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Includes assessment of relationship goals, communication styles, and ways that couples manage conflict. If you are seeking marriage counseling, then most likely you're relationship has reached a very uncertain and uncomfortable place.
A My counseling services are designed to help you figure out what is missing, communicate with each other in a way that is positive and encouraging, and develop tools that help you feel good about yourself and great about being in your marriage. Most couples report positive change in the very first 1 or 2 sessions and feel ready to graduate from counseling within about 6 to 8 sessions.
The truth is that not all marriages last, but the people who do stay happily married will tell you that they have gone through hard times and that it takes work.
Some of our time will be spent having honest discussions about what is not working and what is bothering you. Couples therapy, relationship counseling, marriage counseling; whatever name you decide to call it, is never an experience you're likely excited about.
Many couples wanting marriage counseling will not go because they’re embarrassed of the fact that they want one. You’ll have professionals who are aware of what they are doing helping you to find out the best way to handle different problems in your union.
Counselling is certainly a great instrument to utilize in your union, not or whether you are having difficulties. Previous Post: What is Corporate Social Responsibility?Next Post: Live Life To The Fullest And Achieve All Your Goals! Marriage therapy overall alluded to as couples guiding or couples treatment, is a compelling way to deal with treatment when the prosperity of a relationship is traded off by issues of correspondence and by the impact of uncertain clashes. It is additionally a fundamental objective to instruct couples to react to each other in an all the more minding and sympathetic way when they have a marriage therapy.
Couples and marriage therapy is a safe spot to help encourage correspondence in the middle of you and your accomplice. Successful therapy depends on each partneras motivation and dedication to the process, and couples can expect to become better listeners and communicators and to find new ways to support one another. Couples therapy also known as marriage counselling or relationship counselling refers to a psychotherapy or counselling session meant for married couples in order to help them to solve their marital issues and enhance their relationships.
Given that relationship problems can be very complex and thus require expert handling, couples therapy is not provided by any therapist.
Following from the explanation of the meaning of couples therapy given above, the reason why it is done stands out gigantically. If you are unfaithful to your partner and you want to put an end to such unwanted behaviour, you can go for couples therapy.
As it has been said above, couples therapy is not only meant for married couples who have some difficulties with their marriage. Having discussed it with your partner, the next thing you should do is to look for a professional and experienced marriage counsellor.
The therapist may ask you too many questions the answer to some of them will reveal some of your secret.
Many people view having strong and positive relationships with their partner and children as an integral part of a fulfilling life. Colleges and universities typically offer graduate programs in marriage and family therapy. To join a program, you generally need to have already completed your undergraduate degree and submit letters of recommendation, as well as GRE scores. Marriage and family therapy degrees are designed to teach students about how familial relationships function and how that can affect individuals both mentally and emotionally.
Most marriage and family therapy schools will have a practical externship component, where students are able to gain real-world experience.
Marriage and family therapists may work with individuals from all walks of life, including a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.
Schools and communities are also becoming aware of the benefits of marriage and family therapy, and schools might recommend this to families, while some courts are assigning certain individuals to attend marriage and family therapy as part of a mediation or court proceedings. Clinical Psychology Programs: Integrating the Objective and Subjective Understanding how the mind affects mood and behavior is the focus of clinical psychologists. Psychology Careers: Hot Jobs in Psychology It’s an age-old question—why do people do what they do? My training and experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist support my approach to solution-focused individual counseling. Marriage counseling using EFT allows patients to see what is really happening emotionally for themselves AND with their partner, separate the signals from the noise, and regain balance, safety and security in their relationship. As a therapist, my primary aim is to help clients experience more success in life and in relationship with others through increased awareness, accountability, and an interest in personal and professional growth.
I have experienced 25 years of success delivering measurable results with a focus on relationships as a senior business development leader working for some of the most dynamic organizations in America.
There is perhaps no worse feeling for a parent than the feeling that you are unable to protect your child. When it comes to marriage counseling, the hardest part is how to talk your partner into agreeing to see a marriage counselor. It is important that couples understand the key problems facing their relationships as well as be willing to talk about the issues not only with each other but also with the marriage counselor.
Some of the issues that are most likely to surface during a marriage counseling session are child discipline, finances, career concerns, communication, step family problems, in-laws and physical intimacy.
