pain in the ass (and shoulder and neck and low-back).
The nature and shape of this pose will allow you to more easily turn inward, which is what meditation is all about.

Credit: Lacey HaynesThis pose is great for releasing the backs of the legs, groin, and low back, which is great for meditation.
Try doing each pose for five to ten steady breaths and then sitting still in meditation for three to ten minutes. Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world. This Chakra Balancing, Meditation and Healing workshop is an initiative to help demystify the mystery behind Chakra. All the moods, sense & energy bodies, experiences, perceptions and states of awareness can be divided into 7 categories, associated with a particular chakra and manifested in a specific Body part.
During the retreat we will deepen in the practice of Pranayama (breathing techniques to control the vital energy). The practice combines classic asanas, challenging asanas and free Vinyasa Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation yoga), pranayama and meditation.
Whether it’s the physical effects on your body, mood swings, financial pressure, or relationship woes – there are a number of ways such a big change can bring some additional stress. As someone who suffers from Adult ADD, I find it difficult to center myself during meditation and visualization exercises and I also deeply dislike yoga classes (just the idea of doing a downward dog makes me squirm).
Now, this does not mean you should stay up all hours of the night researching every thing that can go wrong.
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive partner, a caring mother, or a friend to lean on when we need it most. If you’re a mom-to-be who already has children or a busy career, the expectations of juggling everything can be overwhelming. You can buy a Istanbul Kart (public transport card - we will need this during the retreat), and get on the Metro M1 towards Yenikapi. Her love for yoga is rooted in the transformation that comes from deep within your heart, and how it sparks that inner glow of passion for life. A yoga intervention is a hatha or restorative yoga pose, movement series, breathing exercise or guided imagery that offers a break or empowers the students and caregiver to meet their goals. By adequately preparing physically for the task of sitting still they could withstand a solid hour (or much longer!) of meditation. Meditation, though, seems to often get left behind and has definitely not gained the same popularity as asana practice. We know that we need to move to keep our bodies healthy, but what about the other end of the spectrum — stillness to keep the mind and spirit balanced and thriving? If you’re super new to the practice, it can be extra hard to focus on anything but the discomfort. Balancing action (pre-meditation yoga poses) with inaction (sitting in meditation) will create more harmony in your body and mind.
Sink your butt back as far as feels good, and reach your hands forward so your arms are long. Generate space in your chest here so that when you sit in meditation your shoulders will soften back and your heart will lift.
In the comments section below, be brave and share your experience alongside any of your favorite pre-meditation poses, tips, or insights. I'm now giving away (for FREE!) my wonderfully inspiring 105 page eBook, chalk-full of 4 yoga sequences and 20+ creativity practices. During the lessons of pranayama we will learn different techniques as puraka (inhalation), rachaka (exhalation) and kumbhaka (retention of breath). Shahar began to practice yoga as a process of self-realization, ever since he continues to explore and study the discipline.

That will only backfire and make you more stressed – not to mention deprive you and your baby of much-needed rest. When you feel overwhelmed, it’s helpful if you have a trusted advisor or even a sympathetic ear to share your ups and downs with. Get off at Zeytinburnu and take the tram T1 in the direction of Kabatas and get off at Karakoy. These brain body tools facilitate the child to energize, focus, regulate emotionally and calm. In fact, even many dedicated yogis feel a sense of intimidation when it comes to sitting still. Stillness is becoming publicly prized, and meditation is being hailed as a powerful tool for health, longevity, and happiness. It will make it easier to find stillness so that you can dive deep into your meditation practice.
If there are big sensations (aka: every muscle is singing) use your breath and concentration to move into the challenge rather than shrinking away from it.
Since then she has been practicing yoga in different parts of the world such as Switzerland, Germany, Chile, Nepal and Barcelona where she got trained as a yoga teacher in Yoga Mandiram School. Instead, you may want to take a class on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or parenting, read books or join internet forums or real-life support groups for expecting and new moms. Whether this person is a friend, family member or professional is up to you but talking about your experiences and hearing the perspective of other moms can really put you at ease.
Go for a walk, send the kids out with your partner, read a book, take a bath or even just watch some trashy TV. Whether it’s getting a prenatal massage, splurging on a little shopping trip, going on a weekend getaway or simply enjoying a favorite meal, having something to look forward to and enjoy is a great coping mechanism for pregnancy stress. Rooms are spacious and deliciously decorated, and the food catered to us will also be high quality local produce. These activities can take as little as 2 minutes or up to 15 minutes depending on the time allotted. How to use breathing to calm the nervous system, to increase the power of vital energy, learn about yoga nadis (psychic channels), the chakras (energy circuits) and practice methods of cleansing and detox (Kriya yoga).
After years of daily practice, he was certified to teach yoga by the legendary Master Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra.
You’ll walk away armed with new knowledge to help you face your pregnancy with more confidence. Seated Vinyasa Sequence for a classroom Sitting in a chair, begin to breathe in the three-part breath (See Chapter 5). Shahar teaches yoga every day for all levels and leads workshops for yoga teachers in yoga centers in Israel, Spain & Argentina. She teaches beginners and intermediates, as well as workshops for beginners, all with great dedication, attention and love.
During more than 5 years he was the reflexology therapist and holistic therapist at the Rehabilitation Clinic for Complementary Medicine Reuth Medical Center, Tel Aviv (with experience in rehabilitation wards & intensive care respirators).

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