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Todd and I talked about the issue and agreed to try to learn how to improve our communication in marriage.
A few of them were interesting and fun, but for the most part, many of them were just a waste of time and money.
Some of the marriage communication exercises just struck us as silly or as not really applying to real life.
After trying them out, we ended up selling the books on eBay and looking elsewhere for help.
We needed marriage communication exercises that were practical and would work for us—real people with real problems. Getting fed up with self-help books, we ended up looking online for help in learning how to talk and listen effectively. I did a lot of reading on marriage counseling sites, but they were mostly articles about how to save your marriage, with very little help for couples who were happily married but wanted to improve their marriages. The couple retreat ended up being just what we needed to get the communication ball rolling. We had a great time on the weekend away and came home with a lot of “homework” or additional exercises that we could do on our own time. Since then, about four months have passed and we’re still doing the marriage communication exercises together once a week.
We’ve read that problems with communication in marriage are one of the leading causes of divorce. If you’re having problems with communication in your marriage, there are some great exercises and resources for you that will really help if you give them a chance. This entry was posted in Free marriage counseling, Marriage Help, Marriage therapy and tagged marriage communication exercises. Cartoons about identity theft, cartoons about information security, identity theft cartoons, cartoons about identity theft protection, credit report cartoons, cartoons about social security numbers, cartoons about data encryption, cartoons about data security, cartoons about fear of identity theft, cartoons about identity theft victims. Communication exercises for couples help in improving communication between them as they start understanding the other person's perspective.
There might be several communication barriers in relationships that can prevent a relationship from being open and smooth. The main aim of communication exercises for married couples is to establish effective communication between a man and a woman. Did you ever think that communication techniques for couples are something you would search for on the Internet? Effective communication in relationships is very important to maintain a smooth relationship. If you are wanting to know how to communicate in a relationship, then you have just arrived on the right page. Communicating with your spouse is very important, in order to retain warmth and happiness in your marital relationship. You utilize different communication styles in relationships for business and for personal reasons. The Marriage Enrichment Workshop is designed to give couples the tools they need to enrich and positively change their daily lives.
The main portion of the workshop is composed of a series of practical and positive presentations of biblical and preventive principles of communication, the creative use of conflict, and sexuality.
You can get free download copies of the material from the contact address below (in PDF) to print and photocopy them. Originally developed by Keith and Marilynn Hamilton, REAPP workshops are based on the work of David and Vera Mace and the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment.
Keith and Mairlynn Hamilton are veteran missionary pioneers with a lifetime of ministry wisdom to draw upon.

It is rare to find marriage workshops and training manuals that are cross-culturally sensitive, based on scripture, and multipliable within developing nations.
Our favourite was the exercises we did and we want to thank you again for providing the platform and creating a wonderful atmosphere where we were able to practice  the things that many times we overlook. 4 couples participated in a Marriage-Enrichment Workshop in Kavlak, Bulgaria facilitated by REAPP facilitators Cvetan & Maria from Gorna Oriahovica. For three days nine couples from different churches and two regions of Siberia came together and enthusiastically participated in a three days REAPP Marriage-Enrichment-Workshop (MEW) facilitated by Yuri and Natasha who had been trained in 2006. My name is Lisa and my husband, Peter, and I are the world’s biggest proponent of marriage exercises. It took us a long time to realize that we really weren’t enjoying talking to each other (or even talking to each other at all) the way that we used to. The problem, we now realize, is that we didn’t take the care necessary to foster our communication in marriage. We obsessed over advancing at our jobs, paying the bills, having and raising our kids and all of those other things that take the time and energy of adults. Communication in marriage is essential to a strong, healthy and happy marriage, but we weren’t doing anything to nurture it. We almost never just talked about what each of us was going through, what we were thinking about or what we were dreaming about. Fortunately, someone suggested an alternative online marriage counseling program before things became even worse. Through the online therapy, we learned lots of ways to spot signs of trouble with communication in marriage. Fortunately, a lot of the marriage exercises we did were fun, like role-playing (we reversed roles) and games.
One thing we learned: whatever your situation, there’s someone else out there in the same place. There are a lot of resources available; you just need to find the ones that apply to your particular situation and needs.
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and Mort will email you an essential list of marriage tips for free!
This entry was posted in Free marriage counseling, How to save a marriage and tagged marraige exercises, marriage communication. My husband, Todd, and I have been married for just a little under three years, so we’re still practically newlyweds.
Even though we’d done some marriage communication exercises in our premarital counseling, we didn’t really seem to communicate the same way.
So, I ran out to the bookstore and got a few books that had marriage communication exercises and relationship building activities. There were a lot of exercises for rebuilding trust and other situations that just didn’t apply to us. There was a lot of relationship building activities to help couples get closer and learn some new things about each other. I’m proud to say that we’ve done something to fix the issues we were having with our own communication. Well, healthy communication brings transparency into any kind of relationship and tackling these issues thus becomes easier.
Well, yes, most couples do need to know about these to enhance communication between each other.
In this Buzzle article, we tell you how to develop effective communication in a relationship.
This article explains these styles to aid you in effective communication with your partner.

After each teaching these tools are immediately practiced through the use of more than 20 exercises which are first prepared individually, then shared with another, and finally voluntarily shared with the group. Experience shows that many who have varying degrees of troubled marriages, as well as live-in couples, also find their way to the workshops.
They have offered Marriage Enrichment Workshops at the YWAM Leadership Training Schools in South Africa and New Zealand to multitudes of couples from many nations – and have received rave reviews for the biblical teaching and practical helps they have provided. Testimonies have come from every continent about the blessings that follow this ministry to couples. The field-tested materials developed by Marilynn and Keith Hamilton are having life-changing impact throughout the nations of the world. In fact, my husband was my favorite person to talk to and the first one I ran to with news—good or bad.
What helped us get it back was a series of marriage exercises that was simple, effective and even fun. We talked about what needed to be done, who needed to be where and what bill needed to be paid. Yes we were feeling unhappy and unsatisfied, but neither of us was looking elsewhere or thinking of divorce. We didn’t think things were bad enough to see a counselor and we wouldn’t have had the time or money to see one, anyway.
They forced us to really look at the way we were handling our relationship and that was hard. We did one that was similar to The Newlywed Game, which was a nonstop laugh, but reminded us that we still had a lot to discover about each other.
We found a lot of relationship building activities that were geared toward rekindling romance, setting goals and almost any other situation you can think of. Here we discuss the various aspects of relationship communication and tell you what role communication skills play in relationships. Take a look at how communication issues among families come about, and how they can be fixed. Read the following article to understand the intricacies of this issue and what it involves. If that is not possible, persons may train themselves as leaders by following every indication in the workshop Volumes I and II. These resources will help transform any people group by transforming the marriages in that people group. The counselor gave us a whole series of marriage exercises that got us talking and thinking together in a way we hadn’t done for a long time. However, if you want to know how to save your marriage, you have to look at some hard realities.
It is a 22 hour experience for couples who are committed to grow in their relationship.This workshop is not focused on problems, but rather takes a positive approach. As the participants do the exercises, choosing to practice the the principles being taught, attitudes and behaviors begin to change.Each Marriage Enrichment Workshop is designed to serve 8-12 couples and led by a facilitating couple. When we train and certify facilitators, we give them authority to go forward as the Lord leads in multiplication of the workshops to reach every peoples group on the face of the earth.

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