Other problems could be things such as personality differences, acute or chronic illness, infidelity and addictive behavior. Couples can fight for decades over seeral issues and not be able to identify the specific issues that they need to deal with. This is why it is important that you identify the key issues that you will discuss with your partner in front of a counselor. You identified the main issues that you could be harming your relationship in question number one. At this stage, you need sort the issues according to priority and then tackle them constructively.
Your therapist will help you sort the issues in terms of importance. Initially, you may disagree with your partner over issues that need the most attention and those that need least attention.
On the other hand, the husband could be concerned that his wife is spending too much money above the set budget. By asking the right marriage counseling questions that encourage all the parties to discuss their views, a marriage therapist will help couples determine the issues that need to be tackled first and then prioritize other issues according to their importance. In order for you and your spouse to understand the dilemma that faces your relationship as well as how to deal with the issue, it is important that both of you air your views regarding these issues. For example, if you are a husband in a relationship, you may not know that your Friday poker sessions with friends are causing your wife problems. Likewise if you are a wife, you may not know that your frequent conversations on phone with your husband annoy him.
Although none of these issues can be said to be especially wrong, you and your partner may need to compromise in order to help one another, for instance, play poker every other Friday. As for the wife, you may have to carry out your phone conversations when your husband is not at home. Knowing how each person feels about an issue is among the most important marriage counseling questions for fixing a relationship.
If you are concerned that things have gone beyond repair, one of the more common marriage counseling questions that you could ask is if you should still stay together. You can only proceed with a divorce if both of you agree to the divorce. Otherwise, you may want to try marriage counseling to try to salvage your relationship. In most cases, a marriage therapist will ask spouses to come up with one change to their behaviors that could better their relationship.
If you are the husband and you are going out 3-4 times a week with your buddies, you may have to reduce this to 1-2 times weekly so as to save your marriage.
While this is one of the most elemental marriage counseling questions, it is a very important one.
Falling in or out of romantic love is quite easy but love that holds true marriages together tends to run a lot deeper. If you see that your partner still has deep feelings for you, it is advisable that you continue working on our marriage.
Another one of the best marriage counseling questions that most couples ask is what their spouse intends to achieve from counseling. Find out from your partner what they expect from the marriage counseling.
If it is obvious that your spouse went into counseling with the aim of saving the marriage just like you, then it is likely that the two of you can work things out. Also, it is a bit difficult getting close and comfortable with a person that you are still angry with. If you are really genuine about working things together with your wife, then this is a marriage counseling question that you will be sure to ask. It is critical that you ask your partner if they feel loved as well as accepted by you. You should not only support the people you love but also make them feel accepted.
If your spouse says that they feel unappreciated, it is critical that you find ways to show that you appreciate them. This is among the more difficult marriage counseling questions because the answer can be hurtful. But the truth is that nearly 20 percent of partners are likely to cheat on their current partners. Find out from your partner if the thought of cheating has ever crossed their mind, and find out what is the driving force behind this. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Going to a marriage therapist for relationship issues may actually cause more harm than good, says Dr. Going to a marriage therapist may be one of the worst decisions a couple can make for their relationship. Incompetent therapists: Few marriage therapists are trained to work effectively with couples, yet thousands do so anyway not realizing that their incompetence makes marital and family breakdown more likely.
Pathologizing therapists: Instead of supporting couples in working through their differences, pathologizing marriage therapists are likely to diagnose you or your spouse, leading couples to a fatal sense of hopelessness. As an alternative to marriage therapy, evidence-based marriage education programs focus on empowering couples to find their own answers through skills training in communication, deepening empathy, emotional understanding, and healthy conflict resolution. Before scheduling an appointment with a therapist, consider first asking the questions above or checking out a marriage education program that fits with your relationship values and goals. We went back to talk to a marriage and family therapist who was the same guy we talked to when I was still involved with my emotional affair.
The session went well and the therapist thought that the next time Linda came in it would be a good idea to bring me along, to which I certainly agreed.  It turned out that this Monday I awoke to Linda informing me that our appointment was later in the day. Our session soon wrapped up and all-in-all I thought it went pretty good and we both are looking forward to our next session.  The therapist is a no bullshit kind of guy and tells it like it is, though (like most marriage and family therapists I know) he tends to talk in a psycho-speak language that is sometimes hard to comprehend. He did finally get my name right and ended things by saying that he wants to see Linda alone in two weeks and the both of us again in a month.  Maybe then we will start to delve into my childhood.  I can’t wait!
