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In my work with small business owners and professionals I often hear variations of the same complaint. I’ll never have enough money Beliefs about “not having enough…” of anything usually means you are carrying with an experience from the past. Knowing what your beliefs are is a source of strength that you need in order to have the final say on what patterns you agree to that will define your life. This entry was posted in General, Manifesting: An Experiment and tagged Manifesting, negative thinking, positive intentions, positive thinking by admin.
On Saturday, March 3rd, my husband, Ayman, and I had breakfast together and then went to the beach between Malibu and Santa Monica. Something more abstract happened on my 34th birthday that showed me another form of manifesting.
Ayman and I are walking down the beach, picking up pieces of glass in all shapes and sizes.
My determination to fill my life with the things I want to have in it, has rewarded me with living a life that includes the things I desire.
Eight Tips to Master Self-Actualization Self-care is essential to living an enjoyable life, but many times, we exert much of our energy towards helping others feel happy and loved. Kate Bergeron is a Midwestern girl with dreams too big for the little town where she grew up. Eight Tips To Attract More Romance Into Your Life Whether you are married or single, dating or in a complicated relationship — these eight tips can help attract more romance into your life. Keziah Okonkwo Shares Inspiration About Creating Hair-Friendly Accessory, Snappee Creator, Keziah Okonkwo, was inspired to create a versatile, hair-friendly accessory to support her natural hair styles but much more a hair tie that would not damage her hair when using it. As we journey further down the path of who we truly are, making sure that you are creating a life that also reflects who you truly are is imperative. The definition of a Manifestation is: An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. Lack mentality has over taken humanity like a festering disease, causing us to project our focus on the opposite of our desire. When we ask the universe for something, such as abundance, but end up with lack instead; it could be because our actual focal point is on the lack one is experiencing in their life. So when trying for Abundance, first try for gratitude; You must feel abundant to be abundant.
The Law of Attraction teaches us that through our conscious and our subconscious thoughts we manipulate our internal and external reality.This Law is responsible for all of the negative and positive experiences that one may encounter (past,present ,and future) during their lifetime. We are encased in a spectacular Human Instrument that when purified of blockages and used correctly can manifest ones truest desires and highest purpose. So now we are going to get to the Basics, before you take off and began your manifesting know that Focus is key.
If you chose happiness as something you would like to manifest into your life, the key word here is You. For example, if being lied to is one of those things, then honesty can be something you can implement into yourA personal life to bring forth true happiness. If Comfort is something you are seeking more of in your life, knowA what you are asking in great detail.

The Universe will only support what You are manifesting into your experience, it is up to you what you will receive. There is Action required when manifesting the life we want, there is no entity or being that will enter into your dwelling encased in fluid sunlight that will align your life as you wish. You are that being, you are that entity that can will your life to align ideally to your desires. When trust in ones self, purpose, and Timing is combined with devotion and focus, anything is Possible. I wish you luck on your journeys in manifesting the life that completely matches you as The Authentic Spark of Light that You are.
Were you brought up in a strict home where chores came before everything else and by the time you were done with chores and homework there was no time for yourself? Or, maybe you like to give yourself away more than you can afford to, helping out the neighbor, volunteering, driving your kids everywhere all the time. Make a commitment to do what it takes, saying YES to you, to truth, to dreams to your heart’s desires.
For my entire life, prior to moving out to Los Angeles, I spent my birthday in slushy-snow and cold weather in Wisconsin, Chicago, or Colorado. It sounds redundant to say that, but really… I wanted to enjoy my birthday in the sun, on a beach. If you have a specific thought or question you’d like me to address, feel free to leave it as a comment here or over on the Facebook Fanpage.
Activities such as making family meals, coordinating celebrations and taking part in extra-curricular activities help us satisfy the basic human need of belonging. When she turned 16, she aged out of the children’s theater program and wasn’t allowed to act anymore. You must embody, integrate and put action forth to Be who you truly are and to Create a life and world you call home. It is because we are separate from our self as a whole and isolated from what truly serves us and makes us happy. Humanity has grown cut off and separate from ones true calling and purest expression, causing our focal points to be highly overactive and unorganized. There is a belief that is blocking you from organizing, managing and restructuring how you spend your time to fit in some constructive and leisure “me” time. Maybe your parents had money but weren’t generous or maybe they blew it on drugs, alcohol or gambling.
When people come to me they are stuck in stories that they believe because it’s what they were told, “you’re bad at math, you’re so disorganized, you’re lazy, you’re promiscuous, you’re this and you’re that…” and we believe the things we hear about ourselves and those are the stories that unfold as we go about our lives. You owe it to yourself and all that you truly need to do, to begin the journey of joy and using the power of replacing limiting beliefs with supporting ones so you can get what you want out of life. The technical definition of manifesting is to prove beyond a doubt; or to make clear or evident.
Every time that I see a piece of colored glass, I’m filled with an excitement and wonder about how it got there and what can I do with it.
Play Dress Up Let’s pretend that the man, or woman, of your dreams has asked you out on a date. If You are unsure what makes you happy, you can try asking yourself what does not make you happy.

Whatever that ghost from the past is telling you it is not supporting you in who and where you are at today. I schedule them to go live throughout the week and promote them on the day they are published. I started to think about every little thing that I have manifested lately, things that were but dreams and visions in my mind only months ago, or even years ago. I would imagine how amazing it would be to enjoy my birthday under the sun, in warm weather, preferably on a beach.
Normally when Ayman and I go to the beach, he stays on the blankets with our stuff and reads or meditates, while I wander around and look for glass.
I wanted to have a career where I could decide when I wanted to take a vacation and for how long. And where you want to be financially. But by changing that belief to one that supports the you that you are today and the goals you have for yourself for your future. When I have a creative idea (like My Dreams Matter or Live Life For A Living) and I materialize it, it manifests. I really started recognizing everything that I’ve created, established, inspired and motivated. Since I had never had this experience, I didn’t know how to visualize it beyond my imagination.
As I’m talking about it, my mind is thinking about the excitement I receive every time I bend down and pick up a mini-glass treasure.
It wasn’t until four years ago when my husband and I went to Jamaica for my 30th birthday, that I was able to truly experience my birthday in a bikini. I had to make a lot of decisions that combined into me manifesting this dream of moving away from what I didn’t like, into the place that I do love. There are days when I go to the beach and find that the ocean has left very little for me to find. Ayman, on the other hand, is having a tremendous amount of beginners luck and is finding huge pieces larger than quarters or even half dollars!
My face is beaming with the thrill of this hunt and I’m glowing with the joy of sharing my hobby with my husband. If at any time, I had decided that I was not deserving of my desires, they could not come to me.
With the real-life experience, I could now combine my imagination with the satisfactory feelings I had from Jamaica, in order to manifest a life where I now live in a continual summer-time with easy access to the beach. Had I ever thought that it wasn’t in my control to create the lifestyle that I wanted to live, I would not be manifesting my dreams.

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