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E,,,no doubt we have to keep our marriages as one of the many priorities in our lives however but I think it essential to not have to worry that if life is somehow not perfect that our spouse will cheat.
Doug, it’s good to know you and Linda are working together, and alone, on your individual issues and those as a couple.
One, your description of your therapists office environment and how it doesn’t sound welcoming. I know I am basing my thoughts on my own experiences and they may not apply to you and Linda at all.

Maybe I should have made my observation about my opinion of the importance of both spouses to look very deeply into themselves a more general statement and not directed at you.
I did re -read the post you referenced and just the fact you were willing to start this board , I never doubted your commitment to growth. Hi, Doug The counselor we see also says he wishes all couples would do the same thing, have regular maintenance checks throughout their relationship , and not just in a time of crisis. This site and the people I met helped me in my darkest of times, I guess because they either were living thru this nightmare or had been through it. Counseling is used to trouble-shoot the patterns of thinking and behavior that are causing conflict, and then to put into place new patterns of interacting that will lead to lasting relationship satisfaction.
I help couples work smart, not just hard, so that they enjoy the changes they are making, and the changes actually make a difference. Some couples get what they want out of counseling in fewer than 6 sessions, and some couples go much longer.
I will ask you questions that help you gain more clarity about the problems you are facing, and we will talk about the things you can do to fix them. It might not be as bad as it sounds though, and if you're a little worried about what might happen, here are a few things you can expect. Everyone should have some type of counselling as it pertains to union whether it’s from their parents or friends or from a professional that have a successful union.
Eventually you’ll find out the best way to prevent it from becoming poor in the very first place. It’s not easy to learn from your individual struggles and have the ability to instruct a different couple the resolution.
The counsel that are working with other people’s unions ought to be in continuous counselling themselves. Marriage counselors can let you find out the best way to take care of your partner in a respectful, loving manner, however frustrated you are.
In directing, couples are taught to comprehend specific triggers to more profound hidden issues. Treatment ordinarily comprises of face to face gatherings between the advisor and both people of the couple. Goals will be established by the couple under the guidance of the therapist, and in order to achieve these objectives, each partner must be prepared to acknowledge and understand his or her role in the relationship.
The therapy enables married couples who are having problems with their marital lives to make informed decisions about their relationships. Therapists who provide relationship counselling are properly trained with the required degrees.
Marriage counselling is given to people who are having one or several challenges in their marital live or people whose marital unions are in trouble and they require the assistance of an expert in handling the problem. Couples can also engage in marriage counselling sessions in order to build strong relationship and enhance the love they have for each other.
If you find that your partner has been unfaithful and you find it difficult to forgive him or her and yet you are still in love with him or her, you can also seek an expert help via marriage counselling. People whose relationship seems to be moving fine can also go for marital therapy in order to make their bond stronger or learn tips on how to have a lasting relationship.
Some people don’t like the idea of discussing their marriage problems with another person they don’t know because of the fear that the person may discuss their secret to another person.
Marriage and family therapists help families, couples, and individuals in improving the quality of their relationships and assist them with navigating through life changes such as divorce, moving or financial struggles. Although those with undergraduate majors in psychology or sociology may be preferred, programs will typically review applicants with a broad range of majors if the applicant can demonstrate familiarity with the field, such as work or volunteer experience.
After graduation, marriage and family therapists must undergo two years of supervised clinical experience, as well as take a state-issued exam in order to gain licensure. An individual, couple or family may voluntarily seek the services of a marriage and family therapist or they may be assigned therapy through the courts or child protective services. Employment for marriage and family therapists is projected to grow much faster than average at a rate of 41%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Because this is a growing field, job prospects will generally be good in all geographic regions.
I am 100% dedicated to serving you as well as others in your life that you care about deeply. While you improve your relationship with yourself, you will gain honest insight and perspective about your relationship with others at home and work. In order to get the most of your time with a marriage therapist, it is important that you prepare a list of marriage counseling questions beforehand. These changes might be small, but they show that you are willing to work on yourself to improve your marriage. This is among the marriage counseling questions that will help you resolve pending issues so that you can move forward once and for all.
For many, it’s the beginning of an expensive, time-consuming journey that often contributes to divorce. Four reasons he cites for approaching a marriage therapist with caution are: incompetence, neutrality, pathologizing, and undermining relationships.
It’s also a violation of the code of ethics of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for therapists to directly tell clients to either stay married or get divorced. Doherty’s cautious approach to marriage therapy, read his address to the SmartMarriages conference here. But, I agree on one point; it would be terrible to land in the hands of an incompetent therapist (or brain surgeon, or plumber). My husband and I have been seeing our counselor (the same one we saw a few years ago together, prior to his A) and without his input I don’t think we would be where we are today. If Linda is anything like me I tend to apologize for things that are not within my control. All I know is that seeing my husband be willing to go through this process of self exploration himself has meant more to me than any apologies or explanations for the affair could ever mean. I’m also happy to hear that your husband is doing the work required to better your relationship. Unlike Linda though, my past relationship with my parents has never been as close (or controlled) as hers has been with her parents. I certainly believe that we all are influenced greatly by our parents and think your last sentence pretty much sums it up very nicely. The questions you have, whether directed to me or not, were good ones and could possibly help others and that’s a good thing.
They tried but I was just living day to day and sometimes hour to hour, when the last therapist delved into my relationship with my mom I wasn’t ready but now I do see the connections. My H and I had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday in that it was the first time, 136 days post D-Day and about 90 days since no contact, that he apologized.
He divorced me because of the following reasons: I did not forgive him on his time schedule.
Maybe you are worried that you will have to be unhappy for the rest of your relationship or the rest of your life.
Although it is not uncommon for marriage to get to this difficult place, the right kind of work can get it back on track. A counsel will soon have the ability to provide you with useful tools to help enhance your union. A couple who has advised other unions successfully can help you to feel assured taking their guidance and when using their guidance. They need to be learning about their union as well as their partner as they’re educating you about yours. To have the capacity to work all the more straightforwardly and profitably together, it is essential couples express their needs and emotions. It is additionally vital for the couple to investigate every accomplices desires for their marriage which somehow may be adding to the challenges they are encountering. We additionally routinely meet with every individual from the couple for private 1:1 sessions to investigate every accomplices individual history and longings for change. It is not uncommon for conflict to arise within therapy sessions, but ethical therapists will strive to remain neutral and avoid taking sides.
At the end of the counselling session, they are expected to either rebuild their relationship or call it a quit.
It is the problem at hand that determines whether or not both partners should attend the therapy sessions. They are licensed and most of them obtain certification from the American Association for Marriage and Family (AAMFT). There is the tendency for some people to limit couples therapy to troubled relationship or to couples who are always quarrelling and fighting.
You and your partner can also engage in couples therapy in order to learn how to understand each other very well and be able to manage your differences and tolerate each other. In other words, every married couple should go for couples therapy at least occasionally in order to learn tips on how to build a stronger relationship or solve some of their marital challenges. An unprofessional marriage counsellor can misguide you and this may cause serious damage to your relationship.
Make sure that the person you want to hire has the necessary qualifications, license and certifications to offer couples therapy services before you can schedule sessions with the therapist.
Viewing marriage and family therapy programs can help you get the education your require to become a part of this dynamic profession. Some programs offer a combination of weekend and online classes for students who do not have a program in their area or cannot attend evening classes due to work or family scheduling conflicts.
A marriage and family therapist might have their own practice, work with a team of other therapists or work in a service facility, such as a community center.
The growth can be attributed to the augmented number of patients seeking therapy compared to prior decades, as well as the trend of insurance companies to increasingly provide reimbursement for therapists and counselors as a more affordable alternative to psychologists and psychiatrists. However, specific areas where people have families, such as suburban areas, may offer the greatest number of employment opportunities. My success lies in collaborating with and helping smart, successful people– like you and your family. To find a marriage education program, check out the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center or PAIRS Foundation’s national directory. I think the sound byte title here is dynamic and confirms the general populations fear of seeking counseling. Maybe the hurt and the memory of my husband’s affair will always serve as a reminder to me to make sure that he is a priority in my life and to make sure that my marriage is protected.
The first go around with him went no where since my husband was unwilling to admit or even disclose his issues from childhood and how they affected his relationships as an adult, and not just with us but with relationships in general.
I always had a great fear and anxiety that my husband (and other people) might not like a restaurant or a friend’s husband,etc so I go out of my way to make disclaimers before hand. He is laying the groundwork for an open and honest relationship from here on out by exposing his vulnerabilities and insecurities, most of which he was not even aware of prior to his affair.

I think (I’m not speaking for Doug here btw) that once you give in to selfishness there is no more thought.
Parental influence on our characters and personality makeup is just part of it though as there are also social, environmental and individual etc. Just because you have not been through extensive private counseling does not mean you haven’t given it your all. And yes, you are very correct when you say that it is important and necessary that each party needs to do some self-exploration.
I met him right before my 15th birthday, which has been almost 40 years ago, and this guy was a cheating, pathological liar the entire time! Maybe you are worried that you are losing yourself and that you are far away from the reason that you got married and the life that you wanted together. When selecting somewhere to get counselling that you simply select a facility that’s couple counsel who are experienced and are in counselling themselves, you need to ensure. They’re going to reveal to you ways you could both get your point across, along with your feelings, without screaming at every other.
So you can see the method by which they behave with each other, you require a married couple to advise you. Couples advising can fundamentally change clashes through enhanced correspondence (an educated aptitude). So, if you and your partner have decided to go for marriage counselling, you should ensure that the counselling session is provided by a well trained marriage counsellor with all the necessary certifications.
Marriage counselling brings in a neutral mediator in your marriage who will give unbiased assessment of the issue you present before him or her and proffer solution on how the issue should be resolved. Here are some of the questions that you should ask the therapist in order to determine his level of experience. They think their problems are so complicated that nobody is capable of helping them to deal with it. The therapist has to dig into the matter and proffer sound solution but the process is gradual one. Those who have at least a master’s degree will generally find their skills in high demand and have diverse opportunities.
Unlike when OW approached me when I first met her 4 years ago, and she made a comment to me that any woman would understand as a threat, even though of course it was masked as a very sweet compliment (c’mon ladies you know what I am talking about ?? I looked at her, I sized her up (yes I admit it) and brushed her aside. I was also very defensive of any of his complaints about me as I was in self protection mode myself. Since very few people are fortunate enough to have come from a childhood where we did not learn any behaviors that might need tweaking I think there is room for all of us to grow. If he had not been willing to do this I would not ever feel safe and secure in our marriage. I know that sounds callous and immature (among other things), and it is, but that is the reality. I was not trying to imply that you had any deep seated issues that needed to be adressed, just that we all have facets of our personalities and temperments that can be identified when we explore them.
You’ll notice the way that they interact and the way in which they handle issues that appear. In realizing this ability of enhanced correspondence, we instruct approaches to keep away from acceleration of contention which can regularly prompt ineffective, and superfluous harm to the relationship.
The starting session (customarily 90-120 minutes) is viewed as an evaluation of the couple, where we will be taking a gander at the displaying concerns in setting of the relationship. When couples therapy is given to people who are not yet married but planning to marry, it is called pre-marriage counselling. Sometimes, it is necessary for a third partner to play the judge in your relationship so that unbiased evaluation will be given to the problem. A better result is obtained if both partners willingly agree to attend the counselling session. These are some of the problems that make people not to go for couples therapy even when it is obvious that they need such therapy.
However, they might schedule appointments in the evening or on weekends to meet the needs of their clients. Take the first step to a new career by reading more about marriage and family therapy programs. Or, just as distasteful, Woody Allen Freudian psychoanalytic couch counseling that goes on weekly for one’s lifetime. After our D Day 8 months ago he went back, willingly, and was finally able to talk and start working on how he became the man he is today. My ex was LIVID – I was suicidal at this point, and living from one appointment to the next. So while I do indeed agree with you, sometimes I think (from what I hear) that a lot of these psychologists put too much emphasis or blame on the parents. This therapist pointed out that neither of our parents did a bad job, and he was not pointing the finger at them, and neither should we, rather use the information to see who we are now, and why we react the way we do. In identifying our different quirks, strengths and weaknesses we help each other along the way. His parents are wonderful people who have been together all this time so who knows what Caused him to be that way. They are able to supply you with examples within their particular union that reflect the problems in yours. Frequently it is important to have catch up gatherings independently so every part may investigate individual concerns, points of view, reasons for alarm and styles of correspondence and sought changes.
Advice on how to handle issues relating to family financial management, boredom in relationship, coping with one’s work during marriage, living with children and others are also provided by marriage counsellors. Ask people, loved ones, friends and colleagues who have obtained such services before what their experiences are. Here are some of the things that you should expect if you have made up your mind to go for counselling. So I guess what I am asking is it possible that since you may not have delved into the real nitty gritty of yourself that Linda feels that there is something you have yet to adress ?
If the thought of the consequences of having what you want was gone through like an adult should then it probably wouldn’t happen. We should have reported him, but we just drifted off vowing never to return, the second time it happened. I could be way off base as there could be some actual research that proves otherwise, but that’s just how I see it.
Having a spouse, like mine who is trying hard and obviously you with Linda, who is willing to be supportive during the healing process is so important. For example, if you are having problems managing your professional life and marriage life, you can go for marriage counselling with your partner to obtain professional advice on how to live your life as a married person and still cope with the challenges of your professional life. Instead, you should explain to him or her why it is necessary for you people to get involved in the exercise. I also have learned how my upbringing affected the way I acted in our marriage and how my own relationship patterns need to change. I think that this is a hurdle that many betrayed spouses have before them and can be very difficult to overcome. My partner got me some different help, in the form of a female psychologist, and he accompanied me to the first visit, to ensure she realised how bad I was, and she worked with me for several months on my own. I had to promise to never bring it up again in order to bring things back on course, and I meant it when I promised it, but less than 24 hours later I knew that it had nothing to do with healing my intense pain.
You can seek for recommendations from your state or local mental health providers, religious leader or your health insurer. From what I have read , Linda has done a lot of self reflection with the aid of a professional.
I guess, in simple terms, it’s just about owning and understanding what drives us, so we can turn the bus around when we need to! I know your stories have helped my husband understand himself better and that he is not alone in this. I do not have access to counseling right now but will when we move back to our winter home in a few months and will most likely try at that time to find a good counselor. Seeing that Linda can still get triggers or insecurities regarding what happened makes me feel less crazy.
But you can still go alone if the issue is so personal to you but it is affecting your relationship or if your partner refuses to go.
Obviously the office itself left a lasting impression on you since you described in such detail! If you are searching online, you have to take time to read the reviews of various sites you visit. If not then maybe some of the lingering insecurities Linda has are secondary to questioning if you have truly adressed every aspect of yourself and what led you to have your affair.
We went to the male partner of this couple fortnightly, for three hour sessions at a time(!!) for about 5 months, and he started to delve into the childhood stuff. He and his wife practice with the theories of the Passionate Marriage, or Crucible Approach of David Schnarch, and had attended many of his workshops in the States, so it was interesting. But without some serious dissecting on both our parts as to how and WHY we have related to one another all these years, and subsequently making the changes needed for a healthy marriage through communication and mutual respect, healing from his cheating cannot occur. Even after all the 2 of you have been through and your obvious commitment to healing your marriage and helping others a piece might still be missing. He told us he never wanted to be the type of psychologist who blamed everything on our childhoods, but the longer he practised, the more he realised that we are all the result of this, and we can’t really avoid it.
Personally, I think many men struggle to disect themselves to this level (I do too!) because they don’t like to think that there are any reasons for their actions and reactions that are not in their immediate control. The above are some of the questions that you should ask the therapist during conversion with him or her. The answer to the questions will determine whether or not the therapist is the right person to handle your case.
I am the eldest with only brothers, and he is the youngest, with only sisters, and his mother must have suffered from depression a lot while they were growing up, although it was never labelled as such, Mum had just gone “floppy” and taken to her bed!
He was left to his own devices a lot, kind of abandoned, and he solved this problem by fishing, hunting, building stuff, that kind of thing, whereas I was the problem solving eldest child, often responsible for being the extra staff in my parents’ farming business, doing all the relief milking, etc. His experiences meant he would easily slip off into quiet solve-it-yourself moments, and I would talk about stuff. Despite my aversion to therapy, I think this was one of the single biggest breakthroughs for me, the realisation that I couldn’t DO anything to avoid this, that his reticence to share his problems with me was how he was raised, and it took this awful tragedy for him to realise it. Sad part is, it took us a LONG time to find this counsellor, and my ex had made so many hurtful mistakes along the way by then that I lost faith that I could ever trust again, and my tank just ran out, I gave and gave and gave, and eventually I gave it all away, and there was nothing left to run on.

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